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Chapter 38- Fairy Tale Ending


Edward was stressing out about me, but what could I do? When I wanted to die, what could I say to someone who was waiting for me to stay alive? Would I be able to die? Everything was changing so quickly. Every second another pain began. When you wanted to die but you couldn't what options did you have?

Every minute behind the hour seemed to drag drearily. Every hour of the day seemed to stretch beyond an ordinary hour. There was no way to pass time. There was no way to speak without screaming. I kept myself preoccupied by listening to the voice around me.

"Edward, you haven't left Bella's side for 2 days now. Go take a break for a while," Rosalie's voice said.

"Its not like anything's going to change," Emmett agreed.

I just wanted to hear Edward's voice. I could feel his hand still on mine. It dropped.

"No," He growled.

"Okay, okay, chill…."

That was exactly 1 hour and 42 minutes ago. I kept track by counting the seconds.

As the time dragged on, I realized something. Damn. I forgot the ring in my bedroom. I would never be able to get it. I could never step foot in that house again.

What did Carlisle say to Charlie? Would Charlie have to endure yet another funeral? Mine?

I noticed that I could hear more as the time went on. A football game? Cars?

Okay…. This was weird.

Finally, the pain eased. It started to leave from my legs, then arms…. I could feel the fire in my chest, pulsating through my heart. I could hear it slowing….. Suddenly, it stopped.

Everything was over. I opened my eyes and I was a newborn vampire.

Everything around was so different. My eyes looked for one thing. Edward. Somehow, somewhere, I felt I still loved him. I knew I would be able to make it through this if I was the last thing I did.


"Edward, she's going to wake up in exactly 3 minutes and 2 seconds," Alice's voice said from behind me. "She's going to be beautiful."

It's true. Bella was more than beautiful in my perspective. And she was soon to be mine.

Charlie heard from Carlisle the news on Bella's death. It was better to get it over with.

Now both Charlie and Jacob were taken care of. There was nothing stopping Bella and I from getting married. Maybe things do work out. Never the way you had premeditated, of course, but always right in the end.

Bella's eyes finally opened, and she gazed wondrously at everything around her. If these years could be handled, no other hardships would happen. I knew Bella. She could get through this.

I love her. Now, she can be with me forever.

EPOV (Eliza)-

"Come on, Nathanial," I beckoned. "We don't have enough time."

"That Bella girl is changed now. Aro won't be very happy," Nate replied, thinking.

"Oh, fuck them. I thought we went over this already, Nate?" I sighed. "You know the plan. Aro won't have a say in things for long. And when we have a say in everything- we'll make him do our dirty work for us."

"Nice plan, Liz."

"I know," I grinned wickedly.

"I love you; you know that right, Eliza?" Nathaniel asked suddenly.

"Of course! I love you too, Nate," My hatred towards everything faded for a second. I was filled with the feeling I had when I met Nate the first time.

"If you love me then why did you have an affair with Aro, then?" He asked.

Damn. He knew. How long did he know? What was I going to do?

"How long?" I whispered. "How long did you know?"

"Oh, I've known for a damn good time now, Liz. Nothing goes by me. You should've known that," Nate said, iniquitous.

"What are you going to do to me?" I asked, wondering.

"Hmmm… I don't know yet. If we successfully take over the Volturi then you might have a minimal punishment. But if we don't….. well… let's just say you might just want to be burned alive when I'm through with you."

"You just said you loved me!" I cried.

"As did you," He countered. "Things are never what they seem."

That was true. Things were never what they seemed. And if I didn't succeed in my little arrangement, I would have to take things in my own way. I wasn't getting killed by Nathaniel. I was stronger… more powerful than him. I was the strongest vampire in the world. No one will be able to take me down.

Poor Nate, he never did realize Aro was only a distraction. A hobby- per say. He will never realize the real thing. At least, not until it goes into action… Everything never does turns out like it seems. It's always there to change and kick you in the ass when you least expect it.


My eyes met Edwards, and I was filled with everything I had felt when I was still human. I could feel emotion. Even though I felt different, I could still be Bella. I still was Bella. Just… a little more durable.

Maybe, a fairy tale ending was what I was meant to always have. I was no longer betrothed to Jacob. No longer forgotten. Instead, I was engaged to Edward and immortal.

Immortal, remembered, and loved. What else could a girl ask for?

Story book ending always seemed so unreal. But maybe that's why it came true. In spite of everything, my life was unrealistic. Reality never did seem to fit in with me.

Now, I was a story all myself. Fantasy all over again, now a vampire, forever.

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