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Just to clear things up – This is a story about a girl named Jay (Jayme) and how she met the Cullens. It takes place during breaking dawn (after Nessie is born).

Jay is an OC and has walked straight out of MY imagination – not Smeyers!

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The autumn leaves danced around my feet creating a waltz of reds, golds and yellows. A breeze stirred, interrupting the mesmerizing choreography and swirled the leaves past my face, taunting me with their carefree passage. My quick light footsteps made no sound against the pavement; my head was bowed against the cold.

The further I walked the more my heart stuttered in protest. I was on autopilot now, left foot then right foot. I knew turning back was not an option.

Up one step, two steps, three steps. Right foot. Left foot. Stop. I lifted my face and held my breath.

To anyone else, my front door would look just the same as the thousands of others in Vancouver. Shining black, brass knocker, brass handle. But it wasn't. My front door held secrets, kept the world out of our home, for fear it should see beyond the fragile façade that my father held up.

My parents had married at the age of 30. As far as I knew, they had only met a year previously, but had insisted that that didn't matter. That they were in love, and it would never change. They were wrong. A year later I was born, and eight years after that, my mother died. Not many people knew why. I did. I saw it.

A child screamed further down the street and I jumped, panicking. How long had I been standing here?! After checking my watch I breathed a sigh of relief.


I waited.