The Forbidden Fruit Series

By TwilightPrinc3ss666

Summery: The Forbidden Fruit always tastes the sweetest.

Note: This series was inspired by BlackButterfly-RedRose's The Forbidden Fruit: The Raven and The Blossom. It will be centered around Sakura, but the one shots will have different pairings each chapter. If you would like a specific pairing, please tell me in your review. Thank you.

-Warning for this chapter: This chapter contains language not suitable for children.

OneShot #1

The Forbidden Fruit: The Immortal and The Mortal.

Blinding white walls surrounded the absent minded nurse. So many things to think about, so many things to do. So she decided not to. Not to think. Not to do. Just be focused on her job. Only her job. And right now, her job was to sew back together the former Akatsuki Immortal known as Hidan. Hidan had been dug up from the Nara courtyard a week ago, and Ibiki was doing his best to torture the bodyless man. But, seeing as he enjoyed it, they wanted to try a different method.

Sakura's job was not only to sew the man back together, but to watch him constantly.

"Could you hurry the fuck up? I swear to Jashin-samma, your slower than that fucking faggot Kakuzu. And he was fucking slow!" Sakura raised an eyebrow, but her toungue was failing her at the moment.

Slowly she sewn on his head to his torso, then the arms, pelvis, legs and feet. She provided clothes as soon as she was finished. He stood up from the bed, stretching his muscles and smoothing out his silver hair. His violet eyes met her own lifeless green.

"What the fuck is wrong with you bitch? You look like a damn zombie." Once again Sakura didn't speak.

"The Rukudaime will see you now." she told him softly, opening the door to let the Hokage in. The blond boy walked in with his new style of Hokage robes, curtesy of Hinata. It was orange with black flames on it, like his fathers, but with his own taste.

"You may leave us, Haruno-san." he told her. His curealen eyes scanned her own, a slight frown on his face. Sakura nodded, and left them, closing the door with a soft click.

Hidan was the first to speak. "What the fucking hell is wrong with that bitch? Stupid cunt acts like a fucking zombie." Naruto seemed unfazed by the immortals words.

"She has been through a lot. She some how locked her personality inside of her mind, causing her to lose it in the process. Now, where is the Akatsuki base located?"

"Fucking hell, is that what you are trying to do? Damn, which fucking one? We have one in every fucking country." Hidan explained. Naruto's eyes widened slightly.

"Shit, Im not telling you anything ass-hole. Fucking Akatsuki would dismember me again and fucking throw me in a hole I can't get out of."

"Konoha can offer you protection." Naruto offered.

At that, Hidan just laughed. "Do you honestly think your pathetic little fucking village can defeat the Akatsuki? Seriously, I may hate the fucking moron but that Ass-hole has the most powerful fucking kekkei genkai I've ever seen. Seriously."

Naruto sighed. "Since you are being so helpful, Sakura will be watching over you for the next few weeks until we decide what to do with you."

"Fucking hell, seriously? That fucking cunt needs to get fucking laid or some shit, hell, she's fucking hot. Can I do the honors?" Hidan asked, laughing his ass off.

Naruto grabbed his neck, and pushed him up against the wall, the Rasengan in his hand. "Don't you ever touch Sakura-chan, you hear me? I will fucking murder your ass."

"Relax, seriously. Besides moron, I'm immortal. I can't die thanks to Jashin-samma."

Naruto ignored him as he sent Sakura in. She glanced at Hidan before giving Naruto a questioning gaze. He explained to her that she would be watching him for the next few weeks, and would have them off from the hospital. She didn't seem to happy, being a medic was her life's work. Even so, she nodded before leading Hidan to the apartment she lived in.

"Stupid cunt, hello? Can you fucking here me!"

Sakura ignored him.

"Stupid bitch ass whore! Can't you fucking understand english?"

She clenched her fist, still ignoring him.

"Seriously, you fucking dumbass bitch! Where the hell are we going?"

Still ignoring.

"Jashin fucking samma! Out of all the hot ass bitches, I had to get the fucking who-"

Sakura turned around sharply.

"Listen you fucking moron! Stop calling me a whore, stop calling me a cunt, and just shut the fuck up before I send your dumb fucking ass back to the hole you came from!" Sakura screeched, before stomping off. Hidan had to run to catch up to her.

"Did you just fucking curse at me?"

"What, you gotta problem with that too?"

"Seriously, I think I'm in fucking love."

He must be crazy.


And the end. Well, I hoped you enjoyed that.