A medieval romance

A medieval romance is set in Forks, Washington, where Princess Bella is betrothed to Prince Jacob. But Bella is in love with Edward. But Edward hasn't told Bella he's a vampire. Here in this story, an epic battle of romance, and fun.

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I sighed, my servant dressing me in my gown. Today something was going to happen, and I wasn't going to like it. I could feel it in my bones.

"Miss Swan?" A voice called from behind me.

"Yes, Ana?" Ana was my father, Charlie's, assistant. More or less.

"You father would wish to see you, now."

I walked down the narrow pathway, it stretching towards the long door at the very end of the hall. I stepped in, not even feeling the need to knock, and looked around for Charlie.

"You wished to see me?" I asked.

"Yes, Bella, I have some great news for you."

I groaned, silently. "Great news as in good news or bad news?" I asked, though I knew it made no sense.

He was puzzled for a moment. "Uhm.. it depends.."

"What is it, Dad?" I asked dully.

"We have found you a suitor! Bells, you are betrothed to Prince Jacob."

"WHAT?" I asked, gasping for air. I couldn't be.. Betrothed… I would not allow it. "I thought you said, I got to choose who I wanted."

He shook his head. "Yes, but you will like Jacob, Bells, I promise. His dad, Billy, is a really great friend of mine."

"Do I have to, Ch-Dad?"

"The arrangements are already made. You will marry Prince Jacob."

"I won't do it. Not in a million years." I cried. Tears filled my eyes.

"Yes, you will. This is an order, and as princess you are forced to obey my orders."

"Since when have you been so rude, Dad?" I already knew the answer. He's been like this ever since my mother, Renee left him. She didn't like the high life. Renee left me here, with Charlie.

He didn't answer.

"Since Mom left you?" I taunted. "I'll be like mom. I'll run away!" I cried.

"No..you..will…not… Now, Prince Jacob is in the other room, he wished to see you. If you do anything to mess this up, you will be locked in you room until the day of the wedding, understand?"

I couldn't be locked in my room, or I wouldn't be able to see Edward again. I nodded, and made my way for the other room.

Jacob was inside, grinning.

"Hi, Bells."

"Hey, Jake." I sighed. It was like we were children again. I had known Jacob for most of my life, him and I played around in the castle while our fathers worked. I never saw him as anything but a child, a friend. A best friend. Not a…. husband.

He was one on knee then, it looked rehearsed. I wasn't in the room anymore.

"Bella Swan? Will you marry me?" He held out a diamond ring, made for royalty.

I nodded, not trusting my mouth. Jacob put the ring on me then, and kissed my lips. I stood immobile as a stone. It was very quick.

"I'm sorry, Bells. But at least, you know the person your marrying."

With that, I left, the tears rolled down my face. I was leaving this castle, now. I had to see my Edward. I needed to tell him. Much more than that, I just needed to be with him.

I was still crying, as I made it out, going for the Meadow. I told Edward to meet me here, long before I knew of this horrid news. I had been seeing him for over a year now, and I was hoping to propose the news to Charlie later this month. But it was too late now, and I had to spend time with him, at least once more.

Edward was in the clearing, when I arrived there. The rain was just drizzling, now. Typical for Forks. A smile fell on my face, as I saw his bronze hair turn towards me, his face grinning now, as I came into view.

I immediately ran into his arms, the tears still flowing.

"Bella?" He asked, worriedly. "What's wrong?" Instinctively, he kissed my forehead.

"Oh, Edward, I …. Can't believe it." I choked. "I…I. I'm…" I looked down at my right hand where the ring laid. He met my gaze.

"Oh." He said quietly. "To whom?"

"Jacob." I muttered. "Charlie won't let me choose anymore. Edward, I don't know what to do. I can't get … married." I refused to shudder at the words. "Not when I love you. You're the one I want."

"Bella, love, I don't know what to do. I don't think there's anything to be done. I could try talking to my family; they might know what could help. I could do that now if you wish?"

"No." I shook my head. "I want to spend at least an hour with you, alone, before anything else." I reached up on my toes then, trying to reach his lips. Realizing what I wanted, his lips met mine, softly. He was always so careful, like in one wrong touch, he could kill me. Edward had a secret behind him, one that he never told me. The one that made him not be able to go in sunlight, the way his eyes changed, his hard skin, the way he answered questions that could only be read in thoughts… There was something different about him. I wanted to find out.

"When are you ever going to tell me your secret?" I asked, my face in his chest.

"What secret, love?" Edward asked.

"About what you are." I sighed.

"You don't want to know what I am. Its… dangerous for you to know. In time, I'll tell you."

"You always give me the same crappy answer!" I yelled, pulling away from him. " 'In time I'll tell you' What the hell is that?! Well here's some news for you Cullen, I'm … engaged to be married to Jacob in a week or sooner, so I think the time is now."

"Bella… I think the answer will upset you."

"More so than I already am? Edward, I've always known you were something… everyone can see that. I'm just afraid I'll never see you again. You promised me."

He sighed. Edward did promise me, once last year. Maybe he thought I'd forgotten.

"Okay, are you sure you want to know?"

"Edward, I love you, nothing will change that. Please, just tell me."

"Fine. Well, I'm a vampire," He spoke quickly, like he did when agitated.

"WHAT?" I screeched. "Do you think this is some sort of joke? 'Oh, I just want Bella to be happy; I'll say I'm a vampire'. It's not funny, Edward."

"I'm not joking. Look, I'll prove it," He was already running across the field now, in a blur, quickly, and made it back in a second or less.

"Well, that explains it then," I muttered.

"So you're not scared of me then?"

"Of course not!! Edward, there's nothing wrong with being a vampire!" I giggled. "But I hope you don't mind me in asking a few questions?"

He shrugged. "I think you're entitled to a few."

"Don't you like drink.. blood?"

"Animal," He answered quickly. "Not human."

"Okay. That's all I wanted to know."

"I would've thought you'd ask more than that." He grinned. "Aren't you curious?"

Curious, yes. "Well, do you sleep in a coffin?" I giggled again.

"No. I can't sleep. Or age"

"You're immortal?"


The sun was setting now, I was surprised by all the time that passed. "Edward, I have to go. When will I see you again?" I wrapped my arms around him again, tears welling up once more.

"Don't worry," He said wiping the tears from my eyes. "You'll see me again, tonight. Just keep your window open." Edward kissed me once again, and untangled us. "Now, I'm going to go talk to Carlisle. I'll see you later tonight."

I turned the other way, walking back towards the castle. Edward.. a vampire. Maybe he could make me one too. Jacob would never want to marry a vampire. And I could be with Edward forever, if I was one of him.

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