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Stella wakes up to the smell of fresh coffee coming from the kitchen she smiles to herself and turns to lie on her back, just then Mac walks in with a tray of fresh coffee toasted bagels and a single rose morning beautiful he smiles when he sees Stella. What's all this Stella asks as she sits up in bed no reason just wanted to show you how much I love you that's all smiles Mac as he places the tray on Stella's lap and climbs in bed beside her he leans and gives her a kiss thanks for this Mac she smiles and kisses him back.

They finish breakfast and lie in bed wrapped in each others arms so what do you fancy doing today Mac asks don't know replies Stella how about a drive to the country asks Mac yes sounds good as she turns and kisses him just then Mac pulls the covers over there head and Stella's laughs can be heard as Mac tickles her and they start to make love.

A few hours later they are both up and dressed ready smiles Mac as he grabs Stella's hand and walks to get the car (Stella feels so secure having Mac around and love's him so much she never wants to loose him she thinks as they reach the car), the drive out of the city and in to the country is nice and quiet just the radio on low as Mac and Stella steal glances at each other, for the whole drive Stella has her hand placed on Macs thigh and doesn't move it , just knowing that he is close makes her happy.

They turn off the highway on to a country lane which leads to a lake as they park up Stella gets out the sun is shinning and its reflecting off the lake Mac walks up behind her and wraps his arms around her isint this so beautiful he asks, it is smiles Stella as she turns to give him a kiss, as they head down to the lakeside Mac stops and looks at Stella what's up Mac she asks, just then Mac gets down on one knee and pulls out a gorgeous white gold ring with a diamond on top Stella smiles and starts to cry, Stella Bonasera I love you with all my heart and want to spend the rest of my life with you as my wife will you marry me I will smiles Stella as she kneels down beside Mac and he places the ring on her finger its perfect she sobs and kisses her new fiancé.

So when shall we tell the rest of the lab Stella asks as they head back to the city we can do it tomorrow if you like I cant wait smiles Stella.


They both arrive a the lab at the same time the next morning they are always first in as they wait for the rest of the team to arrive the sit and wait in Macs office drinking coffee just then they hear Lindsay and Danny arrive as they head to the locker room then don and Sheldon arrive and head to the locker room also 10 min they all emerge they can hear them chatting away so I wonder where Mac and Stella are asks Danny they will be in Mac's office replies Sheldon lets go see what they have for us.

The four CSI head to Macs office as they knock and enter the see Mac and Stella sitting on the couch when they all see each other they wish each other good morning just then Lindsay starts to scream what's up with you Montana asks Danny she nudges him and says look, look at Stella's finger when the others notice the engagement ring they all smile as Stella and Mac stand up yes we are engaged smiles Stella as Lindsay runs over for a hug and to admire her ring the guys all congratulate Mac its about time laughs don I agree smiles Danny we are all so happy for you as they hug Stella.

Oh says a excited Lindsay this calls for a celebration drink later that's a great idea agrees Danny Mauritos 8pm ok smiles Stella and Mac we will be there, now lets get some work done just then the beepers go off Lindsay and Sheldon have a case and Stella and Danny have another as they all head out the door Stella turns to Mac and says goodbye before kissing him see you later he replies and take care as he sits behind his desk and starts to get on with all the paper work he glances at a picture of him and Stella he has on his desk that was taken at the NYPD Christmas ball last year they are not looking at the camera but at each other with big grins on there faces.


As Stella and Mac enter the bar the are holding hands just then they see most of the people that work in the lab as they walk threw the crowed they are greeted by a huge wave of congratulations as they approach Danny Mac asks what's all this, well boss Danny answers we have all waited years for you two to get together and we all wanted to celebrate with you thanks you guys smiles Stella, what would you like to drink asks Mac to Stella a white wine please ill be back in a mo as Mac heads to the bar Stella heads over to Lindsay and a few of the other females from the lab and starts chatting everyone wants to see the ring, back at the bar Mac is getting served when don pats him on the back how's it going he asks its all good smiles Mac im very happy , yep she is a great woman you are very lucky man and the envy of all the men in the lab she is stunning and she is your fiancé , I know smiles Mac as he looks over at Stella she sees him and smiles back he walks over and hands her a glass of wine im just going to chat to a few of the guys ill see you soon babe he kisses her and head's over to where Danny Sheldon don and Sid are standing.

