Chapter Four:

The Winged and the Secret

Don't you see what's so beautiful in the darkness? I was scared for awhile, but there's something so beautiful in it now. It reminds me of the nights when I was alive. When young boys thought I was the prettiest thing in the world and they all loved me, but oh, you will soon see what I mean.

The darkness is so beautiful that it almost makes me…

…want to cry.

When I sleep, I keep hearing the voices.

The voices of the dead, I guess.

The voices that are trapped in the crystals. It's mostly that woman's voice and she talks about her life and the beautiful places of Egypt with pretty golden jewels, but then she shows me scary things like the golden crown dripping with blood-the same color as my roses-and children screaming at the top of their lungs.

And I can't close my eyes to it.

Sometimes I see Hades walking in those weird dreams. He plucks the souls right out of the body without giving them a fighting chance. He'll look at me and smile. What happens to the souls?

Why is he so lonely?

I want to ask, but when I wake up I never see him and the voices won't stop.

"This is all your fault that we're stuck in this room!" Eros whined as he plopped himself on the cold floor and folded his arms over his chest with a pout on his lips. "If you hadn't been stupid and decided to explore his domain-which is pretty messed up when you think about it-he wouldn't have sent us to this tiny dark room!"

It was actually rather large compared to the small room my mother gave me back on the island when all I wanted to do was sleep with the flowers. It was filled with a kingsized bed with sheets hanging around the bed to make the bed private-this made me wonder if Hades and Leuke ever used this bed-with the room opened to let us play whatever game we wanted.

But after three days of being in here, we ran out of games.

"Quit whining," I told him, "it's not my fault. Aren't you curious about this place?"

"Uh, there's dead things here and spirits walk around here all the time-not to mention Hecate!"

Hecate was the witch of the night who hung around Hades like his second in command, but she sort of did all of his dirty work like giving us food and making sure we got a bath. She wasn't happy with her new position because she'd always glare and whisper spills under her breath that filled my hair with knots and made Eros fall on his face, which was pretty amusing, but mean and hateful.

"Well, don't forget that cutie pie-"

"Kerberos wanted to eat you!"

"He didn't."

"There's something wrong with you, you know that, right?" Eros asked as I sat down next to him.

"There's nothing wrong with me. You're the one who keeps telling me that."

Eros didn't say anything and we fell into a comfortable silence. He took a strand of my hair and pulled on it while I pinched him on the leg.

"When do you think your mother will come down and get you?" Eros asked as he threw a stone at the wall of our bedroom. Eros and I shared a bedroom and were locked in it together since my accidental adventure, Hades thought that I had gotten too close to whatever world he lived in. He must live very far away from the rest of us to look like that and feel that warm…

I blushed and shook my head.

"She'd never come down here. She hates death so much," I told him as I grabbed the small stone and threw it at the wall again. "She hates Hades so much. I'd always wondered why. Do you know?"

He snorted as wings spread out of his back. "Your mother hates all men. Mother says that she once fell in love with a god, but he never returned her feelings. Demeter fell into despair and…"

"Was it Zeus?"

Zeus being my father and all, that might explain it.

"I doubt it," Eros said as he grabbed the stone and threw it again at the wall. It made a sound that echoed around the room. "Mother says she slept with Zeus to get back at that man that didn't love her." My stomach churned as my muscles stiffened. "Kore, why do you look so green?"

What was it with adults and lying? Why did they always lie to me? Leuke lied to me and now my mother lied to me about my father and how I came into the world. My mother always told me that Zeus loved her and me, but she created the island for me to protect me from Hera…

Adults suck.

How do people become intimate with someone and not love them? Even Leuke said that love should be made when feelings are true and you care about someone, but how can you not love someone and have pleasure with them? It just doesn't make any sense to me.

"I miss the sun," I moaned as I stuffed my head in the folds of the dress. Eros gave me an awkward pat on the back. I peeked up at him before I asked, "Can you be intimate with someone if you don't love them?"

"Geeze Kore, a lot of the time it has nothing to do with love. It's all about lust." He told me with wide eyes. "What are you talking about?"

"Never mind," I told him as I tried not to think about a lot of things at the moment. I pushed them out and focused on Eros and the look on his face. He kept frowning at me like this all should've been real obvious. "You never fell in love?"

Eros choked on his laughter as I hit him in the shoulder.

"You're such a jerk," I whispered to him as Eros fell on his back in laughter with words like "love", "intimacy", and "sex" being spat out like it was part of some sick joke that I created, but the real sick joke is what he just told me about sex and love. Did love really not exist?

Leuke's face when she talked about Hades crept into my mind. I may still be bad at her for what she did and all the lies she told me about, but…but…it has to be real! That feeling of love! If I don't believe in that…I'll lose my mind! How can person not want to go insane if they don't believe in love?

Hades lived in a place filled with death and decay and he should be a god on the brink of madness, but with the love he receives from Leuke it must make him sane. It must keep the sanity. I tried to keep the tears in as I held onto my knees. I can't…I can't think of it!


