(1) A half-silent day

"Ulquiorra Schiffer. The former Cuarta Espada" she muttered, as she was walking towards the captives' cells, reading a file.

The Winter War was over, and in the end, Soul Society won. The arrancar who survived, were executed immediately at the end of the war, but Soul Society kept the few remained Espada - and their fracción - as captives, in order to decide about their future later. Captain Kurotsuchi made special bracelets, which had the ability to weaken them. The after-war realignments, and the recruiting engaged the leaders of the squads, that's how Miyake Reiko, 3rd seat of the 10th Division ended up as the caretaker of Ulquiorra Schiffer. Her duty was to make the former Espada speak, and - if it's even possible - try to turn him into an ally.

The more she was absorbed in the file, the more she slowly forgot about her surroundings, and she successfully bumped into Captain Ukitake.

"I am so sorry, captain, I was inattentive." she gabbled off her apology, watching the wooden floor.

Ukitake - being as nice as he is - smiled at the girl kindly. "No problem, Miyake." he said calmly. "Do you know, where's Captain Hitsugaya?"

The girl's dark red eyes widened, as she looked at the captain with a scared look on her face. "I think, he's in his office as always." she said. 'I hope you don't want to give him sweets again.' she added to herself.

The captain nodded, and started to walk towards the 10th Division's office. Rei sighed, shooking her head slightly. After a few minutes of walking, she arrived to the cells, where the guard let her in quickly and showed her where she had to go. Grimmjow, Ulquiorra and Stark were the only ones who were still alive from the Espada, and there were a few fracción as well, so now Soul Society had to take care of them. Nel was the exception, because she stood by Ichigo's side from the starts, and thanks to Orihime, she was the same again. Rei took a deep breath, before she entered the room.

Across from the door there was a large, cherry tree desk, so the appointed shinigami could do her/his paperwork, if it was needed. 'Great, Matsumoto will hide her paperwork here from now on.' she thought bitterly, and walked to the cell. "You're Ulquiorra Schiffer, right?" she asked the man who stood by the bars and he nodded in response. "My name is Miyake Reiko, and I'll see after you from now."

In Ulquiorra's head things were getting a little bit confused. "You?" he asked a few minutes later in an emotionless tone.

"Yes." Rei replied shortly after she'd sat down behind her desk, and started to do her paperwork.

The former Cuarta Espada silently watched the female shinigami who had dark red eyes, with long, greyish black hair, tiny nose and creamy skin. She was pretty, at least other men probably thought that about her. He wasn't used to think about anyone that way, and he wasn't planning to do it anytime soon, since she was trash like everyone else in Soul Society. Even the other arrancar were trash.

Seconds. Minutes. Hours. All of them passed in complete silence, neither of them spoke. Rei looked up. She expected the former Espada to be walking back and forth in his little cell, but instead he sat on a chair in the middle of the place and watched the wall. Sitting on the chair this calmly, he didn't seem as dangerous as everyone'd told her before she came here. She'd thought Ulquiorra was similar to Grimmjow who she'd met before, but she'd been wrong. The former Espada was calm, quiet and he didn't want to manipulate her, in other words, he was the perfect prisoner.

Rei heard a loud knock on the door. "Come in," she said.

A woman showed up with long, strawberry-blonde hair, blue eyes and large breasts. Yes, she was definitely Matsumoto Rangiku. "Hello," she said in a sing-song tone. "What are you doing?" she asked with a huge smile, sitting on the edge of the table.

"I'm working. You know, paperwork and other stuffs." Rei replied sarcastically. The lieutenant knew what Rei meant by her sentence, but she didn't feel like working, so she looked at the arrancar for a moment, then turned back to the other shinigami with a questioning look. Rei sighed heavily. "I have to look after him for a while." she replied, leaning back in her chair.

"I know." she whispered. "But has he done or said anything interesting?" The 3rd seat officer looked at her incredulously. "Come on, Rei. You know I love gossips."

"Of course you do." Rei said, shaking her head slowly. "No, he hasn't done anything yet." she continued, emphasizing the word 'anything'. "Anyway, Captain Ukitake was looking for Captain Hitsugaya. Has he found him?"

Rangiku shrugged. "I don't know. Actually I left the office three hours ago." she said. Rei lifted an eyebrow. "Lunch." she added. "And the taichou was also mad at me for some reason." The other shinigami gave her a look. "Okay, maybe I pissed him off."

"You should go back to work." she suggested. "Maybe he won't be angry if you finish your paperwork instead of hiding it for once."

"You're a workaholic, just like Captain Hitsugaya." She obviously wasn't happy about the fact that one of her friends tried to get rid of her. But Rei was right, and she knew that, too. "Alright, I'll do it." she said.

Reiko nodded, and waved goodbye to Matsumoto. After she left, the room was silent again. 'Sweet silence,' she thought happily, and turned her attention back to the paperwork. After about half an hour, it was already time for her to go. Time flew by fast, and she hadn't heard the prisoner since she'd arrived. 'Strange,' she thought. Glancing towards the cell, she saw the arrancar sitting on the chair in the same position she'd seen him a couple of hours before. 'Even stranger.' She put the files away, stood up and walked to the cell. "I'm leaving," she stated. Ulquiorra looked at her, but remained silent. "Alright, so you won't talk. I'll come back tomorrow. Until then, someone will check if you're here and okay every once in a while." The former Espada nodded silently. Reiko shook her head resignedly, and left the office.

'Maybe he'll speak tomorrow.'

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