Indy and Marion got married in 1935, but after a tragic accident, Marion died. What do their kids do when "Daddy" brings home new girlfriend Willie Scott? Set in 1954 Don't own except for the DVD set.

"How could he do this?" Elizabeth Jones groaned.

"Yah, and what's up with her name? Have you ever heard a girl being named Willie?" Mutt asked.

"No, and she's probably one of Daddy's old flames. Uh, it's insulting Mom's memory. Too bad she can't come back as a ghost, like Banquo, and make Dad feel guilty for dating that flake."

"You've been talking to Grandpa too much."

"Mutt, he died two years ago; in English, we're studying Macbeth. "

"Just because you're a Senior doesn't mean you can act like an English Professor."

"Grandpa's doing. You know, it is Homecoming ,this Saturday; I have a plan to get rid of her."

"Chaperone?" "No, something even better."

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