Eros and I looked at one another for a moment as crashing sounds and a shriek.

"No way, how dare Lord Hades keep a children locked up in a room! Now get out of the way, Hecate!"

"And disappoint my lord? No! NO WAY! Now leave before I clip those tiny wings off your feet!"

"I see your Hades little lapdog still, and he still doesn't notice you, does he? How sad and patheti-EEEK!"

"I warned you, pipsqueak!"

Eros jumped up to his feet and started pounding on the door. "Hermes, we're in here! IN HERE!"

I got onto my feet and grabbed him by the waist before yanking him away. "No! He can't find us! I don't want to see my mom yet!"

He looked over his shoulder to glare at me. "Oh grow up already, I want to go home already!"

"I grow up? You're mom will probably congratulate you on seducing a prince! You're not the one who's going to be sent away from the rest of the world for the rest of her life!" I hissed as I held him away from the door. "You're the one who wanted to leave for Egypt in the first place! I am not going down alone!"

"You evil witch!"

Eros yanked away from me and pushed me onto the floor as he tried to hit me, but I used my powers to catch his fists midair as he sat on my hips to attack me. I wanted to hit him for all the stupid stuff that he dragged me into and all the stupid things he said about love when he didn't know any more about love and sex than I did, but he always acted like he knew everything. I wanted to scream and hit him with all of my might. A might of a goddess that everyone kept telling me I was, but they kept treating me like a kid.

Stupid jerk!

I wanted to cry I was so angry, but that was weakness.

I pulled on his hair.


We both stopped at the booming voice and got away from one another. The door opened and I expected to see Hades, but a pretty thin man came into the room with long blonde hair that went to his ankles. He smiled at me and I felt the sudden urge to run into his arms and hold him tightly, but once he saw me get up he held out his hand to stop me.

"Oh sweet dark one," he told me as Eros snorted, "I am Thanatos."

Eros paled a little as I looked at him and raised an eye brow. Eros audibly swallowed before he said, "He is death. If you touch him, he'll take away your immortality and make you human. If you touch him twice you're dead."

I looked back at Thanatos. "You must be so lonely."

The god jerked back as Eros screamed, "Lonely? Seriously, that's what you think of? He can freaking kill us! What the heck is wrong with you?"

I stuck my tongue out at him. "Maybe you shouldn't be so self centered and then you'd figure out why I'm so…odd."

"Lord Hades wanted me to check on you," Thanatos told us. "How did you get that cut on your cheek, young lord?"

Eros touched his cheek to find blood before he glared at me and said, "It was her and her damn thorns!"

"You tried to hit me!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

Thanatos blinked a few times and sighed. "Oh, what it must be like to be such an innocent child-WHAAT!"

Thanatos fell face first into the floor when a white blur slammed through the magic wall that kept us in and blocked the view of outside the room. Hermes wasn't much taller than Eros with a sweet heart-shaped face…it was the sort of face that Apollo adored because Apollo, for some reasons that even Leuke never told me about, had a thing for pretty boys. He had pretty brown hair and pale eyes as he made sure to not touch Thanatos as he stepped over him and walked into the room, but then Hecate stomped into the room and grabbed him by the back of his shirt before throwing him behind her like he weighed nothing.

Hecate scared me because of her powers, but she stood taller than most women I've met and looked taller than some men. She had pretty curly black hair that seemed to jump a little whenever she moved. She looked around the room with these dark brown eyes and tanned skin that made me wonder how she got it since she lived mostly in the underworld and she only went into the mortal world when the night fell. She stood at Hades's height with muscles wrapping around her arms and legs as she sighed and picked up the rock that we'd been using as a toy and threw it at Thanatos's head.

Eros and I jumped a little. It could be just me, but isn't it a bad idea to throw stones at death itself?

The silver-haired god groaned and got up slowly as he rubbed his head. "Oh Hecate, I'm guessing that you threw Hermes out?"

"I swear," she hissed as she threw a strand of her black hair behind her shoulder, "I'm going to throw that twerp into Kerberos's food bowl." She glared at me as if I did something. "And what's little miss doing up? Maybe you should let her sleep, Thanatos."

Eros jumped, but I glared at her.

"Thanatos is too kind to do that," I stated as Hecate narrowed her eyes at him. "That's why he has the power of death because you'd clearly abuse it."

"Why, you little-"

"Don't be cruel." Thanatos warned as I heard heavy footsteps coming. I looked over Hecate's shoulder to see Hades coming and he didn't look happy. He had a deep frown etched into his perfect features as he dragged a very beaten up Hermes. A tiny girl followed close behind him. She was even shorter than I was with golden blonde hair that fell in a arrangement of curls and blue eyes. She had golden wings sprouting from her back and she wore a pretty white dress that I saw Egyptian women wear with a lion's tail twitching from side to side. Hecate analyzed the bruises on Hermes like mother analyzed the harvest of that month and I didn't like it when someone looked a person like that.

