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I awoke to a usually cloudy day in Forks.

I got up quickly, ready to start my day… well, to be honest, ready to see my boyfriend.

The thought of Edward sent, as always, a feeling of happiness mixed with worry. It has been a month after the incident with the hunter, and Edward still carried the signs of it on his chest. I wanted him to get better, but the only available solution was to drink my blood, something he had refused to do before the wedding. I had insisted more than once, and each time he had ended the discussion with an absolute negative to the idea.

I had even asked the rest of his family for help, but it had been all in vain. Edward, as stubborn as always, had refused any argument to support my idea, until the rest of the Cullens had been forced to stay out of the issue. The only relief was that the wedding was only a week away, which meant he'll be cured soon enough. The thought of the wedding sent shivers to my body… it was irrational, I knew; after all, it meant I could live eternally with him, but it still was something difficult to me. As if I hadn't enough with his attitude.

I went downstairs to meet Charlie at the kitchen, ready to have breakfast.

"Morning, Bells" he said to me.

"Hi, dad" I answered, still immerse on my thoughts.

"Is Edward coming to pick you up?" he asked. After a month, I still couldn't believe his change of attitude.

"Um, yeah. His family is planning a small reunion today" I said, smiling. It was his birthday and, since his brothers had been kinda bored, they decided to celebrate... or to try and annoy him. I couldn't even imagine what Alice had done for that.

"Alright. Tell him I wish him a happy birthday… how old is he now?" Charlie asked.

107… "Um… 19" I said. Of course, Charlie wouldn't doubt that. Suddenly, I heard the engine of his Volvo near the house. I stood up and practically ran to the door, while my dad looked at me with surprise. I opened to find him standing there, with a smile on his face, looking at me with those beautiful golden eyes of his. I launched into his arms and kissed him softly.

"Happy birthday" I murmured. He chuckled.

"Alice is angry" he said, a little annoyed. Alice always liked to exaggerate at parties... so why was she angry? My dad then came out of the kitchen, and greeted him quickly before leaving for work. Once he was out of sight –and we were both safely inside Edward's car- I asked the question I've been doing daily during a month.

"How are you?" I asked him. He smiled at me.

"I'm fine" he said. I frowned.

"You know what I mean" I said, serious.

"Yes. I am fine" he insisted. He wanted it the hard way, then.

"Can I see?" I asked. He immediately became serious.

"It's the same… why do you want to see?" he asked.

"Exactly because of that. I want to see if it really IS the same" I said. It was so weird to be worried about a wound. A vampire's wound.

"Bella, please don't start…" he asked, as if begging me.

"I can't help it. I'm worried Edward. I just want you to be fine again" I said, trying to calm my nerves. I knew this was difficult for him too.

"I'm sorry. I don't want you to feel that way" he said, taking my hand while he started to drive. "I'm fine, really. It can wait a little more" he concluded. I sighed; I had heard that a lot. He suddenly raised his head, alert.

"What?" I asked. He looked at me.

"Nothing important… you'll find out soon" he said mysteriously. I hated that, and looked at him with annoyance. He seemed to find it funny, for he laughed all the way to the house.

Once we arrived, I was surprised to see the house was exactly the same: no lights, no decoration, nothing. I wondered if they had tied Alice or something. At my side, Edward sighed in relief… my theory seemed even more possible. Well, that is until Alice approached us, giving Edward a hug so strong I thought she was going to crush him. Even my hand, clenched with his, was shaken by the movement.

"You're so mean, Edward!" she said. "Oh, by the way, happy birthday"

"Alice, you've said it over a thousand times today…" he said, but he was smiling. I suddenly realized why I was so apprehensive about that hug.

"Alice, maybe you shouldn't…" I started.

"Oh, hi Bella! Don't worry, I'm not overdoing it" she said, smiling as always.

While we walked towards the house –and Alice had gone inside- I solved my doubts.

"I'm shocked. I thought she'll have a huge plan here. What did you do to keep her in line?" I asked a little angry. If he could restrain her, why hadn't he done so with MY parties? He laughed.

"It was not me. Rosalie said that if she did it and exposed us her car could 'accidentally' stop working… and Jasper promised to cancel all her credit cards" he said, still laughing. I laughed too; Rosalie certainly knew how to threat Alice, but Jasper was even better at that.

I was greeted by the rest of the Cullens inside the house. Carlisle subtly signaled me to move before Emmett's giant figure came out of nowhere, trying to grab Edward. Of course, his mind gave him away and Edward moved to avoid him.

