(19) Guilty Pleasure

Ulquiorra was sitting on a roof, reading a thick book silently. Sometimes a small smile appeared on his lips and some other times he simply frowned. The story was gripping and he just couldn't put down the book - and it was already the fourth volume. But he had a lot of free time since Rei was on a mission in the Human World and he found his books more interesting than anything else.

'What the hell is so good about this book?' the voice in his head asked in an annoyed tone.

'There are plenty of reasons; for example you don't have to think too much while you're reading it. And it's quite entertaining and exciting as well,' he replied calmly as he turned a page.

'Hn,' was all he heard and the voice fell silent.

'Holding the last task in a maze was a genius idea,' he thought as he tried to imagine the scene. It was already dark and the stars shone brightly in the sky. Tall, dark green bushes edged the route which seemed to have no end.

'Geez, I'm not interested in the story.'

'I don't care about that.'

'You should.'

'You know… I'm trying to read here and I don't want to hear you whining, so would you shut up, please?'

'Would you shut up, please?' the voice repeated the end of the sentence mockingly. 'If you want me to shut up, don't say please next time. You're way too polite sometimes.'

Ulquiorra sighed as he closed the book. 'In some cultures being polite is absolutely normal.'

'You were the Cuarta Espada. You just can't act like that.'

'I'm basically a polite person - and I couldn't change that even if I was an Espada member.'

The voice didn't say anything, he was probably thinking of a retort. Just when poor Ulquiorra continued reading his book, he heard a very familiar voice. "What are you reading?"

"A book," was all he said at first before looking up at the shinigami. Ichigo stood in front of him, arms crossed over his chest as he looked down at Ulquiorra with a raised eyebrow. "What do you want?"

"Are you…" he started hesitantly as the questioning look transformed into a horrified one. "Are you seriously reading HARRY POTTER?" he asked, literally yelling at him as if he did something bad.

The former Espada member let out a tired sigh and turned his attention back to his book. 'Why does he have to exaggerate such a simple thing?' he asked himself.

'I've already told you. This book is ridiculous - and evil.'

'Oh, shut up!'

Author's note: Oh, well. I was bored - a long time ago. The thing is, I've been working on my original ideas, leaving my fanfictions behind, and now I feel kinda bad for that. I found this shortie in one of the folders as well as my old plans. Maybe I'll go on with the story, but I seriously don't know what will happen. (Internship basically means I have no free time at all.)

But, like I said, I have ideas, like Ulquiorra defending Rei... (Spoilers :)