A small grunt slipped through the redhead's lips as he struggled with balancing the tray of coffee precariously on his hip and the doorknob as he dug through his oddly deep pockets for his key to the apartment door. He shifted the coffee back to his palm as he produced the elusive ring of keys. Miraculously he got the key in the lock and the door open without spilling a drop of his prize.

"Hey Mello," he called. "They were out of that fancy stuff I can't pronounce but they had this new dark chocolate mocha thing, so I got you one of those. I also got you a regular mocha so you can't hate me for trying." Matt set the tray of coffee down on the kitchen counter as he listened for a reply. When nothing came he started to move through their small apartment.

"Mello?" he called again. He surveyed their messy living room for any evidence of the blonde. The only change to the general chaos that he saw was that the door to their bedroom was cracked slightly. The gamer gave a slight shrug and shook his head. It figured that he would still be in bed. Getting up before noon wasn't really Mello's style.

Matt started to make his way over to the bedroom when his boot caught on something protruding from under the couch. He reached down and untangled a pair of pants from around his foot. A small wrinkle worked its way between his eyebrows as he ran his fingers over the red stitching. These didn't belong to Mello. In fact Mello didn't own anything like this. He felt his left eyebrow rise of its own volition as he made his way to the barely open bedroom door.

The redhead reached the door and placed a palm on the wood. With the lightest touch it swung open with a squeak to reveal the room beyond.

Two bodies lay entangled in one set of sheets. Matt's sheets actually, the ones he had brought with him from his last home. Long blonde hair framed a peacefully sleeping face and the scanty bed coverings revealed that he couldn't be wearing much more than underwear. And Matt seriously doubted he was wearing that much. The face of the brunette beside him was not so peaceful, however.

"Oh you poor bastard," the gamer sighed as he leaned back against the door frame. The brunette sat up abruptly, pulling the sheets to cover himself. "So, how'd he get you?" Matt asked crossing his arms. "Are you a dancer at the club?" The stranger in his bed tried pathetically to stutter out an answer before he settled on a nod. "Well, Mr.…"

"B- Ben," he spat out.

"Well Mr. Ben, you're lucky I found you before he woke up," Matt said pushing his hands into his pockets as he moved towards the bed.

"Wh- what do you mean?" Ben asked worriedly.

"Look into that nightstand there to your left." The redhead gestured to the small table to the left of the bed. Ben's hand hesitated over the handle on the drawer. "Go on," Matt urged.

With a shaky grip the brunette pulled open the drawer and peered inside. His face went deathly white as his eyes locked onto the shining silver revolver that rested solemnly on top of a leather bound Bible.

"Now if I hadn't been the first to find you this morning that gun would have had eyes only for you," the hacker said nonchalantly as he picked at a speck of dirt under his nails.

"M-m-me?" Ben squeaked.

"It still might. Mello there has a bad habit of blowing away his conquests if you know what I mean." Matt's green eyes met with the terrified brown. "So I suggest you get out of here before he wakes up.

Nodding frantically, the brunette bolted from the bed forgetting any sense of modesty or self respect. Matt tossed him his pants which the gamer had dropped in the doorway and turned to watch the man's mad dash out of their apartment.

Only when their front door had clicked safely shut behind him did blue eyes slide open from feigned sleep.

"He's gone, you can quit faking now," Matt sighed turning back to the bedroom. The blonde sat up and stretched his arms above his head.

"Thanks for getting rid of that guy," he said with a yawn. "The morning after is always so awkward." Matt rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, real awkward."

Mello climbed out of bed without bothering to check the floor for his underwear. He slid his arms around the redhead's neck and gave him a light kiss on the lips.

"Good morning," he murmured into the red locks.

"Good morning asshole," Matt returned.

"So how was your guy?" the gunman asked touching noses gently.

"He was alright but he was no you," the hacker shrugged.

"Yeah, that guy was about the same," Mello sighed. "Now, did I hear something about coffee while I was playing dead?"

"Yeah, it's on the counter."

"Good, I could kill for some coffee right now…" he trailed off as he headed to the kitchen.

"You almost had to," Matt sighed. "Just be glad he wasn't a redhead," he muttered at Mello's back. "I still haven't forgiven you for that just another redhead comment."

A/N: Okay so this chapter was based off of the song Wake Up Call by Maroon Five but I obviously had to make a few alterations to make it fit, lol. So, I had been intending to write another chapter next but this one just demanded to be written. I'll try to get that one up next time but we'll see how that goes. Hmm, how about coffee for reviewers because I had a killer mocha this morning...