The Thing After Me

Title: The Thing After Me

Fandom: The Thing

Rating: PG

Spoilers: The Thing (1982) Movie

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Made for fun not profit.

Song Drabble. Song After Me by Saliva.

MacReady was passed the point of no return. He was terrified. Didn't trust anyone. Paranoia had well and truly set in.
The snow outside was getting heavier. It had been hitting US Outpost #31 for a good few hours now. No radio contact for days. And everyone was preparing their own meals. MacReady was enjoying his bottle of J&B.
He hadn't spoke to anyone for over 36 hours.

"Caught out alone, and I'm tryin to be free.
Caught up in things that are inside of me.
Lookin for something that I cannot see.
Losing my faith but I'm tryin to believe"

Blair. Nauls. Childs. . Fuchs. Windows.
Who was it? Who were they?
MacReady wonders. He is nervous. They all are. Divide and Conquer. Terrific tactics.
This Thing was going to take them all over one by one.
It was smarter than them. Faster. Stronger.
He had to survive it. They had to survive it. If this Thing got out it would be game over. It wins. Mac couldn't let that happen. Regardless of outcome. If he lived or died it didn't matter. What mattered is that it didn't leave the Arctic...Ever.

"The world is after me.
There feeding their jones, I'm reluctant to fight.
Caught out alone at the end of the night.
They're lookin for victims and lookin for me.
I'm blind in my eyes but I'm tryin to see."

MacReady holds the sticks of dynamite in his frozen hands.
He is cold. Beyond cold. It's 30 Below outside and they cut him off. Locked him out. For longer than he should have been able to survive.
Did they do it because he is the only one left human? Or did they do it because they thought he wasn't human?
Was he? No he was human...he was sure of that alone. It was getting too much.
They had to do something, if they wouldn't he would.

"The world is after me.
The whole world is after me.
The world is after me.
The whole world is after me.
The world is after me."

MacReady is the only one left now. Or is he?
Childs emerges. Is it Childs or is it one of those Things?
MacReady doesn't care anymore. He knows he has won. He has sacrificed himself so that we live. He know's this story well.
He isn't scared anymore. He has accepted his fate.
He passed his last comfort to Childs, to share. Childs accepts. Which means he is human and has accepted his fate too, or that he is one of those Things and also has accepted it's fate.
MacReady smiles. Knowing the gravity of the situation,knowing that the world can keep on turning for a while longer and knowing that the bravery of the men at US Outpost #31 helped ensure this.