When Sora thinks, it generally has unpleasant results. He was, however, beginning to find thinking was a lovely thing, when it was about Kairi. He'd often find himself daydreaming, musing, imagining everything about her, if she wasn't around for him to gaze at.

Her shining red hair, musical laugh, smile that made him lose track of what he was doing. And her eyes. Everything reflected in them, her light; her happiness; her home, the ocean. Especially the ocean. He saw memories in her eyes, memories of nights laying on the sandy beach, stargazing, memories of swimming in the clear water on their Island, and the deep indigo of the night sky, reminded him of the night he came back, and the passion of those moments.

And Sora knew what it was.

To Kairi, however, this all seemed monstrously unfair. Did he have any idea at all what he was to her? The goofy smile, the spiky head, and those deep cerulean eyes she found herself getting lost in every day, they were thousands of times better than the replacement she'd found; the blue sky above the horizon she'd stare at over the course of that year.

That long year.

Those 8760 hours, 525,600 minutes, 1,314,000 seconds of torture without his face or his name.

And then the unreal idea of having him back. Her saving grace.
All her memories, the gossamer webs of feeling and life that had been playing over and over in her head, had brought her through that year, added up to nothing compared to seeing that spiky head come running through the waves. Having her heart about to burst. The feeling of his arms...

She knew.
And that was enough for her.



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