Author's Note

This is a VERY long fanfic, but it's not split into official chapters. Some fanfics I write to be split into Chapters, but this wasn't one of them. I have, however, the taken the liberty to put in the fanfic where the chapters would probably begin and end just in case you're curious.

Why am I writing an opening Note before the fanfic, you ask? Because, even if you haven't read any of my previous fanfics, you have to understand something: this is the longest fanfic I've ever written. I'm so proud of it that I just have to do this.

This is a semi-romance, semi-action/adventure fanfic. The first fourth of the story involves the romance between Kite and BlackRose, but then...Well, the rest gets pretty action/adventure-like. I really worked hard on this fanfic, so I really hope you enjoy reading it just as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Well, I don't want to keep you waiting any longer, so go on and start reading! :)