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This will be a series of six oneshots. They will come in sets of three at a time.

She's lost now.

My princess, Uni-sama, that is. When she became boss, I was reluctant. Why would a child take over the throne of the ancient Giglionero family? But, all doubts when I saw her. For, when I looked into her eyes, I found the only thing I was missing. Hope.

Her eyes, exactly the same as her mother's. Dark, and shining with wisdom ,even though she's only a child. And her smile. Blinding, yet it makes you grasp the reality of the world.

My beautiful lady.

She was taken away from me, by that man. When he took her into that room, he did something to her. When she walked in, her eyes were so calm, and filled with self-confidence and hope.

But, as she walked out, the only thing left was an empty shell. Her smile... her eyes... our hope... Gone, in a matter of minutes.

The Giglionero became the Black Spell. Inferior between the two parts of the despicable Millefiore.

What meaning is there in such an existence? Fighting for your worst enemy?

He could crush me any time he wished, with his power. Yet, he did not.

That's how low he thinks of me. That damn supreme commander of Millefiore. But I will not be ignored. I'll awake the princess even if I have to die for it.

So, come, my gun, my friend. Accompany me to my last endeavour. As the bullet goes through my head, her image floods my mind.

Here lies Gamma, proud Giglionero officer.

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