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The Upper Hand

The hallway went on for miles; bright blue eyes darted around in search of the illusive number; many identical doors teasing her as she crept along hunting for the room with her lover inside. Miranda could hear her breath echoing in her ears, harsh and fast, in time with the soft footfalls of her heels on the carpet. She clung to the key card like a life line, her tight grip causing the plastic to score into her fingers but her mind was numb to the pain consumed by a single emotion. Desire was bubbling under her skin churning within her stomach, the sensation rippling over her body like a spell.

Sweat trickled between her breasts, the insides of her thighs slick as her body burned. Andrea's words lingered around her, a seductive caress ricocheting off the walls of her mind. With a free hand she tugged at the top of her dress, her clothes suddenly feeling too tight and overly rough as they brushed up against her skin. It was torturous, her body demanding immediate attention, pushed beyond the point of control her basic instincts driving her into Andrea's arms. Her pride had crumbled, all control torn from her grip, her lover's lips laced with poison. Andrea was a drug in her system, one her body constantly craved.

Finally she arrived, the golden number shining out like a beacon as she walked the last meter. Breathing in deep she drew upon the reservoir of control buried deep down, easing the tension away from her nerves clinging to the ounce of the icon she had left. Andrea may have won by getting her here, but that was only half the battle. Andrea had been teasing her all evening, and if she thought Miranda would just roll over and beg for her attentions she had another thing coming. Forcing her shaking fingers to steady she slipped the card into the lock, the click reverberating within the silence around her as she stepped inside.


Andy heard her before she'd even approached the door, her footsteps recorded to memory, the subtle shift of her shoes a pattern unique to the woman who wore them. The sound that instilled fear within many assistants only caused Andy to tremble in anticipation, a kindle to the embers licking between her thighs.

The lights were low allowing her to linger in the shadows lying in wait. The telephone conversation had been torture, teasing Miranda only serving to set herself on edge, limbs shaking with pent up tension desperate to release her desire on the woman about to enter. She was coiled like a spring, lust lingering low in her abdomen. Her clothes were littered on the floor around her feet having stripped them off moments ago. Her dress was neatly placed on the back of the couch, not wishing to receive Miranda's wrath if she left a couple of thousand dollar gown lying on the floor, discarded without care. Sex or no sex, it was more than her life was worth.

She heard the click of the lock, the sound cracking through the air like electricity, sparking her into action. She saw the flash of silver, pale skin and flowing silk entering the room. Her hands snuck out of the darkness, gripping onto the woman she wanted and tugging her into her arms. Miranda was hers for the evening, to tease and torture, returning the favour from many nights ago. One thing Andy was certain of, it would be the sweetest revenge she'd ever tasted.


Miranda didn't even have a chance to cry out, strong fingers twisting into her silver curls tugging her back, the momentum sending her crashing into the wall followed by the weight of another pinning her in place, lips pressing hard over her own before being abandoned, teeth scraping along the line of her throat, fingers forcing her head back asking no questions, bending her body to their will. Fingers fumbled in the zip of her dress, tugging it down, the noise a counterpoint to their breathing. The air was static charged with energy, Miranda's control floating from her fingers, mind unable to scrabble any of her former resistance, body already singing under Andrea's fingertips.

The top of her gown crumpled, slipping down to her waist, bra unclipped and tossed, the cold air tickling her nipples before Andrea's warm palm cupped her right breast, holding the weight in her hand as she stroked her thumb over the tight bud, the sensation making Miranda hiss through her teeth, chest arching up into Andrea's hands causing a breathless giggle from the younger woman to flutter over her skin. The noise sunk into her mind flaring up an element of defiance not wishing to give in so easily to Andrea's demands, suddenly feeling weak to her desire. She bucked as her arms coming up to Andrea's shoulders intent on taking control, body twisting, trying to force Andrea's grip from her hair. This couldn't be happening, her body wishing to stay where it was, give in, let Andrea take everything. She kept control at all times, never letting anyone take it, especially her husbands' and here she was having it ripped from her fingers by a woman half her age. She couldn't give in, she refused to, mind fighting against the haze as she pushed herself forward, lips pressing forcefully against her lovers, distracting, determined to wriggle from Andrea's grasp.

