Chapter 49

His smile grew into a toothy grin at her words mirroring her own, but her smile froze when he took a small step forward and closed the already small gap between them.

She held her breath expectantly when his hand brushed her forearm. It shyly glided up and down and her skin quickly prickled under the gentle touch.

When she looked up at him she found that the childlike smirk was gone and his now sober expression accentuated the chiselled contours of his face as he stared intensely at her lips.

Her heart began drumming erratically under his scrutiny.

In the middle of his daze his sensitive hearing picked up on the suddenly uneven rhythm snapping him back to reality.

They were in her dorm room, having been recently interrupted by her roommate who could come back at any minute, even though he didn't think that was very likely, considering the murderous look Lois had thrown her and the way the poor girl had scurried off. Still...

Her heart sank when he stepped away from her.

'You have a lot to do. I better-' His words were swallowed up by her mouth as she abruptly gripped the lapels of his red jacket and assaulted his lips.

His body instantly reacted to her actions and his arms desperately wrapped around her form, bringing her flush against him. In his eagerness to have her closer he lost his footing for a moment and tumbled forward, inadvertently slamming her against the nearby wall that prevented their fall.

He broke the kiss to gasp out concerned.

'Are you ok?'

She nodded vehemently and her mouth quickly returned to his, her restless fingers crawling up his chest to clasp the back of his neck and pull him in.

Even though every cell in his body begged him not to stop, the sane part of his brain annoyingly insisted on reminding him of their precarious situation.

'Lois...' He forced himself to tear his lips way from her and she trailed open-mouth kisses along his jaw line.

His eyes rolled back, his hand leaning on the wall over her shoulder for support as his knees weakened under her ministrations. The feel of her tongue on his neck was...

'...maybe we shouldn't...' He gulped dryly.

Talking while her teeth were nibbling on his earlobe was turning out to be nearly impossible. He added a second hand on the concrete for much needed balance.

'...your roommate could... ah...' He let out a harsh pant when she gruffly pushed him off of her.

Caught off guard, he stumbled backwards, toppling over the edge of her bed and he suddenly found himself laying flat on his back with a hungry Lois straddling him.

Her hair was wild and dishevelled, flowing around her to frame her flushed face. Her lips curled lasciviously for a lopsided smirk that gave her eyes a fiercely predatory glow.

He swallowed again, looking meekly up at her as the heat built up in his gut.

'Lois?' He gulped a second before she pounced on him.

Her tongue slipped between his parted lips without permission while her hands impatiently roamed over his clothes, tugging at them, until his shirt was twisted out of his jeans. The palm of her hand slipped under the fabric to stroke his abdomen and he threw caution to the wind.

How did anyone expect him to be able to resist when she was grinding against his crotch like that?

Finally free to act on primal impulse, his hands gripped her ass and desperately pulled her into him.

He felt a hint of embarrassment when she giggled into his mouth.

'What?' He demanded with a pout.

She beamed.

'You're so easy, Smallville.' She mocked defiantly arching a perfectly shaped eyebrow at him.

He scowled, but before he could word out his indignation a devious hand sneaked between his legs and cupped him forcefully through the denim, eliciting a shocked growl from him instead.

He was reduced to a moaning mess, lying there as she looked smugly down on him while her fingers worked their magic on him.

'Evil...' Was all his muddled brain could come up with.

Her victorious chuckle was suddenly cut short when, somehow, he managed to snatch her wrist into his hand and flip them over in a blink of an eye.

Her eyes widened in surprise to find her shirt was ripped open and his tongue was now keenly lapping at her exposed belly.

'Hey! Not fair to use super powers!' She protested with a frown.

'Are you sure you about that?'

It was her turn to swallow dryly as his mouth made its way further south and she felt the fastening of her pants give away under his fingers.

She wordlessly watched her jeans being effortlessly dragged down her legs and his head gradually disappear between her thighs.

The feel of his tongue slipping past the waistband of her underwear caused her to jerk a bit and she sucked her lower lip into her mouth as he continued to venture lower and lower and...

'Oh, god!' She panted, fisting her hand into her pillow at the unexpected gush of cold air brushing against her centre.

She forced her heavy lids to open - her once pretty silk panties were now reduced to a flimsy rag discarded to the floor of her door room.

'How did he?' Her inquiring mind nagged.

