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Ch 37: Madness


It hadn't of even been 5 minutes since Lacey had walked into the house, carrying a young woman – a young woman who was obviously undergoing the transformation into a vampire.

"Jasper please," Emma said pleading with her husband as she sat down on the loveseat in the living room of the Cullen house. "Just let him explain!"

Jasper looked between his wife and his brother, trying to gauge their feelings – yet both of them were concealing them from him, nor did Lacey even offer up an explanation of why he did what he did. Jasper slammed his fist into one of Esme's wood chairs in frustration. The chair splintered into 1000s of pieces.

"Don't make me call Esme!" Emma snapped at Jasper as she stood up in between the two brothers. Both of the Whitlock brothers towered over her, but she wasn't going to back down. She had faced worse vampire confrontations before and managed to smooth things over. Hopefully she could here.

"Now..um, what's her name Lacey?" she asked during to look at the elder Whitlock brother.


"Ok so Mina has roughly three more days of burning. Here's what's going to happen. You," she pointed at Lacey. "Will sit by Mina's bedside right up until the transformation is complete."

"Then what?"

"You got hunting."


Emma turned to look at Jasper. "You're with me the entire time."

"And what are we doing Emma?"

"Right now hunting. Then we are going to explain to Mina what happened once her burning is complete."

Jasper nodded as he and Emma turned to leave the house, while Lacey turned and went back into the bedroom where Mina lay undergoing the burning. Jasper knew that Emma was holding something back from him. He could feel it.

Emma stood at the cliff's edge over looking a valley below. She was waiting for Jasper to finish with his hunt. While she waited, her mind began to wander with many different thoughts. Ever since she had come home a little over a year ago, her existence had improved thanks to Jasper finally admitting his feelings for her and her for him, along with becoming husband and wife. But that was just about it. Well Caleb was finally gone for good, so that helped a bit too.

Other than that, her existence was pure madness. It was one thing than another than another. It was an endless, vicious cycle. There was no downtime to simply relax. She was going to need a decade long vacation after all of this was said and done. This was utter madness.

"Darlin' what is bugging you?" Jasper asked as his arms encircled Emma's waist from behind. He placed several kissed along her neck.

"It just seems that everything is happening at once. Do you know that Seattle has turned into a hunting ground? I mean they are saying it's the work of a serial killer, but Carlisle is thinking that its newborns running rabid. He wants us to return to Forks as soon as possible incase something goes awry. But how can we go home when your brother decided to change a young woman because he wanted a mate? He just started drinking animal blood a little over a month ago! How can we expect him to teach a newborn to do the same?" Emma said pulling out of Jasper's embrace.

She stepped to the side then turned to face her husband. Jasper could feel the emotions rolling off Emma and hitting him like a ton of bricks. He wasn't sure what to make of it.

"Seriously I don't think I can take much more of any of this, Jasper! Ever since I came home, everything has been turned upside down! Edward's a basket case. Carlisle is indifferent – he just wants us all to stay out in the shadows like before. Esme is constantly worried about Edward along with everyone else. Rose is even more spiteful. Alice is obsessed with making sure that Bella is safe so that Edward doesn't go crazy. Emmett just wants to keep Rose happy! You're the only one sane in that house! We have all lived together for damn near 60 years and I have never been hit with so much in a short amount of time. Moving, protection detail, homicidal vampires, facing off against Aro and the rest of the Volturi, being kidnapped, and fighting more vampires, then to top it all – I've heard all the internal conflicts of everyone in that house! I'm thankful that I can't read Bella's thoughts! Now, Seattle is becoming a battleground. I CAN NOT TAKE IT ANYMORE!"

Emma collapsed to her knees and dry sobbed into her hands. After a brief second of shock, Jasper felt his wife's emotions dissipate, like a heavy boulder had been lifted off them. He knelt next to his wife and pulled her flush against him and gently kissed her temple. "Emma you carry too much on your shoulders. You've got to let others do some of the work too."


Jasper placed a finger against her lips. "Let me figure out what to do with my brother. If I have to turn my back on him and walk away I will."

"You don't have to do that…"

"Yes I do. If it is the only way to protect you and our family, I will do that. So like I said before, let me worry about Lacey and his newborn. And you relax."

A smile slowly spread across Emma's face as she felt herself become more relaxed and happier. "No fair," she said with a smile on her face realizing that her husband was manipulating her emotions.

"Yeah it is," he said kissing her lips. "You need to smile more and you're not the only one with talents. I can feel every emotion in the house just like you can read damn near every mind. Do you realize just how hard that is?"

Emma nodded in his arms.

Then Jasper remembered something Emma had said earlier. "Did you say that Lacey changed this Mina because he wanted a mate?"

"Yeah. From what I gathered from his thoughts was that he found her lying in the woods bleeding from I think gunshot wounds. She was almost dead when he changed her. He didn't do it to have what little blood that was remaining in her. He did it to have a mate and find peace like you have done."

Jasper hoped that his brother knew what he was exactly getting into. But then again, Jasper wouldn't trade Emma for the world.