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Bite. Smirk. Repeat.

There was no way out. Once addiction engulfs you, you can't just turn back.

It was all an unhealthy habit. The dark, bitter chocolate he bit, the blac leather he wore, the rosary hanging from his delicate, almost womanly neck.

Everything he did, he did it to forget. Forget a white puzzle. A mop of pure white hair. White clothes, covering a petite, frail body. If he decided to be an angel, then he'd be the devil.

Bite. Smirk. Repeat.

Near. N. He was below him. He didn't try for anything. He was just an arrogant and ungrateful bastard. Mello was mature. Mello was more charismatic. Mello was a genius of hard work. Near on the other hand, was a bubble of fake purity, a sneaky and disrespecting brat.

Bite. Smirk. Repeat.

Who was he kidding?

Himself and only himself.

Working so hard to become an Anti-Near, he lost himself. Near didn't on the other hand, for he never considered Mello as his enemy, but as everything else.
Test subject.
But he never thought of him as an enemy, for his own reasons. Mello thought that Near didn't find him worthy enough as an enemy.

Bite. Smirk. Repeat.

Poor Mello. He never stopped to think about a very old formula. Opposites attract.

Near knew this from the very beginning. But Mello only realised it in the end. There was no turning back now. As the church was being engulfed by flames, his chocolate bar melted over his body slowly.

Bite. Smirk...

A card tower falls. The tower made of Hearts. Mello and Near's hearts.

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