'Hey! Those were my favour- Jesus!'

Her hips jolted off the mattress when his tongue flickered over her clit.

He halted immediately, his eyes watching her intensely.

Had he done something wrong?

His pulse raced anxiously. He'd imagined and pictured all the things he could do to her hundreds of times over the course of the last two weeks and if he was honest, maybe before that even. He'd been dreaming about this for a long time and he couldn't wait to see what it would feel like, what it would taste like, but the truth was that when it came to oral sex his experience was... zero.

He was unsure of himself and definitely nervous.

After a few seconds, she furrowed her brown.

Why had he stopped?

With a pout, she craned her neck to see him staring back at her. Her stomach did a gripping flip-flop at the sight of his head popping up from between her parted legs. It was quite a sight! She should really feel some sort of self-consciousness over their provocative position and not be grasping the sheets in order to keep it from shoving his face against her.

Shaking herself out of her momentary mind-wandering, she managed to speak:

'What's wrong?'

Redness flooded his cheeks as he stuttered awkwardly:

'Di-Did I do something wrong?'

Her eyebrows shot up high on her forehead.


'You jumped when I...' He trailed off.

She looked at him confused and he was forced to elaborate:

'I thought you didn't-'

'I do!'

'Too eager!' Her brain scolded, but was relieved when she saw the muscles in his face relax.

'Oh... so the jump...?'

'Good jump.' Her fuzzy mind supplied ineptly.


Was that a grin he was sporting? And there was the embarrassment, she'd been chastising herself for not having, constricting her chest. It didn't last long, though, as his lips brushed against her inner thigh, his eyes still fixed on her.

She tried to hold his gaze, honestly, she did, but when his tongue traced the contours of her outer lips she couldn't help letting her head fall back on the pillow.

Her eyes closed under the burden of her lids, her neck and back arching off the mattress to bring her hips closer to his mouth.

Encouraged by her mewls he ventured further, licking and sucking at her until her nails were digging into the cotton fabric of her sheets. They scrambled and tugged at it mindlessly when she felt a finger push inside her.

He began moving it in and out all the while lapping at her clit. Lost in the overwhelming feeling, her hand abandoned the tortured bedding to delve into his hair urging him on and he groaned against her.

A second finger was added and she bit down on her lip, trying to suppress the pathetic noises that kept coming out of her. Within a few minutes the sounds were replaced by a powerful scream as she orgasmed.

He watched in awe as her face contorted in pleasure, her mouth gaping open to draw ragged pants into her lungs.

Chapter 50

His eyes were large and glassy as he watched her settle down. Her eyes were still closed and her mouth was partially open. Silently, he crawled up her body, nestling between her legs.

He smiled against her throat and nuzzled into the crook of her neck when he heard a content purring sound coming from her.

His lips brush casually over her skin at first and gradually began kissing it, eliciting a delicious string of moan and sighs.

Her tired and numb fingers slipped between their bodies and proceeded to unbutton his shirt.

Sluggishly, she trailed the fabric over his shoulders, effectively discarding his clothing to the floor.

Her hands continued their journey south, reaching the fastening of his jeans. She had to repress the urge to just rip them off when his tongue started lapping at her earlobe. Taking a deep breath, she conjured all her willpower and, eventually, she was able to rid him off the rest of his clothes.

He let out a hoarse hiss when he lowered his hips and felt her wetness trickling over his cock.

A powerful wave of lust slammed into her and she closed her eyes tightly, in a faint attempt to control it.

When she opened them she was shocked to find that, somehow, she had flipped them over and she was now lying on top of a wide eyed Clark.

She followed his gaze to realise that she had also managed to free herself of her bra and he was currently staring at her naked breasts.

Swallowing dryly, she coaxed her body to calm down and resisted the temptation to just bury him inside her and just ride him hard.

Instead, she slithered over him, gliding her hips back and forth, rubbing up against him.

She watched his Adam's apple bob up and down a couple of times, his jaw muscles contracting vigorously while his hands grasped her hips tightly.

It was clear that what she was doing to him was torture and a rush of power and desire coursed through her.

'Lois...' His voice was raw and raspy as he begged. '...please...'

As a response she leaned down and gave him a single, chaste peck on his lips. His mouth desperately followed her when she pulled away.

She continued to grind calmly against him and in his frustrating his grip on her tightened.

