/I want to plunge the blade of weakness

into my heart and slay this moment with it.

My body knows I'll never have this love again/

Next to him lay Kimimaro. His eyes still open, allthough he wasn't alive anymore. Orochimaru found him together with Kabuto. He knew it would end this way but he never wanted to believe his own thoughts. It was terrible to figure out that his dream container could never be around him anymore. It hurt to see him lay there with open eyes and the dried bood on his lips that wouldn't form words anymore.
The snakes' master swallowed hard and kneeled down next to the dead body. " Why had it to end this way?", he whispered and looked up to his personal medic nin. Anger and this little trace of sadness marked his eyes that Kabuto had only seen when they noticed that Kimimaro was ill. As the look had touched him, his heart shattered into million pieces while his expression was all the same calm and emotionless. He was trained this way and would never give up this important mask.
Kabuto got down to his knees and inquired the lifeless body. Orochimaru took a glance around and noticed all the tall white bones shatter.
His eyes then searched for Kimimaros'. They where like the blue-green sea. Nearly endless and full of secrets that would never be fathomed. Slowly the Sannins' hand caressed Kimimaros cheek while he lost himself in this magical eyes. And when Kabuto wanted to put his hand upon those incredible eyes, Orochimaru shook his head. "I don't want this eyes to be shut. They were once filled with so much passion and jovial. Look into them. They will never be the same, but they still have this attraction on me. My heart may has done something unforgiveable but I will never regret that I once loved this maidenlike angel..."