"Glad you're back, bro!" he said, smiling.

This reunion was not as disastrous as my party and certainly not as fancy or, well, human, but I had to admit it was fun. Emmett had bought a new videogame console, and they had all started to play against each other. Even I joined the team, since it was something I could do (surely, that was the reason behind it). I laughed a lot when Edward beat Emmett on the first match; his brother became serious and asked a rematch, which Edward won too… the look on Emmett's face was hilarious. Then it was Jasper's turn. He ended up manipulating Edward's feelings in order to make him loose his concentration.

"Hey! No powers allowed!" Alice said, laughing.

"Why not? We can use any advantage we have… he's reading my mind anyways" Jasper said.

"I'm not!" Edward protested, but even I could see he was lying. Esme rolled her eyes.

"I swear, sometimes you behave like children" she said. Carlisle laughed at her side.

Of course, Jasper won –to Edward's dismay-. Then, Alice sat next. She simply touched the controls and smiled widely.

"I win" she said. Jasper looked at her with surprise.

"That's not fair… I haven't even started. How can you see that?" he asked. She simply moved closer and kissed him softly.

"Because you're going to let me win" she said, teasing him.

"Why her? It's MY birthday, right?" Edward protested at my side. Soon we were all laughing.

After a while, they decided to get a physical rematch (at least, Emmett decided). They wrestled outside, but that didn't bother me. After all, they were just playing… but then Edward wanted to join them.

"Bella, its fine" he said, but I didn't want to let him go.

"Maybe you should listen to her… Emmett's really angry about that match" Carlisle said with an amused tone. I wondered if it was a subtle way to warn Edward about his 'condition'. He simply nodded and continued watching. Emmett was winning; he already had Jasper on the ground. Alice stood up.

"Emmett, if you do something to my Jasper I'll tell Rosalie about your secret present for her!" Alice screamed, laughing, while Rosalie looked curious… I was sure she'd find out later. It worked; Emmett was distracted and Jasper moved to change positions. Emmett growled softly.

"That's cheating!" he protested.

"It's your fault if you can't focus" Alice answered him.

The day continued like that. Despite the fact I couldn't play with them sometimes, I felt at home. It was as if they weren't vampires anymore… they laughed and behaved like any boy, like any girl. Even Carlisle had joined the jokes. I was surprised, though, to realize they always thought about me. They had prepared food for me, and had chosen certain games in which I could join them. It felt good to know they cared.

Now, it was afternoon. Edward and I were alone, sitting at the beautiful piano. He started playing my lullaby while I placed my head on his shoulder. I sighed, my senses filled with his fragrance.

"It was fun" I said to him.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it" he answered. Without stopping the music, he leaned to kiss me. It felt so good to remain like this… until his phone rang. Why can't the world stop plotting against us? Edward answered, but simply said yes and hung up again.

"Who was it?" I asked.

"Your dad. He wanted to know if you'll be home soon" he said, and I could see something bothered him.

"Is something wrong?"

"No… someone wants to see you. At least he waited" Edward said. He? I was confused. Without a word, he stood up and led the way towards his car. That was strange; he was taking me home already?

"I want to stay" I said, but he smiled at me again. Did I imagine the sad look on his eyes?

"Believe me, you want to see him" he said mysteriously. The ride home was strangely quiet. Edward seemed reluctant to leave me, but at the same time determined to do it… when we arrived at my place, he kissed me again.

"I'll see you tomorrow… if you don't have plans" he said. Plans? All my plans involved him.

"Well… yeah, sure. Edward, what's…?" I asked, but he pressed his lips against mine again.

"You'll see… I don't want to ruin the surprise" he said, with a strange tone. Unable to say anything, and still dizzy after the kiss, I stepped out of the car after saying good bye to him. I watched as the car disappeared, still wondering why his mood had changed so suddenly; when I opened the door, I understood.

"Bella!" a voice greeted me with joy. A voice I hadn't heard in a long time.

Jacob had returned.

First chapter of my sequel… Yeah! Jake is back!! nn. We can expect trouble XD. I know nothing really important happens here, I just wanted to start slower this time… but don't worry, we'll have more to come! /looks at evil plans/ poor Edward!! Mwajajaja!

Of course Edward is kinda angry about Jacob's return… but come on! He'll surely hide it –sort of- to keep Bella happy ;)

And the videogame? Well, while I was playing PS2, I imagined the scene with them… I'm sure that'll be pretty funny to watch nn. Hope at least they don't sound too, uh, unrealistic? To their personalities :P