The night gets in full swing and everyone is enjoying them self, Mac and Stella see each other for the first time that night and stand with each other when they see aiden walk in, hey you two she smiles congratulations as she gives Mac and Stella a hug, glad you could be here aiden smiles Stella, and miss this not a chance replies aiden just then Danny approaches ah Messer how are you as she gives Danny a hug great and you asks Danny yep im happy its good to see you all again I miss you's.

So when's the big day then asks aiden we haven't thought about it replies Stella looking at Mac the sooner the better so I can call her my wife he's, so romantic smiles Stella as she gives him a kiss.

As the nigh draws to a close and everyone starts to leave the bar Mac and Stella decide its time to leave as they say good bye to the last of the guests they leave the bar hand in hand so shall we walk or get a cab asks Mac, lets walk smiles Stella as they head down the street hand in hand they feel like the only people in the world, so when do you fancy getting married asks Mac, anytime replies Stella I love you and that's what matters to me, me to smiles Mac as he wraps his arm around her.


It has been a month since Stella and Mac announced there engagement and 3 weeks till there wedding day all the plans are in order and everyone is getting excited, as Stella wakes up one morning she feels sick and head's to the bathroom she puts it down to nerves about the wedding but the same thing happens the next morning and the next then she releases that she is a few weeks late, not wanting to say anything to Mac she heads out and buys a pregnancy kit, she arrives back at macs apartment where she stays most of the time and takes the test as she waits for the result she thinks about what kind of dad Mac will make and knows he will be great, just then she looks at the test and its positive she smiles and has a idea its fathers day on Sunday so she heads out and buys a card she writes inside In it. HAPPY FATHERS DAY I CANT WAIT TO MEET YOU LOTS OF LOVE BABY TAYLOR.

She places the positive test in the card also and seals it up and puts it away till Sunday she knows Mac will be so excited about the baby and cant wait till he opens the card, a few days pass and Stella finds it hard to hide her excitement when Mac questions her she says she cant wait till the wedding, on fathers day morning Stella is first up she leaves Mac asleep and heads to the shower she switches it on and heads back to the room placing the card on the bedside table. As she walks out of the room she turns and sees Mac start to wake up, she smiles and heads back to the shower. As Mac wakes up he hears the shower and wonders why Stella is up so early on a Sunday as he turns round he sees the card and takes it off the bedside table it reads to Mac on the front as he opens it he reads the card which says happy fathers day a little confused he opens the card to find a positive test and the words. HAPPY FATHERS DAY I CANT WAIT TO MEET YOU LOTS OF LOVE BABY TAYLOR.

Mac suddenly realises what the card means and jumps out of bed with a huge smile as he heads to the shower he shouts on Stella as she opens the shower curtain she is greeted by a ecstatic Mac who lifts her out of the shower and kisses her, so you are happy then asks Stella happy im elated grins Mac my beautiful wife to be is having my baby I love you so much and as he kisses her tummy and I love you baby I cant wait to meet you either.

They decide to keep the good news to themselves for now and tell everyone at the wedding as the big day gets closer Mac and Stella are more excited.

They decide to have a joint bachelor and bachelorette night they don't want a big fuss and decide just to have a few close friends over to Macs apartment Danny Lindsay don and Sheldon all sit in Macs eating pizza and have a few drinks, well its time for me to head to my place for the first time in months says Stella as she and Lindsay get up to leave the say good bye to the men see you tomorrow Stella smiles at Mac and gives him a kiss and hug good bye as they part ways.

I wrote this one while i was in the falklands this year for 6 month i was so board there is 3 more chapters but i wont post them all at once i hope you like it please be honest if u RnR thanks alot xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx