Chris sat watching the video tapes from the latest Gotham bank robbery. His eyes was tired and his soul was like ice. Today hadn't been a good week. His wife had left him taking his resentful son with her. His sons last words to his father where "I hate you." And on top of that he had to work late into night investigating the latest of The Jokers heist. Its not easy being a Police Officer. Minim wage. Criminals will kill you on sight. And you barley get thanks for you're work. You've always got people complaining you're not doing the best you can. Letting out a yawn his eyes caught onto the young girl with jet black hair. Trish Night. Starlight had reported her missing not long ago most likely they where just after the cash that went along with her. Chris observed her very carefully wondering how she got all of that money in her hands after all most orphans don't tend to get that much cash. Suddenly a thick smog surrounded the room. Joker toxin. The favourite way of The Joker to kill his victims. After all you'd have to be immune in order to leave alive. And no one is in this World not even The Joker himself can withstand such a deadly poisonous weapon. After all The Joker always shows up when the toxin is finished.

The smoke cleared from the room. Millions dead in sight. But one stood alive. Trish Night. Chris watched mesmerized. There's no way she survived that on her own. She would have had to been in on it. Wrong. The Joker suddenly charged in with Harley Quinn latched onto his arms. Five days ago she'd been arrested over this crime. Seemed her lover boy Joker had left her at the scene of the crime to keep heat off himself. A day ago however she escaped from the clutches of Arkym asylum leaving to get back to her precious. Will she ever learn? That's when Chris noticed the look of distain on The Jokers face. And the look was straight at Trish. 'There's no way she could have been involved.' Chris thought to himself. The tape went onto show both The Joker and Trish escape together while Harley was left arrested by the police. Thoughts began to form in Chris's mind. The Joker had obviously taken this girl to kill her. It was obvious The Joker sensed danger when he saw this girl survive him. After all no one survived him. He's the clown prince of crimes. The cosmic joke. He gets the job done, but not this time. This girl survived. Which meant one thing and one thing only. They had found someone at last who could withstand the deadly poison which meant they're was some hope in the people of Gotham.

The key to the salvation of Gotham resided in her blood. All he had to do was find her before The Joker killed her. Elsewhere The Joker was finding problems of his own. Trish was still alive! Again she had cheated death. His face was fuming with anger his fist clenched watching her on the chair. She had been asleep now for five full days. The toxin hadn't killed her but had instead kept her asleep. This would have been good enough for The Joker but with each passing day she'd awake more and more getting closer to being awake. This didn't sit with The Joker at all. His strongest venom was powerless against her. How? There was something not right about this girl something had to have made her this way it couldn't be normal unless…his toxin was growing weak. No of course not it was her all HER it had to be. A smile grew on The Jokers face he couldn't wait until she awoke now. She'd have a lot of explaining to do. All of these thoughts circled in The Jokers mind while he bit his finger nails growing frantic. "Mister J." A cute women's voice muttered. Harley Quinn. The Joker didn't respond. His mind was elsewhere. "Mister J." She spoke growling louder. No response. Harley stormed off away from The Joker and this meddling girl. Who did she think she was? Stealing her precious away from her. Jealousy was burning inside her soul creating more anger than humanely possible. Never underestimate a women they may be sweet creatures but when angry they have more fire than Satan himself.

Trish was getting very close to waking up. For at least two days not she was drifting in and out of consciousness. But every time she fell back to slumber she'd see a ghoulish smile more haunting than a ghost. It was the smile of the purple man from the bank robbery constantly in her dreams. And when she was back to conscious she didn't open her eyes but instead heard everything that went on. She knew two things and two things only. Number one the man wasn't happy she was still alive. Number two a women was jealous when she was around. Only one thing was sure though, when she woke up there would be hell.