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Something In The water

A year had passed since Paris, that fateful day where she'd almost left Miranda's side. The phone had ended up in the fountain, heels clacking across the sidewalk as she stepped willingly into a new life. But it hadn't happened. She'd returned to the hotel to find Nigel lying in wait. He'd dragged her inside arms flying widely as he squeaked out a reprimand for her crazy stunt. He'd literally plonked her down; a spiel of speech rolling of his tongue, giving her hundreds of reasons why she should remain, demanding it.

At the time she didn't understand how she could, Miranda would surely fire her. She'd abandoned her in the middle of the most important time of the year, leaving her alone with the paparazzi yapping at her heels.

Nigel had just ordered her to apologise, claiming the little word could do wonders. Andy hadn't believed it, having bared witness to many people begging Miranda for forgiveness, they barely lasted a minute. The words not even leaving their lips before she'd been ordered into the room, Miranda quietly requesting security to take the 'babbling idiot' out of her office, and remove them from the building as swiftly as possible.

She remembered being thankful that, if Miranda refused, at least her humiliation wouldn't be dished out in front of all the other eyes within runway. Emily would have relished in it, probably escorting her out herself. She'd trodden on too many toes, to the point where even Miranda had noticed and commented on that fateful day. She hadn't intended to, each choice she'd made seemingly the only option. But Miranda had been right, she'd had a choice, it had been neither nice nor pleasant, but always a choice.

She never forgot the sinking feeling, Nigel's words bringing the repercussions of her spontaneous behaviour to the fore. But if she was honest she hadn't cared about any of it. The only picture within her mind was the woman she'd been working for, swallowed up by everyone around her. She'd been suffering only an evening ago, having been abandoned by her husband, and here she was doing the same. Miranda may not want her now, but it didn't seem right to walk away without even an attempt at gratitude. After all, within all her demands, and eccentricities she had still gifted her with an opportunity of a lifetime, and Andy had literally thrown it away.

So with a heavy heart Andy had made her way through the hotel, head hanging low. She'd been prepared, defences on alert for the words that were about to slice through her. Miranda would eat her up and spit her out before moving on to the next victim, if she even warranted that level of response. Miranda may just ignore her altogether, and for some reason Andy had never shaken the feeling that, that would have hurt more than anything else. Meaning nothing to the woman she'd worked so hard to please, who she'd given up everything for just to remain by her side every minute of the day.

She'd stood in front of Miranda's door, preparing to knock, not willing to use her key any longer and it had flown open, the sharp movement making her take a step back, coming face to face with fury. Miranda's eyes had been shimmering with anger, brighter than ever before. She'd never seen that side of her, emotions always held in check, but not then.

Her eyes had born into her, grazing thoroughly over her form before whipping round, strolling back into the room without a word, door left wide open in invitation, or, as Andy thought of it, a silent order to enter. She'd had to steel herself before walking in, heart pounding, heated palms starting to sweat under pressure, one simple word and it was harder than anything she'd ever had to say.

Miranda had just stood there, eyes unmoving, as though attempting to pierce into her soul; the cold blue stare having haunted her dreams in many following months. She didn't remember the actual moment of apology, everything a blur, her emotions all up in the air as she forced herself to face down the devil, preparing to get burned.

But she hadn't.

Miranda had remained silent, still staring. Many minutes had passed, the silence seeming almost crushing, making Andy's muscles ache under the tension. She'd wanted to run, leave this woman and never look back; the one who pushed her to the edge almost everyday of her life. She was always testing, as though searching out her limits and forcing her over them. If Andy was honest, it was now something she craved, anything else falling short. She surpassed her potential with this woman pulling her strings. Miranda had moulded her, making her more than she'd ever imagined. She could walk alone within the world now, but her denial at that fact, couldn't help her ignore her reluctance, although it kept the reasons at bay. Andy refused to face up to the facts, her days too full to the brim for thought. Even this single memory taking up precious minutes she couldn't afford, and yet, here she was remembering the day Miranda had let something slip. Gave her a second chance, something no one had ever received within runway, before and since. Andy was a miracle within those walls.

She'd shivered under Miranda's gaze but refused to look away, refusing to show fear, having hardened herself over those many months. She'd just waited, wondering what the editor was looking for, her eyes more intense than ever. She'd never been looked at that way but anyone, especially not Miranda. She was the only one who existed at that point in time, absorbing all the editor's attention, no photographs or articles to divide her focus between. And it had been intoxicating.

Finally, after several tense minutes Miranda had moved. A subtle jerk of her head in the affirmative and that was it. Andy had remained within her employ. She'd held back a smile, unwilling to believe she was out of the woods. And as she'd turned Miranda's voice had rung out, the sound alarming her senses, unaware of what was too come, a sheer sense of dread.

She'd turned to face her, knowing the older woman wouldn't willingly talk to her back. All expression had vanished from her face, the shutters clamping down; no lingering fury or distain. But her voice was enough to instil fear in anyone, an icy wind of words wrapping around her senses, it was something you'd never forget.

'Andrea if you ever leave me like that again, sorry will be no where near sufficient. Believe me when I say I will personally ensure you'll have no where left to hide.'

She'd swallowed, voice dying in her throat as her fear bubbled up. The thinly veiled threat, exposed within those few words.

This was her last chance, failure was not an option.

She'd walked out those doors, the tension easing away, replaced by relief. She'd survived, lived to see another day, one in which she would remain by Miranda's side. She'd been pardoned by the devil. Everyone had questioned why? Wanting to know the answer but no one willing to ask Miranda anything, knowing they wouldn't get the same opportunity as Andy. The one who'd claimed to have wanted nothing; had been given more than anyone in the history of runway. The rumours had flown round the office, fuelled by curiosity and spite, no one understanding what she'd done to deserve it, all the while unaware Andy was asking herself the same question.

And to this day, the answer wasn't known by anyone but the devil herself.