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"Malfoy still won't leave the Heads' rooms," Hermione told Blaise a few days later as she wheeled him up and down the corridor outside the hospital wing. Blaise had hoped he'd at least get to spend a few hours outside the blasted wing, but Hermione had pointed out that the castle didn't have handicap ramps (whatever those were), so he'd gloomily requested a ride around the corridor. It wasn't exactly cheerful, but Madame Pomfrey annoyed him, and and she couldn't hover over him out in the hall.

"Not surprising. Now there's a boy with a ruined reputation," Blaise responded.

"I think he's afraid his mother will show up again," Hermione said. "He shouldn't be. I'm fairly certain Dumbledore told all the Auror's guarding the gates that she was no longer permitted on school grounds."

Apparently, Narcissa Malfoy had shown up that night after Hermione had left the hospital wing to get supper. She'd marched right into the Great Hall and up to the Slytherin table, demanding that her son leave school with her. Malfoy had refused, effectively shocking the entire school. A brief shouting match had followed before Dumbledore had shown up to personally escort the Malfoy matriarch off the premises. Afterwards, Malfoy had gone up with Dumbledore to his office. Hermione had heard that he'd asked the Headmaster for protection so he wouldn't have to be punished for refusing to join the Death Eaters.

"McGonagall told me they're going to hide him in a safe house after the school year ends," Hermione continued. "Maybe they'll put the two of you in the same one."

"That'd be interesting," Blaise said, not sure how he felt about the idea. "Though since I'll actually be helping fight instead of just hiding, I would hope they'd put me with other active fighters as opposed to cowards."

"It was quite brave of him to stand up to his mother like that, you know."

"If he were really brave he'd actually volunteer to fight with us."

"Either way, you shouldn't get your hopes up about about by staying in a safe house with active fighters, because you probably won't, not if you're not well enough," Hermione reminded him. "I probably won't be seeing you much after school ends and they hide you."

"So I guess you'll get a break from having to save me."

"It could be a long one. You won't be allowed in the field unless Mad-Eye thinks you're up to it."

"I'll be walking by the time school lets out. I'll be fine," Blaise replied, using flippancy to mask his displeasure (and mild alarm) of being separated from Hermione for who knows how long. If Mad-Eye Moody was the one who decided when he got out of his sick – er, safe – house, he could be stuck there for months.

"Just because you'll be able to walk doesn't mean you'll be able to fight. And you might need some training."

Blaise did not want to listen to Hermione list off all the obstacles that would keep him away from her for entirely too long. "You're quashing my hopes of becoming a revered war hero, you know that?"

"Yeah, yeah," Hermione said dismissively.

"Wheel me over to stairs so I can pretend I can leave this stupid corridor, will you?" Blaise asked, hoping to ward off anymore talk of what would probably turn out to be a very lonely, depressing next few months for him.

"If you say so."

Blaise looked down the steps with annoyance, as three people were currently walking up them, effectively ruining his fantasy of walking down them. His annoyance switched to apprehension, though, when he realized who they were.

"Thought we'd stop by," Weasley said, glancing at Blaise for only a brief moment before looking at Hermione. "We figured you'd be yearning for some good company."

"Don't be a git, Ron," his younger sister admonished. "Actually, we came here so I could thank you," she said to Blaise. "For, you know, helping me."

"No problem," Blaise muttered.

"I, er, hope you feel better," Potter said to him awkwardly.

Blaise nodded his thanks. Gods, this was awkward.

"Thanks for punching Malfoy, by the way," Weasley added.

"Ron," Hermione sighed with exasperation.

"Okay. Well, that's what we were here for," Potter said. "See you around."

"Bye," Hermione said.

Blaise watched her friends go with relief. "That was weird."

"It will get less weird eventually. Probably."

"You are so reassuring," Blaise said sarcastically.

"If it helps, Madame Pomfrey did tell me you might get upgraded to a walker by the end of next week. You might actually be able to go down stairs instead of just looking at them. So there's that."

"I still don't see why I can't do my bed rest in my own bed," Blaise said grumpily.

"Madame Pomfrey said she doesn't trust you to take your potions at the proper times."

"She seems to be under the delusion that I don't want to get better."

"Well, Madame Pomfrey said she thinks you have self-esteem issues that stunt your will to take care of yourself."

"She's mad," Blaise exclaimed. "Why does she hate me so much? All I want is to mope about my limited mobility in the comfort of my own bed! Is that too much to ask?"

"Madame Pomfrey said-"

"Sod what Madame Pomfrey says," Blaise said, cutting her off. "She's a crazy old bat who has an inexplicable grudge against me."

"I know. But if you had let me finish, I was going to say that Madame Pomfrey said you could to your own room once you could use a walker if you agreed to come up here and have her check on you once a day."

"Are you joking? Wobbling all the way up here from the dungeons every day? She's crazy! She probably only said that to taunt me."

Hermione sighed behind him. "I guess you're stuck in the hospital wing after all. Though once you get your walker, you're welcome to wobble down to the Heads' dormitories anytime if you think you'd be more comfortable on the couch there. The fireplace is quite cozy."

The offer was too tempting to turn down. "I might just take you up on that."

"Besides, you are kind of entitled to spend some time there, don't you think?"

"You're right. It should have been me living in the dormitory with the cozy fireplace and charming Head Girl in the first place."

Hermione laughed, and Blaise thought the next few weeks would be fine no matter where he was if he could just hear her laugh like that a few times a day.

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