Joker and the Thief Part one

It was a normal night on Gotham's fine streets. Well fine if you could call them that. The slums like streets in the poorer parts of town where anything but fine. The dirty un-kept streets full of gangs prowling in the shadows waiting for their next victim to snatch. Injustice taking place before you're very eyes though the corrupt police force dared not touch soul for fear of what power they may have. Dirty vermin's crawling around the slums pestering passers near by. The time stuck nine o'clock. Being July the night was warm with a soothing breeze. Among the dirty streets in the poorest part of Gotham's streets was a girl. Trish Night. Her name her curse she always said and believe me if you where her you would know of her curse. Being born into a family with a father who couldn't care less if she lived or died and an abusive mother she was abandoned at three years of age. Everyday she can still remember the wind on that day and how it rustled through her hair. Being spotted by the Police as homeless she was taken in care though no one wanted to take her in. Back in her child days Trish was not what you would call a pretty girl. She was often looked down upon for her unusually bright red hair, small stature, pale ivory skin and freckles. Instead of being taken into a loving family Trish was subjected to the horrors of Starlight.

Starlight is the biggest Orphanage in all of Gotham and incidentally the worst of all. Though in appearance and when guests are around the place seems like Paradise but once the doors are closed the staff turn into monsters. With the Orphans in the home never given real care or even false security the Orphans are at war with each other all the time constantly at battle the strongest and most popular get to live while the weakest and strangest get devoured. Trish learned that very quickly. After her first beating at the age of four she quickly toughened herself up rising up the ranks to become the most feared in all of Starlight, though she wasn't popular. The girl was a loner and hated the company of others they just got in her way. Living a double life where she would appear just the loner girl in Starlight but outside the orphanage doors she would transform into a pick pocketing machine. But a life of crime was her way between surviving the next day with the amount of money she had made she was able to buy herself food and clothes on her back without it she would have died long ago. The bad thing about Trish though was she seemed to always be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

And that was no different from tonight because the moment the clock struck nine everything changed for her. She was just happily going into Gotham bank to put in the money her days of pick pocking had earned her. When a thunderous crash roared through the door. The overweight bank worker threw his arms in the air knowing it to be yet another bank robbery, the third this weak actually. However it was no ordinary bank robbery. The room suddenly filled with green smog that stole the breath of everyone in its path. Except one! Trish Night stood unaffected by the smog's supernatural power. Though it did leave her mind blurry and posture slightly edgy yet it didn't claim her life like everyone else in its path. A man then roared in the door. Dressed in a well trimmed purple suit, purple bowlers hat, and a laugh that made even the smog itself cringe he waltzed in happily looking around seeing how many lives he had taken today. With a young slim woman dressed like a clown jester attached to his arm swooning over him like putty in his hands. The man's eyes instantly caught Trish. From the distance Trish could see a grin of unhappiness replace the laughter that was originally on his face. "Get the money!" He yelled viciously over to his arm candy. She nodded happily running to claim the money from the bank.

The man suddenly jolted forwards sprinting over to Trish at an amazing speed. She rolled her eyes unaffected by the man's death glare. Up close she could make out his features and tried hard not to burst in hysterics. From far away the man looked threatening with a laugh of death and heart of coal up close he looked like a clown! And that is no over exaggeration. His face ghost white, lips blood red, and hair a dark green. "Why aren't you dead!" He yelled a look of curiosity in his eyes. "Am I not?" Trish asked sarcastically. "Don't mess with me girl! Who do you think you're talking too!" He yelled squinting his eyes. "Not a comedian I can tell you that." She said crossing her arms. "By the way lose the makeup it doesn't suit you." She said her words poisonous. The man clenched his teeth and fists. Before any violence could begin however the sound of sirens filled the air, The Police. "SHIT!" They both yelled at the same time. They turned to each other. "I say we work together to get out of this." The man pleaded she nodded. The police just wanted their hands on her since they caught her stealing from the jeweler across the street. And unknown to her he was a wanted man.

"Come on I know a back way out of here." Trish snapped walking to her right the man followed. "Don't you want to wait for the girl?" Trish questioned. The man shrugged his shoulders. "She'll lead them off our trail." He protested. Trish nodded as they went along. "Mr J I got theā€¦" The women said. "FREEZE!!" A cop screamed running into the bank while the rest of his companions followed. The women dropped the bag of money instantly feeling fear creep on her. "Where's Mr J?" She asked. Suddenly from outside she could see his bright purple car drive away far into the distance. "Monona. Roy. Get them!" The Cop yelled pressed a gun to the women's head while he reached into his pockets for handcuffs. The two men instantly ran outside to one of the many police cars ready to get on the chase only to find their tires slashed. Meanwhile off into the distance miles away now. The mysterious man and Trish road away into the distance happy for their escape. Clutching onto her faithful pen knife she was grateful for it. Both the man and Trish turned looking at each other. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship. The man's fist came into contact with her face harshly sending her flying into the side window knocking her out cold, Or not.