She was barely even allowed a moments struggle, her battle for dominance futile and weak as she was spun, gasping as her breasts were pressed up against the cold wall Andrea now flush against her back, the heat of her body burning into her skin as her lips trailed over Miranda's shoulders. Andrea's right hand was wrapped around her wrists, locking them to her lower back in a tight grip while her other hand snaked lower fumbling in the vast material of her dress, forcing it up around her hips, the cold air whipping between Miranda's legs, a sudden counterpoint to the heat that flared between them. Her muscles were twitching, already soaked between her thighs, aching for Andrea's touch. She didn't want to play, her patience rapidly running out, vulnerable and exposed, open to anything Andrea wished. Her shoulders flexed, trying to rip her wrists from between Andrea's fingers. Her efforts were met with nothing but a giggle, Andrea's breath dancing down over her collar bone, causing the curls at the back of her neck to flutter in the light breeze.

'It's not easy is it? Being vulnerable, totally at the mercy of someone else's desires?'

The tip of Andrea's tongue flicked out, grazing a path along the side of Miranda's neck. Miranda bit her lip resisting the urge to tilt her head to the side, grant access, a silent beg for Andrea's attention.

'Do you know what I desire Miranda?' she paused, nuzzling against her hair before nipping the edge of the older woman's earlobe, 'You, wet and swollen, my fingers buried between your thighs, my name on your lips, pleading with me to let you cum.'

She twisted the material at Miranda's waist, slipping her hand beneath it, her fingers curling around Miranda's hip pulling them hard against her own, triggering a cry, torn from Miranda's throat, dry, rumbling over her resistance.

'And you will Miranda, you'll be so wet, dripping, your body tingling as I slowly lick the inside of your thighs, your essence coating my tongue. You know how much I love to taste you Miranda; you're one of my favourite flavours.'

Andrea's foot jerked between Miranda's heels, a sharp kick forcing her thighs open as she thrust a knee between them hovering an inch away from Miranda's core.

'Do you want to cum Miranda?'

Miranda grit her teeth, fighting the instinct to grind down, her legs trembling as she fought a losing battle. Andrea's leg jolted, nudging against her clit, a sudden shot of pleasure thrumming its way through her before being whipped away, a whimper rippling from between her teeth. 'Admit it Miranda, just say it once and I'll give you what you need, do you want me to fuck you Miranda, make you cum harder than ever before? Say it, just one little sentence.'

She was teasing, knee tickling against Miranda's clit, the lace of her panties rough and the lack of pressure unbearable. Andrea's hand slipped lower, fingers slowly walking their way down, the young woman's shallow breaths rumbling into the heavy air around them. 'Let me Miranda, give in,' Andrea's hand thrust between her thighs, thumb mashing against Miranda's clit, snapping all resolve within the older woman, her back flexing as her head fell back, the breathless plea ripped from her lips.


'Please what?'

Miranda remained silent, panting, heart now a constant thrum within her chest,

'Say it Miranda, I know you can, you have a dirty mouth when your mind loses control of it,'

It was vulgar, undignified but she didn't care, body pushed beyond the point of control. 'For god sake please just fuck m-.'

She didn't have time to finish the sentence, Andrea's hand falling from her wrists, tugging on her hips pulling Miranda hard against her thigh, rhythmic pressure against her pussy, nerves already over sensitive, the sudden sensation firing chemicals through her system. Her head fell forward, hands coming up to brace herself against the wall, hips rolling as she ground down, all sense lost mind focused on nothing but the feeling between her legs, desperate for relief. Andrea's fingers slipped back between her thighs, fingers grinding against her, though her panties, focusing on her clit, circling, another pleasure point flooding her skin, dragging her under as she drowned from Andrea's touch, she couldn't breath, mind going dizzy starved for oxygen as her back hit against Andrea's hips, 'Cum for me Miranda,' the whispered words were enough, Miranda's head flying back, lips parting in a cry uncaring of who heard, a light blowing behind her eyes as her hips jerked, her orgasm hitting her hard.

