Akira couldn't believe the words that came out of the strange guy's mouth

Akira couldn't believe the words that came out of the strange guy's mouth.

'What?? What the hell's going on? Who was this guy?' Akira thought as he tried to snatch his arms away from his grip. As he thought about the past few weeks, he's always felt that he wasn't alone. He couldn't help the feeling that someone or something was watching him constantly.

"Like I said, the only thing I've ever wanted was you. And now I'll get to have you for as long as I want," Shirogane said as he gazed at the teen's deep brown eyes full of confusion. Akira couldn't help but stare at Shirogane's crystal blue eyes that expressed a desire he's never seen before. Not even from Kengo.

"Wow. He's so beautiful,' Akira thought as he tried to hide his blushing face. Akira's thoughts were interrupted as Shirogane forcefully kissed him on his tempting lips. Akira's eyes couldn't get any wider as he felt Shirogane's grip loosen on his wrists and his hands wrapped around Akira's small waist. As scared and confused as Akira was, he didn't want to pull back as his tongue glided oven Shirogane's bottom lip. As Shirogane opened his mouth, their tongues battled for dominance until Akira won. Shirogane pulled back as he pulled Akira's arm to go upstairs to his room. Akira didn't put up much of a fight so he slowly followed behind. They both entered the bedroom and Shirogane pushed the boy onto the bed which kind of shocked Akira as he was pinned down to the bed.

"You have no idea how cute you are when you're surprised like this," Shirogane said as he started to nibble and suck on Akira's neck. Akira tried to hold back, but couldn't help the moans that came from his lips. Shirogane smiled against his neck and he slowly slipped Akira's shirt off revealing his well-toned body. In a flash, Shirogane was down to his underwear showing off his pale and muscular chest. He went back down to Akira's bare chest as flicked his tongue against his nipple. Akira could feel the tingling sensation race through his whole body, including to his "lower region". Shirogane could feel Akira getting hard and his tongue trailed down to his navel. He soon started to undo Akira's pants and slipped the underwear off with Akira's erection high in the air.

"Now let's see what you really taste like," Shirogane said with a smile. Shirogane licked at the head as he engulfed the piece of flesh. Akira moaned at the touch of Shirogane's tongue against his member.

"Ahhh…more…I want more," Akira breathed out as sweat formed over his chest. Shirogane sucked and licked on every inch of the boy's length.

'He's not making the same sounds he did with Kengo. They're more…erotic than before,' Shirogane thought as he held down Akira's hips so he wouldn't buck so much. Akira could feel himself arch his back as grabbed onto Shirogane's long and silver locks of hair. Shirogane's pace moved quicker as he snuck his index finger in Akira's entrance. Akira moaned and groaned as he felt his throbbing member releases his pre-cum little by little. Akira gripped the sheets as Shirogane inserted another finger into him. Shirogane could feel Akira reaching his climax as he licked at the hole his pre-cum was leaking out.

'Yes…cum for me this time. Cum for me,' Shirogane thought as he heard Akira scream out before he exploded. His seed shot out everywhere aiming at Shirogane as he opened his mouth swallowing every bit that came out. With sweat glistening on his body and barely any air in his lungs, Akira's limp body collapsed onto the bed as his back started to ache a little. Shirogane flipped Akira on his stomach as he relaxed on top of his lover's back.

"I especially love those sounds you make when you're coming to your climax. I would love to hear it again if that's what you want," Shirogane whispered in Akira's ear. Akira couldn't say anything, but looked up and nodded at the request. Shirogane lifted himself up and lifted Akira on his hands and knees as he slipped his underwear off and threw it in a corner of the room. Shirogane kissed along Akira's back lower and lower until he reached to his opening.

"Are you ready, Akira," Shirogane asked.

"Just do it already. I…I want it," Akira pleaded as he started to grip the sheets again. Shirogane pushed his erect member in the teenager's moist cavern and heard Akira gasp. Akira didn't know the size of the white-haired man's length and it surprised him at how long and thick it was. Shirogane started at a slow pace as he pushed all of himself into the quivering body of his lover. Akira practically screamed his heart out and felt his own member getting hard again. Shirogane also felt the boy's length growing so he decided to tend to it…immediately. Shirogane reached around and began to pump at Akira's member at the same pace.

"So warm…so tight. Akira, cum for me. Say my name," Shirogane breathed out as he went faster and faster with every pump of his wrist.

"Ahhh…Shiro…Shirogane!!" Akira screamed as he felt his arms grow weak with every thrust. Shirogane gave one final push as they both came at the same time.

'Just like that night…in the closet,' Shirogane thought as he collapsed on top of Akira. His seed sprayed out enough that it began to ooze from Akira as he pulled out of the exhausted teen. Shirogane rolled to the other side of the bed as he gazed at Akira's tired, yet satisfied, brown eyes.

"I've always loved you Akira Nikaido. And I always will." Shirogane whispered as he cuddled closer to Akira.

"I…I love you, Shirogane," Akira said hugging against the pale body he laid on.

"You know…I should tell you the REAL reason I came. Not only is it because I love you, but because the human world is slowly being invaded by darkness form the Shadow World." Shirogane said in a serious tone.

"Invaded by darkness? What do you mean?"

"The human world is in danger. It's up to you and me to restore balance between our two worlds." Shirogane said as he pulled the covers over both of them. "But in the meantime, let's get some sleep. I'll explain it all tomorrow. Goodnight Akira."

"Goodnight Shirogane," Akira whispered as they both dozed off to sleep.