His eyebrows came pitifully together over the bridge of his nose, imploring her to put an end to his misery but she just smirk at him mercilessly and he let his head drop back to the pillow with a dull thud.

She was killing him.

Her pelvis shifted again and this time he was almost able to slide inside her, but in the last instance she cruelly changed the angle and his hard cock simply slipped past its target.

'Oh, god... please... Lois... I need...' He was babbling like a fool, his now clammy fingers frantically clawing at her skin.

She loomed over him, letting her pebbled nipples graze over his chest, her hair cascading over one shoulder to teasingly brush against his skin as she whispered mischievously:

'What do you need?'

His cheeks flamed red in a fusion of embarrassment and yearning when he replied incoherently:

'Inside you...'

She popped an evil eyebrow at him:

'What's that?'

He gasped a few times, pulling much needed oxygen into his lungs as he tried to organise a lucid sentence.

God, it was hard to think when she kept moved up and down, her heat eluding him every single time!

'I need...' pant 'I need... ' He gritted his teeth before being able to word out in on single breath: '... to-be-inside-you.'

He sighed in relief when his muddled brain registered her 'ok'.

But he frowned a little when, instead of what he was expecting, her hand wrapped around his and guided his index finger to her mouth.

His hips jerked automatically upwards at the same time as he grunted out a strangled: 'Jesus!' when she began sucking at it.

He stared with glazed eyes as his finger disappeared between her lips, resurfacing for a moment only to be sucked into her scalding mouth once again.

It felt amazing, but it wasn't enough, never enough...

'Ah! God!'

He was losing it!

And then she stopped. He opened his eyes and she was pouting.

'Don't you like it?'

'Huh? What? NO! I love it but...'

She shoved her hips a little more forcefully and his jolted in reply.

'Oh, god, Lois! Tha-that's... not what I meant.'

She was smirking again. That little vixen!

'What did you mean?'

Was she really going to make him say it?

'What did you mean, Clark?' She repeated with false naivety.

She was enjoying this too much but he didn't care, all he could think about was the short inch that was separating him from her opening.

Purging himself of his last ounce of pride and bashfulness he groaned:

'I want to be inside you...' His shy brain provided him with the perfect evasive words. ' ...down there.'

His gaze dropped pointedly to his crotch, but he was still able to catch her impish smile.

He remained perfectly still and waited for her reaction.

It was time to put him out of his misery, plus she was pretty sure she couldn't take another second of this either.

Locking her stare with his she shifted her pelvis, aligning their bodies before letting her hips fall. After an initial resistance he finally pushed inside her and in one fluid motion he was buried to the hilt in her wet and tight channel. Their combined groans filled the room.

Her hands settled over his stomach; after a beat, she began moving and his eyes rolled back in pleasure, his neck arched emphasizing the thick cords in his neck.

It took all of her self-control to keep the pace slow and torturous, especially with him desperately trying to shove his hips up into her every time she would skin down on him.

He blindly lolled his head left and right on the pillow. The way she was stirring combined with how tight and slippery she was getting, he was able to feel every bump, every crevice in her and it was...

'Oh god, Lois...' He kept mumbling over and over again.

He couldn't take it anymore, but he had to. He wanted this too. Every time they were together their actions were driven by a raw and primal wanting that eventually translated into to urgent, passionate and frenzied thrusting and grinding. For once, he wanted it to be slow and loving.

He needed to do something! In their current position, even though Lois was on top guiding their movements, he still had too much leverage. It would be so easy to just grab her thighs and begin frantically slamming into her. Maybe if he...

Making up his mind, he sat up and enveloped her in his arms, bringing her flush against him.

This was better this way and it came with the perk of being able to kiss her.

His mouth found hers and his tongue slipped inside to languorously slither against hers.

Burying her knees into the mattress and weaving her fingers into his hair, she continued to sluggishly rise and fall.

As the pleasure grew and became too irresistible she broke the kiss to let out a rasped moan.

Her head fell back, giving his lips free access to her throat. He licked and sucked his way down to her chest, while his hand cupped her full breast. His fingers kneaded the tender mound of flesh as his tongue lapped at her nipple and she moaned:

'Oh, Clark.'

Her hips thrust involuntarily when his teeth graze the sensitive pebble for a second, being quickly replaced by the softness of his lips.

