The Legend of Ash: The Last Dragons


Author notes: Hey guys! I'm back, and still alive! And with (hopefully) better Spelling skills. Anyway, I've been planning for this for a while now, and hopefully it will come out the way I want it to be.

Location: Human Realms: The Falcon ICS Carrier Ship, Somewhere over England.

Time: 13:36, 25 of May, 2017.

Crew Members were running all over the place.

"Captain we're losing Power to engines 2 and 3!" a Crew member yelled.

"Hold Her Steady! We need to get this dragon to the ISC Headquarters alive!" The captain yelled.

Suddenly Red flashing lights and alarms started going off.

"Captain she's losing altitude fast!" The crew member yelled again "We've just lost power to engine 4!"

Then a huge explosion rocked the aircraft.

"What the Hell was that?!" The Captain yelled over the noise.

"Engine 1 just got blown up!" Another crew member yelled "Shields are down, I repeat, Shields are down!"

We will never survive a crash like this… The Captain said to himself

"Altitude is at 500!" The Co-pilot Yelled

and, the dragon won't survive either…


We have failed.


"BRACE FOR IMPACT!!" The Captain Yelled

Then a loud sound of metal crunching and twisting… then… nothing, but darkness.

Short I know but I had to start somehow, and free cookies for whoever can guess who the dragon is! And ISC is the International Security Cops. This is not linked to war of the worlds or realms or, whatever the last story was. I feel like adding OC's into this story. Don't bother asking, I will ask you.

Probably won't update for a bit, I'm reading Brisingr right now, just like fresh blood before. And can I say My God The book is BIG 762 pages, and the pages are at least 8/10 of this computer screen I'm using (and its screen resolution is at 1280 by 800 pixels)

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