Companion Sick Day
Chapter Four

Two days never seemed like such a long time to the Time Lord, he had tried everything to keep himself busy while on occasion popping his head around the door to check on Rose.

She had fallen into a deep peaceful sleep with the fever gone, he scanned her with the sonic screwdriver and felt relieved when he read the scans.

Rose had woken up, long enough for a trip to the bathroom or some medicine and a drink of water. The Doctor tucked her back into bed and promised to be there when she next woke up.

Sighing and looking up at the softly glowing green column, his feet up on the console of the TARDIS. The Time Lord listened to the ship hum in his mind softly while letting his thoughts wander.

He thought about when he had foolishly got sick with the flu, how he had felt rough and completely bunged up. The fever and the nightmares, that had been a bit more intense than the normal nightmares that kept him company since the Time War.

The ship pulsed soothingly in his head, earning a soft smile from the Doctor, "Sorry girl, just letting my thoughts drift... need anything?" He asked looking at where his feet rested on the console, looking at the screen.

"Well that's different, I'll see if I got the spare somewhere! Unless you're hiding it from me" He said jumping up onto his feet and twisted a few knobs and pulled a few buttons to stabilize the flight in the vortex.

The TARDIS pulsed in his mind, sounding like a childish 'maybe' making him shake his head.

"How am I suppose to repair you if you hide the spares room?" The Doctor asked with a sigh rubbing the back of his neck as he read the monitor readouts to what needed to be done.

"I'm going for a cup of tea! Tell me when you feel like letting me know where the room is" He said with a sigh.

Rose groaned as she woke up slowly opening her eyes she found the lights on but they were dimmed down low. This told her that the ship had entered the night cycle, she sighed as she sat up feeling better than had in the last few days.

Looking around the room, Rose could see that either the Doctor or the TARDIS had cleaned up all the tissues, clothes and medicine while she had slept.

Thinking of the Doctor, Rose climbed out of her bed putting her thick purple dressing gown and fluffy slippers on, she left the bedroom shivering a little in feeling the chilly air of the ship.

She had felt it this cold several times before when she asked the Doctor about it, he explained that the TARDIS had lowered the temperature for his comfort including his bedroom.

Thinking of the Time Lord's bedroom, Rose wondered if he did actually use it to sleep in but after the bout of the flu, she realised that he did sleep but unless he was sick then would only sleep a few hours.

Rose found herself outside a unfamiliar door, she uncurled her arms that had folded up against her chest feeling the air had warmed up slightly.

"Where am I?" She muttered softly and tried the handle on the door, finding it unlocked and swung open into the room.

Rose found herself in The Doctor's bedroom, it was a disorganised mess. Shoes of different colours were piled up on the floor with different shirts and ties draped over the metallic frame of the bed.

The walls were covered in loopy writing that resembled the same language on the main screen in the control room, papers and books covered the tables along with parts of different machines.

On the bedside cabinet, Rose spotted a steaming cup of tea amongst a pile of books and a glass case. Must be his spare glasses She thought and heard a low hissing of running water from what she recognized as a shower.

Feeling her face flush, she looked across the room and saw steam coming out from the small gap under the door. She slowly backed away, knocking one of the stacks of books over.

Rose froze and listened but the shower continued, she turned and hurried out of the room back to her own.

The aroma coming from the kitchen was mouthwatering as she walked from her bedroom, freshly showered and changed into clean clothes.

Rose sighed feeling her hair was still slightly damp from where her hair dryer had cut out for the hundredth time, she had asked about getting it repaired but the Doctor refused as his sonic screwdriver wouldn't work around hair dryers.

She entered the kitchen and found the table laid out for breakfast, pancakes with syrup stacked high with steaming cups of tea close by. The air smelled of sausages and toast, the toast was being kept warm under a hot light.

"Did he do all of this?" Rose muttered as she tied her damp hair up, walking over to her seat.

"Ah brilliant! Breakfast" The Doctor said with a energetic bounce in his step as he entered the room. "Bit of a big spread this morning, the old girl really wants to go off on a adventure" He continued and gave the closest wall a good rub.

He turned to look at Rose, "How about you choose this time? We can go anywhere! Any when!" He said as he sat down, reaching for his cup of tea.

Rose was taken back, she was use to his energetic energy but at first thing in the morning, was a bit too much. "Um... I don't know" She replied, sounding flustered and slowly took in the time traveller in front of her.

He was in his brown pinstripe trousers and his normal converse but wasn't wearing his shirt and tie but wore a dark blue t-shirt instead. At the present time he was happily digging into the stack of pancakes.

"Hm..." The Doctor muttered, twirling his fork before poking one of the pancakes. "Well I might have a idea but how about breakfast then I should really finished getting dressed" He added looking down at his attire.

Rose smiled and shook her head, feeling better and happily ate her breakfast knowing that soon enough they would be out there somewhere running from monsters or involved in a great adventure in time and space.


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