He could feel her tightening around him, making it harder and harder to push inside her.

He suckled eagerly at her nipple, his movements becoming sloppier and less coordinated under the building pressure.

Her hand fisted into his hair when it ultimately happened and with one final thrust she slammed down on him grunting out:

'Oh, god Clark... I'm coming...'

He braced himself when he felt her walls contract and fluttered around him, squeezing him until he too was pushed over the edge.

His hips jerked erratically and he buried his face between her breasts as they rode out the overwhelming waves of release.

Letting out a frustrated groan she threw her pencil at him and scolded:

'Stop it!'

'What?' He asked innocently, effortlessly diverting the flying object.

She tilted her head sideways and narrowed her eyes at him from her spot at the chair.

He simply looked back at her with the most innocent expression he could muster. He lay on his stomach, between the warm sheets, hugging the pillow and using it to prop up his chin so he could have a better view of her sitting at the desk, trying to get her reading done.

He'd been in that position for the last twenty minutes, ever since she'd jumped off the bed and decided it was time to get some work done. It had proven to be an impossible task.

How was she supposed to get any studying done when she had a delicious, Clark-shaped distraction lying naked in her bed?

It couldn't be done.

'You know what? I can't read with you just lying there, naked! making bedroom eyes at me.' She protested letting her lower lip jut out.

'I'm not making bedroom eyes at you.'

She made a face.

'What? I can't help it! You look good in plaid.' His lips curled for a lopsided grin and he let his eyes roam over her.

She was wearing his shirt... and nothing else. Her hair was a mess and her cheeks were still tainted with a soft shade of red. She looked absolutely gorgeous!

'Maybe I should that this off then.' She arched her eyebrow at him suggestively and he gulped.

After a moment he was able to get his bearings and replied lasciviously:

'I don't think you'll get any reading done if you do that.'

She shook her head. He got her there.

'You are going to pay for it, buddy. Once you go back to college there is going to be some major payback.' She threatened mockingly, directing her gaze back to the boring pages in front of her.

'Well... It might be sooner than you think.'

That got her attention.

'What do you mean? You're going back to school?' She questioned.

He nodded.

'That's great!'

'That's not all.'

She frowned.

'I'm thinking of transferring to Met U.'

Lois held her breath.

'I talked to my mom. Seems she knows the dead of admissions and she said she'd talk to him first thing tomorrow.'

Her eyes grew large.

'You're going to Met U? Here?'

He gave her another nod and she let out a high-pitched yelp, jumping off the chair and onto the bed. The two rolled on the mattress in a tangle of limbs and giggles until she was straddling him and raining down kisses on his face.

'I guess you approve the idea.'

She stopped and gave him a dismissive humph before rolling off of him.

'I'm ok with it.'

'Just ok?'

'Yeah.' She said nonchalantly but the two smiled broadly at each other.

After a moment she continued:

'You and me in college...? I guess it'll make it harder for me to sneak off to those wild, sex-filled parties on campus, huh?'

She giggled at his chastising frown.

'No more wild partying for me then.' She decided giving him a quick peck on the lips before asking: 'So... do you know what classes you're going to take? Maybe we can have a few in common?'

'I'm pretty sure we'll have a few.'

'Huh? Why?'

'I've been thinking about my major...' He began tentatively.

'And...' She coaxed him.

'I really miss writing.'

She remained silent and watched him.

'I'm thinking of going back to my Torch writing days.'

'You're thinking of majoring in journalism?'

'Yep. What do you think?'

She stared at him for a while.

'You and me... reporters?'

'Might make a great team... Clark and Lois-'

Before he could finish his thought she pounced on him.

'Nuh-huh.' She shook her head vehemently, lying on top of him.

'What? You wouldn't work with me?' He asked; the hurt evident in his tone.

'No, I meant the Clark and Lois, part.' She said matter-of-factly. 'Lois and Clark sounds much better.'

He smiled at her.

'Is that so?'

'Much better.' She assured him, nodding emphatically.

'I guess, Lois and Clark it is.' He agreed before pulling her down for a kiss.

'Um...' She tore her mouth away from him. 'Have to read! Now!'

'I'll help you catch up later. I'm a great study partner!' He said claiming her lips once again.

Lois smiled against his mouth and let her body relax as he flipped them over.

The reading assignment would just have to wait.

The End