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That morning, Haruno Sakura got up normally from her bed, at the normal time of 7:00am. She ate the usual Japanese breakfast and the usual, unusual orange juice afterwards. She put on a set of modest clothing, and set out to school.

Konoha Highschool was your normal, average high school. Haruno Sakura was your normal, average high school student. Well, maybe not so normal, seeing as she was the smartest girl in her class. She had pretty average looks, but recently Yamanaka Ino (yes, Yamanaka Ino) has finally gotten hold of Sakura's grudging consent to let her do the magic tricks. Ino has been working her hardest to turn this pink-haired girl's unique features to her advantage.

To date, it's been going on pretty well.

So when Sakura met Ino at the lockers, the blonde noticed something was off. Very off.

"Morning Ino," said Sakura. The pinkette gave her best friend a wide smile, which she always did every morning. Little did Sakura know, Ino's brain was working her hardest to try and figure out what exactly about Sakura's appearance was irritating her.

Sakura was wearing black shorts and a purple hooded jacket that was zipped up. Nothing wrong with that. Ino had to admit that wasn't exactly the outfit that would make people's jaws drop but considering Sakura's previous outfits, it was deemed as an improvement.

She checked her shoes too. Converse. Nope, it wasn't the shoes.

It was at this moment Sakura turned to her locker to unlock it that Ino was looking at a side-view of Sakura.

Something clicked.

Sakura wasn't wearing her normal pink and white backpack. She was wearing a very… blue and black schoolbag. Ino wrinkled her nose. This didn't look like Sakura's taste, even in her tomboyish days. On a second thought… it looked vaguely familiar.

Then Ino realized. She was wearing-

"Sakura," Ino said with a strange expression on her face, like she couldn't believe what she was seeing but the obvious truth was right in front of her face.

"Is that …Sasuke's bag?!"

The pink-haired girl turned to her friend, a guilty expression pasted on her face. Ino grinned impishly. She was not going to let her best friend get away with this.

"It is, isn't it?" Ino's eyes gleamed. "Details, details please."

Sakura looked like she was torn between telling Ino everything because she was feeling all bubbly and happy inside, and not saying a thing because she knew that by the time the day ended the whole school would be gossiping about her.

But Ino was her very best friend. And everyone would know in the end, because she knew another certain blonde would not be able to keep his mouth shut either.

She sighed.

"Okay… it was like this…"


"Teme…what's with your schoolbag??"


"Wait…since when did Sasuke-teme start liking pink?!"

"Hmm…Sasuke's taste has changed. Maybe his Y chromosomes finally died out."

"…Stay out of this, Kakashi."

"There's no need to glare at me. By the way, I'm your sensei."

"HAHAHA!! THIS IS PRICELESS!! I knew one day you'd turn into a girl because of that-"

"Shut up, dobe."


A/N I don't know how this one was supposed to turn out because I didn't give it much thought. I just went ahead and typed it up. So, sorry for any grammatical mistakes (trust me, sometimes I read and read it again and I still don't notice them until someone actually TELLS me). Just something I think is really sweet in real life. Although I think the guy will probably suffer more than the girl in this case…