Hecate bowed, but glared at the blonde girl. "My lord."

"Hermes seems to think I've kidnapped Kore and Eros," Hades stated, "and Demeter is throwing a fit about it. Nyx forgot to tell her that I had her daughter." I noticed that Aphrodite wasn't mentioned. "I'm going to have to talk to Demeter."

Hecate made a gagging noise.

"Everyone leave," Hades demanded as Sphinx obediently turned around and left, realizing that she walked barefoot like me and made me instantly like her. Eros tried to walk out, but Hades grabbed him by his wings and the wall appeared as Eros cursed out and tried to wiggle out of his grip. He let him go and Eros nearly ran into the wall before he spun around and glared at Hades. Hades leaned down to my level and picked me up like I was a baby before he placed me on the bed. "Little one, the trouble you cause me." Hades said as he pressed his forehead against mine.

I felt my cheeks get warm and realized that Leuke probably only got this close to him. "Hades, sorry about my mother."

"Don't apologize about her. Your mother is always like this." Hades said as he pulled away from me. "You feel a little warm though. How are you feeling?"

"Dizzy," I admitted, "my heart feels like it might come out of my chest. I don't know why though."

Hades sighed as he touched the bridge of his nose. "You've been away from the sun so long. I'll take you back home tomorrow." He looked over his shoulder to see Eros glaring at him. "Eros, your mother says that she's proud of you for…I think her words were for, 'deflowering the flower'. "

I paled a little as Eros choked on his laughter. Actually, he fell not his butt and started rolling on the ground as he said something that sounded like, "…Right…like I'd ever sleep with her!…Too skinny….I like women with a chest…!"

"Oh no," I groaned as I put my face in my hands. I looked up again to glare at Eros. "STOP LAUGHING!"

Hades gave out a chuckle as I glared at him. He tapped me on the nose. "I think you two need to relax. You've had a very loud day, now go get some sleep so your mother doesn't declare that I'm abusing you two."

I crawled under the blankets while Eros got into bed and kept giggling. I threw my pillow at him and he tried to throw it back, but stopped when he saw a tiny vine poke out of the wall. He didn't know that the tiny vine couldn't do much seeing as how I was getting weaker and weaker…

Was I withering like a flower?

I gulped.

Eros rolled over in bed.

I stuffed my head under a pillow and tried to sleep.


Stop talking!

Stop! Stop!

I shot up in bed to see the darkness surround me, the oil lights going out a long time ago. Turning to look at Eros, I found him still snoring and guessed that his snoring was what woke me up. I felt sweat drip down my face as I tried to control my heart beat. I wanted Leuke to walk through and pick me up and tell me how everything was okay and that nothing could ever hurt me.

I can't stand these nightmares. I can't stand the voices.

"Oh poor girl, listening to the dead is never very pleasant, is it?" I saw a figure move, but he didn't look like a god and the figure didn't stand nearly as tall as Eros. The figure bowed at me before it said, "Hello, the fair Kore, the dark little flower."

I looked up at him. "W-Who are you?" Don't tell me I'm having another bad dream.

"Don't worry, little dark child, I am Daimon and I work for Hades."

I jumped a little.

Daimon meant demon.

"How come I've never heard of you?" I asked him as he held out his hand for me to take. I stepped on the cold floor without Eros even twitching.

"I do all the dirty things that Hades doesn't want to know too many details about," he stated as I took his hand. "Do you want to come with me to see more of this world? I am here to entertain guests."

I nodded. "Shouldn't I get Eros?"

"He looks like he could sleep with the dead, don't you think?" He asked me as I looked at Eros to agree with him. Eros was always so cranky if he woke up too early, so it'd be stupid to wake him up. Daimon felt warm as we walked through the wall that kept us in and into the darkness of Hades's domain.

We followed the walkway until we reached a large river that made loud rushing sound like we were near a waterfall and realized that we were at the river of Styx. I looked up at him and asked, "Why are we here?"

He pointed to across the river.

"Leuke!" I whispered as I recognized the figure even with the distance.

He put a hand over my mouth as he leaned down to whisper, "Shh, be quiet, little one."

"Leuke, you can't be down here!" Hades whispered, but I could see Leuke get engulfed in the dark folds of his clothing and hair in an embrace. "It's too dangerous for you, you can only be without the sun for so long."

"I wanted to see you and…I wanted to see Kore. Is she still mad at me?" She asked as I felt tears burn my eyes.

"Just talk to her." Hades said, "She's a little girl and she loves you, but she's under a lot of stress from her mother." Hades stiffened as I saw Leuke's body move closer to him. "Does Demeter know…?"

"No," she told him as she began playing with his hair. "Hades, we shouldn't be afraid anymore."

"I'm not, but…" Hades looked around. "Demeter…"

"Hades," she grabbed his hand and took a step back from him before she placed his hand on her stomach, "I'm pregnant."

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