She didn't have time to catch her breath, Andrea flipping her round, disorientated, fingers forcing her dress out the way once more before plunging beneath the line of her panties, fingers slipping through her folds with ease before thrusting two fingers inside of her, quickly followed by a third. It was rough, fast, furious, just how Miranda wanted it. Her head rested against the wall as Andrea forced her up on to the tips of toes, almost out of her heels, legs tensing with every thrust. Her throat was dry, the little cries raspy from the squeaks of pleasure leaking out as she fucked herself against Andrea's fingers. She could feel her juices coating the inside her thighs Andrea's wrist coated slick as she slid against her skin. She felt her lovers fingers flex, burrowing deeper. Suddenly Andrea's lips closed over her own, brief breathless kisses, tongues tangling in the open air as Andrea's slid over her own before pressing her hips against Miranda's, the pressure only forcing her hand harder against Miranda, Andrea's lips swallowing Miranda's cry as she came for the second time.

Her body was burning, light headed as she stumbled in her heels, thinking it was over.

She thought wrong.

With a growl Andrea tugged her forward away from the wall, forcing her legs into action, weak and numb she couldn't fight, pushed to the side and back until her legs hit the bed. She lost her balance, heel hooking in the carpet causing her to tumble to the side, almost hitting the mattress face first but her arms flew out, unsteadily holding herself up on her hands and knees, her mind dizzy but still sensing Andrea as she quickly followed. Miranda's dress was already flung up over her back and she could feel Andrea's fingers fumbled in the elastic edges of her panties tugging them down to her knees. She crawled between Miranda's thighs, forcing them open as she Andrea leaned forward tongue flicking out burrowing between her folds.

It was too much, too sensitive, Miranda jerked away in an attempt to crawl forward but Andrea wasn't having it, her hands fastening onto Miranda's hips holding her in place, mouth working relentlessly, lapping at the inside of her thighs. Her words from moments ago were hazy within Miranda's mind, the sudden memory causing Miranda's fingers to fist in the sheets, her upper body lowering to the mattress as she rocked her hips harder against Andrea's mouth. A violent thrust forced her hand up, slamming into the head board holding her in place only adding to the momentum. It didn't take long, Miranda's body already on fire, nerves rubbed raw, all it took was Andrea's teeth grinding against her clit and she snapped, voice long gone, Andrea's name escaping breathlessly into the covers. Darkness crept at the corner of her vision, tears leaking from the corners of her eyes as her body trembled from a pleasure overload as she collapsed. She was barely aware of Andrea's hands slowly tugging Miranda's dress from her body, sliding the panties from her legs and taking her shoes along with it leaving her naked, Miranda's body scrabbling for oxygen as her mind clawed its way back into the realms of reality.


Andy crashed down onto the bed, her clothes piled next to Miranda's. Her mouth twisted into a smug grin as her tongue snaked out, tasting the lingering flavour of her lover

'Revenge is a wonderful thing.'

Miranda's head popped up, eyes still dazed, 'Revenge?'

'Next time you tie me up think of the consequences,' Andy grinned as Miranda's eyebrow jumped up,

Miranda's head tilted to the side, contemplative, her eyes narrowed, hair mussed, looking thoroughly fucked as her eyes raked over Andrea's body. Her lips twitched, 'With that kind of consequence I think I'll do it more often. You're revenge is an additive thing.'

Andy laid back, eyes slipping shut as she sighed, 'Everyone else seems to think so' her eye cracked open a smile on her lips, preparing for Miranda's retort, only to see a pillow flying squarely at her head. It hit her square on the nose, a muffle squeal ringing out as her arms flapped, tugging it away from her face. Miranda was curled up, eyes closed, the picture of innocence except for the slight curl in the corner of her mouth. Andy slid over, arms wrapping round Miranda's waist placing a kiss to Miranda's temple before whispering in her ear.

'I'll get you for that.'

The last thing she heard was a light little laugh, the subtle shake of Miranda's body within her arms as she answered.

'God I hope so.'



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