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Matt leaned forward and crossed his arms over the steering wheel.

"Stupid, stupid Mello," he grumbled to himself. "Stupid, stupid Mello and his stupid, stupid favors." The redhead's moaning was interrupted by the sound of a car pulling out of the driveway. "Finally!" he exclaimed throwing his arms into the air. He grabbed his bag off the passenger seat and slunk around the side of the house.

He pushed his goggles up onto his forehead when he found what he was looking for; the electrical box. The redhead pulled a small screwdriver out of the bag at his feet and began to loosen the panel that hid the electrical components for the house. He sighed heavily when he saw the mess of wires that lay inside the box. How had he gotten himself into this? Oh, that's right, Mello and his favors.


Matt had his feet propped up on the arm of the couch with his head resting on the other arm. The game in his hands held his complete attention. So much so in fact that he didn't notice the fiery blonde strut into the room until he ran a hand down the back of the couch.

"Matt, I need a favor," Mello said resting his head on the back of the sofa. The gamer didn't even bother to look up.


"Please," the blonde whined with a small pout.

"Not even because you love me?" The gunman earned an eye roll with that comment.

"Hell no."

"Come on Matt! I'll make it worth your while." The redhead glanced up and Mello licked his lips suggestively.

"What do you want?" A grin split the blonde's face.

"Just the usual. I want you to put some bugs in this woman's apartment. Nothing too difficult for you," he said tangling a piece of blonde hair between his fingers. Matt sat up.

"What do I get out of this?" Mello's smile took on a devious undertone.

"I'll give you a hundred kisses if you do this for me." The gamer arched an eyebrow.

"Can I get a down payment on that?"

Mello laughed at his request. "No, you get paid after the job is done."

Matt groaned. "Fine."


Mello had neglected to mention that this wasn't just an ordinary job. He hadn't thought to tell him that they would have bugs in place to detect other bugs. Matt couldn't just remove them because their absence would draw attention, so he had to alter them so his bugs went unnoticed. Mello hadn't bothered to let him know that he wanted twice as many cameras as usual and that he'd only have a half an hour to do it all in.

What could be so important about some chick? Matt wondered. This had to be a Near thing. Why else would he be worried about watching some pop star? Who was this Misa- Misa anyway? Matt sighed as he haphazardly tossed his expensive tools into the black bag at his side. He had earned every one of those damned kisses. If not more, he thought bitterly.

The gamer's head snapped up as he heard laughter float in from the other room.

"Light- kun in never home and now Misa- Misa has him all to herself!" a high pitched voice squeaked.

"Damn it," Matt swore under his breath. The whole time he had been fantasizing over his blonde boyfriend he hadn't heard the two of them come in. How the hell was he supposed to get out of this one?

There were some more murmured words from the front room followed by insanely high giggles. The light flicked on and the redhead dove behind the couch. He was really screwed now. He could only hope that Mello wasn't watching this on one of the recently activated monitors. He'd never let him live this down.

He heard bodies hit the cushions on the other side of the sofa followed by a series of noises that told him he really didn't want to stick around for what was coming next.

Matt weighed his options and decided that going out one of the back windows was his best bet. He began to crawl across the plush carpet, carefully dragging his bag alongside him. By some miracle the gamer was able to make it out of the room without making a sound.

When he was out of sight of the couch Matt got to his feet, finding it much easier to slink through the building when he wasn't on his hands and knees. He hurried over to the closest window and silently slid it open. His bag was dropped out first before he crawled after it. He turned and quietly slipped the window shut. The redhead let out a sigh when the glass pane was secure behind him. That had been a little too close for comfort.

"Oh yeah, he owes ne," Matt mumbled to himself as he tramped down the street where his car was parked behind a particularly large shrub. "He owes me big time," he said swinging the door shut behind him.


