Title - Happy New Year by Stick-Em-Up-Punk

Rating - T (for language)

Warnings - Mild Slash, don't like it, don't read it!

Reviews - Yes please!

New Year's Eve

"Vyvyan, do we really need all this booze? It's not clever to drink y'know." Rick says, hands on hips

"Of course we need booze Rick, it's new year's eve! My mates are coming round after the pub closes!" Vyvyan replies, unloading 5 bottles of vodka, 10 large bottles of babycham and 24 cans of lager from his car, Rick helping him carry them in.

"I still think it's far too much, I don't like it when you get drunk." The anarchist admits as they put the booze on the kitchen table.

"Rick, shut up." The medical student shoots back, opening a can and handing one to Rick. "Stop being such a prude, girlie."

Rick just glares at the punk. "I am not a prude Vyvyan! I just think drinking is pretty pointless and makes you do and say stupid things!"

"Well you do and say stupid things anyway Rick, so it wont matter." Vyvyan points out, matter-of-factly.

"Oh thanks a lot! Is that any way to talk to your boyfriend!?" The anarchist shouts

Vyvyan's reply is to close the short distance between them with two strides and pull Rick to him in a almost vicious kiss. When he pulls back he grins, "Poof."

"Fascist." Rick returns, smiling also.

"Oh and 'One-eared, Psycho Dan' is bringing the fireworks so I'd take cover at midnight if I were you Rick." Vyvyan advises, normally he wouldn't tell Rick these things, as the punk loved to see Rick's reaction to these situations, but as his boyfriend he now felt obligated. Just one of the downsides of being in love he supposed.

"Vyvyan! Do not think for one second that that insane bastard is letting off fireworks in our back garden! He'll probably blow up the house and i'm getting pretty sick of moving I can tell you!" The sociology student rants

"Come on Rick, it's only a laugh." Vyvyan mutters, crushing his already drained can.

"Well Mike and Neil wont see it like that matey!"

"Mike and Neil aren't going to be here Rick!" Vyvyan screetches, losing his temper at the anarchists tenacity.

"What? Why!?" Rick demands

"Mike is down the pub the other side of town, The Frog and Radiator. It's open till 2 I think...and Neil's at some hippy party down the road." Vyvyan explains

"Oh..." The anarchist concedes "Well I still don't think it's a very good idea!"


Rick can't say he's not feeling tipsy...well drunk actually...and Vyvyan's hand working it's way under his waistband isn't helping.

Just then the front door is kicked off it's hinges into the hallway.

Vyv more or less jumps off the sofa, just in time as One Eared, Psycho Dan and various other punks and skins crash into the house.

"Alright Vyvyan! Where's the booze, poof!?" Dan asks

"On the table, girlie!" Vyvyan points to the kitchen table.

A girl dressed in a denim mini skirt, ripped fishnet tights, a sex pistols tank top with short blonde hair with blue and green streaks in and with multiple piercings and tattoos sits by Rick. "Who are you?!" she demands, looking Rick up and down with disgust.

"Who am I!?" Rick shouts, standing up and putting his hands on his hips. This gets Vyvyan's attention and he interrupts before his boyfriend finds himself in need of an ambulance.

"This is Rick, Roxie. He lives here." Vyvyan supplies, putting himself between the girl and the anarchist.

"Oh right." She says lighting a fag and blowing the smoke in Vyv's face. "Looks like a fuckin girly wanker if you ask me." She sneers.

"Well I didn't ask you!" the tri-hawked punk shouts and shoves a bottle of vodka in her hand. "Now piss off."

She flicks him the V but heads over to her other mates knowing not to push Vyvyan too far, he's never hit a girl but no one would put it past him. He's the third most respected/feared punk in the area.

"Well, she was charming." Rick says sarcastically, grateful for his boyfriend's intervention.

"Punk's aren't charming people, Rick." Vyvyan says slowly and clearly as if talking to an idiot. "Just try not to get into any fights will you, I don't want tonight ruined by having to go to hospital with you."

"Fine!" Rick snaps and plonks himself on the sofa, picking up his forgotten glass of babycham.

passage of time

It's eleven forty-five and Dan and a couple of others are setting up the fireworks in the back garden. Everyone is extremely inebriated, including Rick and Vyv. Which is probably why they thought no one would notice if they snuck up to Vyv's bedroom for a snogging session. Just as they're getting into it, the punk hears someone call out 'Where's Vyvyan!?'

"Oh for cliff's sake!" Rick slurs as Vyvyan pulls away.

"You're drunk Rick. Stay upstairs." The punk orders.

"No I'm not Vyvyan!" Rick lies, "Why do I have to stay up here?!"

"Because things are going to get rowdy and I don't want to have to worry about you whilst i'm breaking someone's nose, okay!?" Vyvyan barks and stomps downstairs.

It's two minutes to midnight and Rick is sulking in Vyvyan's bedroom. It's their first, and maybe -judging on the reliability and attention span of the punk in question -their only new year's celebration together and he's been banished to the bedroom on his own. Typical. Just then Rick hears heavy footsteps on the stairs and braces himself, hoping it's not one of those drunk inebriates looking for a fight. The door swings open, banging against the wall behind it so hard bits of plaster fall to the floor.

"Vyvyan!" Rick yells, both annoyed and deliriously happy at the same time.

Vyv says nothing just shuts the door, nearly falling over in the process and sits next to Rick on the bed. Rick can hear things breaking, smashing, crashing and splintering downstairs along with yells of pain and obscenities but ignores it all.

"Vyvyan, how did you get so drunk all of a sudden?" He wonders aloud, looking at his boyfriend worridly. It's true he wasn't exactly sober himself, but at least he could sit still and not look as though he'd tip off the bed.

"Vodka and paint stripper." the punk slurs, "Lethal!"

Just then there's a whoosh and a huge bang, almost loud enough to pierce their eardrums and everyone downstairs cheers.

"Guess that means it's midnight then." Rick says a little sadly, he'd hoped the night would be better than it had been so far. Vyvyan was plastered, he wasn't feeling to clever himself, the drawing room and kitchen were no doubt totally trashed and covered in sick, blood and cliff knows what else...still at least the--his thoughts were cut off by Vyvyan kissing him. But this kiss wasn't his usual 'battle' for power, it was slow and intoxicating, even more so than the pint of babycham Rick had consumed during the evening. When they parted, Vyvyan lent his head on Rick's shoulder and both lads looked out of the bedroom window as fireworks lit up the sky as far as the eye could see.

"Happy new year Rick." The punk slurs taking Rick's hand in his own.

Rick smiles, resting his head on Vyvyan's. "Happy new year Vyv."