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Chapter 25 Deleted Scene: The Spaces Between Words

"Well then, I'll just have to make you tired."

The words had been spoken teasingly, to gauge L's reaction. Light couldn't help but smile as the raven-haired boy looked up at him, his eyes wide as he interpreted one of several possible meanings of the statement. He reached up to run his hand through L's hair gently, and the detective hummed softly in contentment.

He shifted, pulling L onto his lap and kissing him on the forehead.

"Light…" L murmured, uncertain. Light wrapped his arms around L's waist, leaning down and kissing him tenderly. L returned the kiss, sighing with pleasure as Light's tongue probed his mouth. There was something about this, just the simple act of being with someone you loved… L wouldn't give up this feeling for the world. It was something he had never been allowed in his past life, and something he had never had up until now.

Light's hand slipped under his shirt to rub soothingly over his back, and L bit back a tiny moan. Light broke the kiss, but stayed to speak against L's lips, "Tired yet?"

"No-o…" L managed, almost too distracted to form the single syllable. Light smiled, hooking an arm under L's knees and lifting the other up, starting towards their room. "Light…!"

Light's grin widened. "What?" he asked innocently. "We're going to bed." L didn't even need to stop and think how suggestive that sounded. He looked up at Light, his eyes wide. Light chuckled at his expression.

"Your mind is in the gutter, Lawliet." he murmured against L's hair, smiling fondly. L turned red, realizing that yes, it had been. Light laughed quietly, carrying him into their room and dropping him into bed. He stepped off to the side to change into pajamas, and L looked away, grabbing his own pajamas from the dresser. As he pulled his white shirt over his head and tossed it aside, he felt Light's breath on the back of his neck and a warm arm fold around his waist. He sighed, tipping his head back onto Light's shoulder and letting the other boy kiss along the curve of his neck. When he reached L's ear, he licked his earlobe teasingly before murmuring, "Not that your mind being in the gutter was incorrect…"

L shivered, turning his head to catch Light's lips with his own. The kiss was slow, saying everything that L couldn't form the words to say in that moment. Light turned, pulling L properly into his arms, and whispered against his mouth, "I want you, L…"

L swallowed nervously, but nodded. He wanted Light, too, even if the idea was frightening. Trusting another so completely with himself… It was something he had never done before. But this was Light, and Kira was nothing more than another nightmare. Kira was dead and gone.

Light scooped him up, moving to lay him gently on the bed. He stripped out of his own shirt before lying down next to the detective, stealing another kiss. L kissed back eagerly, and Light shifted to lie overtop of him, sliding a knee between the detective's legs.

A low moan escaped L at the unfamiliar contact. He arched his back, trying to get closer as Light kissed across his collarbone. The warm, ticklish sensation trailed down across his stomach, and he squirmed as his nerves were assaulted, a small giggle escaping.

"Ticklish." Light whispered against the soft skin of L's stomach. He pressed a final kiss there, smiling in amusement as L writhed, whining, and moved back up to take his lips in quick, moist kisses. L wrapped his arms tightly around him, clinging as he returned the kisses, shifting to feel the pressure of Light's knee on a very sensitive spot. He moaned into the kiss, and Light smirked against his lips. The auburn-haired boy trailed kisses along his pale partner's shoulders, dipping to take a small, rosy nipple into his mouth. L yelped, arching into Light's hands and mouth, eager to feel everything Light was offering.

Light teased the small bud, nipping gently and laving it with his tongue before pulling back to look at L. The other boy was panting softly against the pillows, his thumb pressed firmly against his front teeth, trying to retain any sound. His eyes were tightly shut. Light smiled, reaching out and carefully undoing the button of L's jeans. L's eyes flew open wide as Light's fingers 'accidentally' brushed the front of his no-longer-baggy pants. Light reached up and pulled his thumb away from his mouth, bringing it to his own lips and kissing the pad gently. L shivered, and Light moved to pull down his jeans and boxers. L hesitated, then nodded.

When Light had removed the offending clothing, L sat up and pulled his knees to his chest, resting his head on them and taking a deep breath. Light smiled, running his fingers through L's hair before getting up to take off his own pants and underwear. When he matched L, he pulled the covers back, slipping into the bed and watching the raven-haired boy with a small smile on his face.