The redhead stumbled through the door and was relieved to find the many monitors illuminating an empty apartment. So Mello hadn't seen his little stunt after all. Matt ran a casual glance over the screens to make sure that all of the cameras were functioning properly and made a pinched face. He picked up a dirty shirt off the floor and tossed it over the screen. He did not need to see that.

The gamer flopped back onto the couch, trying to get some very disturbing images of one Misa Amane out of his head.

"That was… bendy," he muttered covering his face with a pillow and shuddering.


The sound of a bag hitting the floor jolted Matt awake. He sat bolt upright sending the pillow flying.

"Well, I see you're up," Mello laughed looking down at the ruffled redhead. The gamer muttered something incoherent that the gunman wasn't entirely sure was English. "Did everything go according to plan?" Matt paled at the question.

"More or less," he said running a hand through his hair.

"More or less? What does that mean?"

"It doesn't matter. The job got done and that's all that counts." He turned to get a better look at the blonde. "Now, if I remember correctly you owe me something, several somethings in fact." A malicious grin spread across Mello's face.

"I think you're right." He leaned down to whisper in the redhead's ear. "Close your eyes." Matt was all too happy to oblige. He tilted his chin up in expectation, a slow smile creeping across his lips.

He felt something drop onto his lap and his eyes snapped open in suspicion. There was a good sized bag of silver wrapped chocolates resting on his legs.

"What is this?" he asked confusedly.

"I promised you a hundred kisses, so there you have it. A hundred Hershey's kisses."

"What?" Matt said dumbly.


"No, I heard you the first time. I meant, what am I going to do with a hundred chocolate kisses?!"

"Eat them," Mello said looking at the younger boy like he was crazy.

"That's not what I meant and you know it. How could you do this to me? After all the work I had to do you give me a bag of chocolate! Exploitation! That's what this is, exploitation! You tricked me into one of the hardest jobs I've done for you and then I get stuck behind their damn couch while they proceed to have sex on it! So, I'll ask you again Mello, what in the hell am I supposed to do with a hundred Hershey's kisses?" Matt fumed.

"Ninety nine, actually," Mello corrected, holding up a finger. The fact that the blonde looked like he was holding back laughter just made the gamer madder.

"What?" he asked tersely, his jaw clenched.

"Ninety nine," Mello repeated. "There's only ninety nine. I ate one on the way home so there are really only ninety nine kisses in that bag."

"So?" the redhead asked narrowing his eyes slightly.

"So, I still owe you a kiss."

Matt's jaw loosened as the gunman ran a hand over the back of his head and down his neck, his thumb massaging the spot behind the gamer's ear. Mello leaned down and tilted his head to the side with a smile. He traced down the redhead's cheekbone with the tip of his nose, taking in the perfect smell of the boy. The blonde's light breath sent a shiver down Matt's spine. Mello tipped his head in the other direction and the feather light touch of his lips made the striped boy's eyes flutter closed in anticipation. The gunman leaned forward, finally letting their lips meet. Matt's mouth was open to the blonde's immediately, unyielding to his touch. The taste of Mello filled his mouth, the delicate sweetness of chocolate followed by the barest hint of bitterness. The indescribable taste that was so vey Mello.

The two broke apart only when their brilliant minds had been fogged over with a cloud of ecstasy and they ran the risk of fainting due to lack of oxygen. Even then, they separated only with great reluctance. They pulled away slowly, keeping their lips connected for as long as possible. Matt sat back on the couch.

"Those are the only chocolate kisses I like," he gasped out. Mello flopped down beside him.

"Really? Well, then." The blonde took one of the chocolates from the bag and popped it into his mouth, discarding the silver wrapper on the floor. He wound an arm around the redhead's neck and pulled him into a much sweeter chocolate kiss. The sugary confection was the perfect compliment to the kiss, taking away every last trace of bitterness in their embrace.

They separated only when all of the sweet substance had melted away. Matt pulled back just enough to get some air but remaining within just inches of the blonde.

"Remind me to do you more favors," he laughed.

"I'll remember that," Mello grabbing another chocolate and placing it in his mouth.

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