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Behind Closed Doors

Part Ten.


Of course I shall meet with you,

My dear friend.

I would request information on what

We would be discussing,

But I believe I shall wait and enjoy the conversation

When it arrives.


She ran into the dark room with a huff as she flew herself onto her bed, the air fluttering around her as it escaped the soft blankets. She knew that her mother would come running, and smiled at the good performance she had made as she walked through the door.

Surely enough, the faint tapping of heels echoed throughout the hallway, gradually getting louder before coming to a halt outside her door.

"Lauren, sweetheart?" He mother called through the door frame. "What ever is the matter? How was the party? Where is your father?"

"He is still there, Mama." She sighed, lying back onto her bed.

Laurens mother has been 'unwell'. But her 'illness' seemed to have originated from a particular distaste towards the Whitlock family, therefore Lauren and her father left for the party whilst her mother stayed home, 'recovering' in bed.

"How on earth did you get home?"

"The carriage, how on earth else?!" Lauren cried, her mother frustrating her to breaking point. How did she expect Lauren to get home? Fly?

"What about your father?"

"He is a big boy, Mama, he will get home. Do not fuss so much." Lauren snapped.

"But what is wrong?"

"Jasper!" Lauren, quick as a flash, saw his face in her mind, looking at her, smiling. She practically melted into the bed, but composed herself and found anger that he could not see her the way she saw him. Was she not pretty enough? "He is to wed another, Mama! Isabella Swan, of all people!"

"Well, honey I never liked the man. He seemed so very strange to me, yet all of the ladies seem to swoon at the sight of him." She mused. "Could you please open the door honey?"

"It is already open." Lauren sighed at her mother's dim side.

Her mother had never been particularly intelligent. It was the beauty. Married at just eighteen and pregnant not six months later, her mother was extremely young. She had no job, and relied completely on her husband. Being brought up in such surroundings, her mother was her role-model. That is why she wanted Jasper Whitlock. Rich, clever, good looking; everything she would need in a husband. And surely she was the perfect wife? She could see nothing wrong with herself, but he still didn't want her! It was unfathomable!

The door creaked open slowly, revealing Laurens mother dressed in a long, black night gown. She shuffled towards where Lauren was sat on the bed, and patted her knee.

"You know Lauren; you should be aiming higher than Jasper Whitlock. There are several secrets you are not aware of. I'd prefer it if you did not marry him." Lauren was baffled by this new information, yet persisted. Nothing could deter her from something when she set her mind to it, and she was determined to live like a princess.

"But Mama, the money! Think of the wealth I would be marrying into! I'm sure he makes almost twice than father!" Lauren whined, seeing the money in her dreams, taunting her.

"You will not do anything to ruin this, Lauren. Steer clear." Her mother demanded, and Lauren laughed at her poor attempt to be a mother.

"You will not tell me what to do!" Lauren yelled, jumping off of her bed and towering over her mother. "How dare you! You know nothing!" She spat. Her mother looked terrified, and Lauren had never experienced a feeling better than the exhilaration pounding through her at that moment. The thought of going against her mother would have seemed so surreal compared to others, but to Lauren it was like a special treat. She would rather yell at her mother several times over than get the new pair of gloves she had seen, along with the beautiful box it would come in.

"Now leave me!" Lauren demanded, pointing to the door. "Leave me!" She screeched again when her mother failed to move.

Laurens mother was never quick or clever or witty. Lauren was grateful she had a father with such intelligence to match her mothers beauty, evening out the offspring. And, Lauren thought, I'm lucky that father loves me more than he loves mother. There was a small part of Lauren that felt slight remorse for her mother, because her mother was aware that she came second best to Lauren. Lauren wouldn't be able to live with a husband who kept her second in line. She would fix it.

But then Lauren just noticed that coming second best is just where she is now. She is second best to the wretched Isabella Swan. If the Swan family had just stayed away then Lauren would be engaged to Jasper Whitlock, and actually, Lauren being Lauren, she would have probably insisted the wedding to be immediate. But she didn't need to think about this anymore, because she had someone visiting her very soon.

She wanted to use her to her advantage. She wanted to use the girl; she wanted to mould her malleable thoughts to her own favour. But most of all, she wanted to immediately become the newest member of the Whitlock family.

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