L hesitantly crept closer, a small 'eep' escaping as Light pulled him under the covers and out of the chill of the room. He pulled him close, and they snuggled, L nestling against Light's side contentedly, soaking up the warmth the other offered.

Light's hand was stroking his bare shoulder gently, exploring the smooth skin and slowly moving farther down until he was rubbing carefully at L's side. L hummed, but didn't protest. The hand moved even further, circling his navel before reaching to palm his member lightly. L cried out, arching against Light's hand.

"Shh…" Light murmured. "It feels good, right?" L nodded, a bit hurriedly, and Light smiled. "This life I might be a virgin, but last life I wasn't. You are for both, aren't you?"

L nodded again, finding himself unable to speak coherently. Light's hand continued to move in slow, careful strokes, and L moaned softly, reaching up to grip Light's shoulders to steady himself.

"Shhh…" The soothing sound was repeated, and Light pulled back, reaching over to the side table. He pulled open the drawer, rummaging through before pulling out a small bottle of hand lotion. L's eyes, wide with nervousness, never left him. Light opened the bottle, slicking his fingers with the cool lotion, moving back and smiling reassuringly at L. "It'll be fine… Just tell me to stop if it's too much, okay?" His fingers slipped down to carefully stroke at L's entrance, before one slid easily inside. L squirmed, trying to adjust to the uncomfortable feeling of having something inside of him. Light shifted so that he could lean down and kiss him, twining his tongue with L's and distracting him enough so that he wouldn't notice the second finger as much. He swallowed L's soft whimpers, mingled pain and pleasure, and spread his fingers carefully. L whimpered, and Light moved to trail kisses down his throat. "Shh…" He slipped in the third finger, spreading them rhythmically, and L arched, moaning. Light smiled, searching about for the spot he had brushed by accident and running his fingers over it again.

"Light-kun… Light…" L murmured hazily, rocking his hips languidly against Light's fingers. He felt like his head was foggy, practically delirious with the amazing sensations Light was providing. There was something he needed to say, but he couldn't remember what at that moment.

Light's fingers paused, and the auburn-haired boy reached up to brush L's sweaty bangs out of his eyes. "Yes, L?"

"You…" L tried. "You're… You're really here…"

Light smiled. "Yes, L, I'm really here."

"You died for me… You were so close to being gone forever… If that rule didn't exist, you'd be dead, for good…" L whispered.

Light cupped his cheek gently. "L…" he whispered, his voice rough. "If I had died, I would have waited to be reincarnated and come to find you again. You won't get rid of me that easily." He slipped his fingers out of the other, smiling faintly as L keened softly at the loss, and said firmly, "It doesn't matter anymore. We're both alive, and here, together." He reached for the bottle of lotion, tipping it into his hand and moving to coat his own neglected arousal. It was back to being completely hard with just a pump or two, and he moved to press against L's entrance. "Are you ready?"

L took a deep breath, then nodded shakily. Light eased forward slowly, watching L's face for any sign of pain. When he was completely inside, he stopped, leaning forward to kiss L's forehead.


Light blinked. "…yes?"

L wrapped his arms tightly around Light's shoulders. "Move, please!"

Light was all too happy to oblige. He began a steady rhythm, and L moaned against his shoulder as he struck his dark-haired lover's prostate. L's fingernails left small crescents in Light's shoulders, and he cried aloud as Light snaked a hand between them and began to stroke his member in time with his thrusts.

"Light!" L cried, his voice a gasp. "I'm…!" He held Light tighter, as Light only seemed to move faster at his cry. L felt the pleasure building to a high note, and then the coil of fire in his stomach released. He turned his head, nuzzling and moaning into Light's neck as he came, feeling Light come almost directly after.

Light slipped out of him, drawing L close. He kissed him softly, then smiled and murmured, "Tired now?"

L nodded. "That was… amazing. And exhausting… And worth it…" he mumbled back, nuzzling Light's shoulder sleepily. Light turned him on his side, scooting against his back and wrapping an arm around his slender waist.

"Go to sleep, L." He kissed the back of his neck, and L sighed, falling asleep almost immediately. Light chuckled to himself, smiling, knowing that tomorrow would be a good day.





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