Finally, all was fine here.

I couldn't believe it has been almost a week since I'd been turned, a week since Jacob had decided to try and save our friendship. I was adjusting to my new life willingly, enjoying the new feelings and experiences my enhanced senses allowed. I had managed to control my thirst; to avoid attacking anyone… it was easier each day. Carlisle and the others were really surprised by my control; of course, I sill couldn't be near people, but I was strong enough to smell the scent far away and resist it. Carlisle had praised my dedication, which to me was a great compliment. Edward and I had a theory about it: since I had chosen it beforehand, I was unconsciously prepared to deal with my nature, while the rest of them had been forced to it, without any thought or preference before the changing.

About my gift, well, I was making some advances. Edward and I had discovered the 'barrier' reacted to my protective nature; every time I feared for someone, I unconsciously transferred my power to that person, activating the protection around its body. I still had difficulty controlling it, but practice was making it easier. My family helped me a lot with that, since three of them had a gift themselves and knew control came with practice. I was glad; now I had a weapon to protect the ones I loved.

But my greatest joy was Edward, of course. After a month or so of being worried about his health –strange thing for a vampire- he was now fine again. More than once I opened his shirt to look at his perfect chest, delighted to see the scar was gone. He didn't have any problems or seizures anymore, and enjoyed each minute we spent together –which was practically all day-. Something I particularly enjoyed was running with him. Since he was the fastest of our family, I still had trouble keeping up with him, but now I could run instead of waiting for his help. He hold my hand all the time, laughing as we ran… sometimes, he carried me as he did before, just for the pleasure of it. It was incredible.

Now, we both were in our meadow. My vampire eyes saw it all more clearly, more beautiful: I could detect even the smallest shapes in the flowers, smell the sweetest fragrances… and saw my skin for the first time, shinning like Edward's at the sunlight. I looked at my love, my life, my husband. He had his eyes closed, and smiled as if he knew I was watching him. I pressed myself closer to him, enjoying the feeling of his arms and his now warm skin next no me. I pressed my head on his chest, wondering if anyone could be so lucky.

I remembered Seth. After quite an argument –Jacob couldn't believe he had actually imprinted on Caitlin- we couldn't help but laugh at it all. This week had been strange for both of them. Seth was obviously charmed by her, and it was evident she found him handsome. Sam and the other members of the pack had been furious, especially Alphonse, who considered the whole issue a mistake, but Seth didn't care anymore. More than once he'd visited us to see Caitlin, who gladly walked with him, chatting joyfully. It was strange; at first I thought Caitlin would be annoyed, even angry, at Seth's attention, but after seeing them together I realized she felt flattered and, most of all, happy. Edward was so happy for them; I knew he liked Seth, and seeing him find Caitlin was something great. In fact, Caitlin was staying just for him, and her 'brothers' (three men and two women) were just as happy as we were for her. She'd been lonely for quite a long time, and deserved to have happiness.

Jacob, however, was entirely different. He visited with Seth almost daily to "check on Caitlin's coven" as he said. Edward always laughed at his excuses; surely he'll know better. I felt relieved to see he was really trying to be friendly; it was good to see him talk to Edward or Emmett without any hate or hidden threat. About me, I was surprised –and happy- to find out he could treat me as before; we talked a lot, and sometimes even walked through the forest. It felt nice to see we could still be friends, and it was great to have him there with me, with Edward, in peace.

A hand caressing my cheek distracted me from my thoughts.

"What are you thinking, love?" Edward asked me, his velvet voice so seductive I had to contain my sudden desire. I smiled.

"Nothing, really. I'm just surprised at how good things turned out for us" I said honestly. He looked at me. At first I've been a little scared about his eyes –red after drinking my blood- but now they were the same golden I loved, the same color I now shared.

"Yeah. It was a long wait, don't you think?" he said.

"I wonder if Jacob will find someone, just like Seth did" I said. There was nothing I whished more than that. Edward shrugged.

"I don't know… but surely he won't have a couple as 'unusual' as Seth's" he answered, laughing. It felt so good to see him this happy.

"I was wondering, what will happen once Caitlin decides to go?" I asked.

"Don't worry about that. I'm sure she has very good reasons to stay close" he said, and winked at me.

"Will she stay for Seth?" I asked, surprised. He sighed, as if I'd asked a silly question.

"If you were in her place and I in Seth's, would you leave?" he asked. Of course not.

"No" I said.

"It's the same. Caitlin likes Seth, she'll stay with him" he added. I hugged him, kissing his neck softly.

"But Caitlin is not as lucky as I am" I said. He sighed in pleasure at my touch. I raised my head to see him: my angel, my light… I still couldn't believe this celestial creature was mine. He smiled.

"Well, Seth's not as lucky as I am either" Edward said, caressing my face. I kissed his hand. "You better stop doing that or we'll end up doing something we´ll both regret later" he added, chuckling.

"I won't regret it. No one is here" I said, trying to tease him.

"Not now, but… what if Sam decides to patrol this area right now? I'm sure you won't want him to see us, right?" he asked, and laughed again. The idea was funny to him. If I were human, I surely will be blushing by now. I remembered something when I heard Sam's name.

"Did Jacob tell you about the treaty? Apparently, Sam has decided to maintain it" I said, but I was sure he knew. He could have read it in Jake's mind. He nodded.

"Yes. I guess Alphonse is not too happy with that" Edward said.

"Who cares about him?" I said with anger. I still couldn't forgive him. Edward laughed at my tone.

"Maybe you don't, but Sam DOES. He's his father, after all… and they seem to start liking each other" Edward said. I remembered that moment, when Alphonse had protected Sam from Edward's attack.

"Maybe you're right… but I don't like him. He hurt you" I said.

"But I hurt him first. I don't like him either, Bella, but I created him. I made him the person he's today…" he started, but I placed a hand on his mouth.

"You did nothing wrong. His friend was bad, Edward. You shouldn't blame yourself for Alphonse's hate" I said. He smiled again.

"And you and Jacob? You blamed yourself for that, don't you?" he asked. Damn! He had caught me there.

"Well, yeah but… he's better now. I mean, we're still friends, and you both can have a decent chat without trying to kill each other. That's an advance" I said. He laughed.

"That's a relief, I must admit. Talking about big, silly persons…" he said with a teasing tone. "Emmett's still waiting for a match. Yesterday he was insisting all morning on that. You should give him a lesson for me" he said, winking at me. I laughed.

"If I hurt him, Rosalie will kill me" I said, already imagining her face.

"I don't think so… she can't fight against the rest of us" Edward said, laughing at some hidden joke. I raised an eyebrow.

"You're betting again, right?" I asked.

"Yep. Alice and I bet on you, while Jasper and Rosalie bet on him" he said.

"And what exactly did you bet?" I asked. I'd always been curious about that.

"Well, if Alice and I win, we'll rent their cars for a year… and they'll be our slaves for a month. I already feel sorry for them" he said.

"Why?" I asked, but I understood: betting against Alice was a sure loss. He laughed again.

"Carlisle is betting too… and he needs a lot of help at the hospital" Edward said. He was right; I felt sorry too. He then pressed his lips against my neck, moving towards my jaw, my cheeks… and finally my lips. No matter I was a vampire, I still felt light-headed when he did that.

"What if… we go…?" he asked between kisses. I sighed in pleasure.

"Emmett can wait…" I said, already out of air (figuratively). I started to undo the buttons of his shirt.

"Sam…" he murmured, but I could hear his breathing was as agitated as mine.

"Who cares about him…?" I repeated, kissing him fiercely.

I was in heaven. I could finally start living my life with the man I loved. Finally, I was at home.

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