Chapter 1

"Get down here boy. You have a visitor," Uncle Vernon roared.
"Yes Uncle Vernon," Harry sighed.

Harry walked down the stairs and saw a man standing in the doorway. Harry thought that the man looked strange. The man was wearing a long black robe over tight black pants and a tight black shirt. He had long black hair that he pulled into a low ponytail.

"Are you Harry Potter?" Snape asked.
"Y... y... yes sir. Who are you?" Harry asked tentatively.
"Severus Snape; Potions professor and head of Slytherin house at Hogwarts," Snape answered.
"What is Hogwarts sir?"
"It's a school for witches and wizards like us."
"What do you mean 'like us'?"
"You are a wizard Harry."
"He's not going," yelled Vernon.
"What do you think you're going to do to stop him muggle?"
"What's a muggle sir?" Harry asked curiously.
"Non magic folk like your relatives," Snape said distractedly.
"Why are you here sir?"
"Because I was asked to give you your letter from Hogwarts. And also because I am removing you from this house."
"You are not taking him anywhere. We swore when we took him in that we would put a stop to this nonsense," Uncle Vernon roared.
"Harry calm down," Snape said soothingly.
"How could we not know? Your precious mother was the same way. She got her letter and she went off to that school. Our parents were so proud but I was the only one who saw her for the freak that she really was. Then she met that Potter boy and got married. They had you and then they got blown up," Aunt Petunia said.
"Harry a car crash would not have killed Lily and James," Snape said, "Harry go pack your things."

After Harry left the room, Snape rounded on the muggles. The muggles saw the glare on his face and Vernon even peed in his pants.

"You are this close to getting hexed," Snape said showing them with his fingers.

At that Harry walked back downstairs and just stood there looking at Snape.

"What is it Harry?"
"I don't have anything to put my stuff in sir."

Snape pulled out a wand, made a trunk for Harry, and levitated all of his stuff into the trunk. As soon as he had finished, he took Harry's hand and led them outside and into an alley. After Snape had made sure no one could see them, he apparated them away to Snape Manor.

"Where are we sir?" Harry asked with fear in his voice.
"We are at Snape Manor."

Harry looked around in awe. The grounds were beautiful as was the house. Snape led him on a tour of the house. When Snape showed him the library, Harry just stared in awe. Harry had never seen so many books in his life. Even the public library at home didn't have as many books as Snape had.

"Do you like the books Harry?" Snape asked as he watched Harry handle the books as if they would break.
"Yes sir."
"Harry let's get one thing straight. You may call me Sev, Severus, or Snape but please don't call me sir. I hear it enough from the dunderhead students I teach and I don't really like it."
"Okay si- Severus."

After that Severus showed Harry their rooms and the bathroom.

"This is my room Harry. If you ever need me, don't hesitate to come get me."
"Thank you Severus."

At breakfast about a month after Snape took him from the Dursley's, Harry asked when they would be getting his school supplies.

"We are going to go later today if that is okay with you. First; however; I am going to use your blood for a potion I am making. Only a drop is needed."
"What is the potion for Severus?"
"I will tell you when it is finished."

Harry stuck his arm out so Severus could take some of his blood. After he had Severus told him to stay where he was. Then Severus walked down to his lab and put the blood into the potion that was simmering there. He waited ten minutes before a piece of parchment flew out. Severus caught it and read what it said.

'Name: Harry James Potter
Parents: Lily Evans and Severus Tobias Snape
Birthday: July 31, 1980
Inheritance: Gryffindor Lily; Slytherin and Merlin Severus
Creature Inheritance: Vampyre, Veela Severus; Elf Lily'

'So that is why Lily always looked like an elf,' Sev thought as he walked back up to the room where he and Harry ate.

"So Severus what did the potion do?" Harry asked.

He had been dying to know since Sev had taken his blood.

"It told me who your parents are, when you were born, and any inheritances you might have."

Severus had been contemplating the words on the parchment since he had first read them. He could not believe that Harry was his son.

'Hell he looks like an exact replica of James.'
'But your name is on the parchment. You do remember that Lily was talented in Charms which means that she could have cast a powerful glamour spell on him to make him look like James,' his conscience told him.

"Finite Incantateum," Snape whispered.

As soon as he said the words, changes started taking place in Harry.

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