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Chapter 1: Her Arrival...
I was walking around a forest; yeah... I didn't have any idea of how I got there... No... That was a lie... I was sucked up in some sort of vortex thing from a world that had cinema, cities well built up... Nothing like this...

A memory...
There I was with my brown hair it had a single streak of blond at the front, my green eyes shining like emeralds; I was talking to a group... My friends I think... One said my name as I was pulled in to the black thing that appeared out of nowhere, the others looked round; I knew they were alarmed and wondering how I had disappeared; they called my name, I couldn't hear what they said... Of course... this is no memory this is a burden...

Of course I wouldn't remember my name; of course the memory would be a mute memory where I couldn't remember what they had said... If only I could talk to them... In my frustration I kicked a stone that had been lying around and I kicked it into a bush, it hit something... no it had hit somebody? I stalled as the person came out; two others quickly hopped out at a speed I knew nothing of.

"You hurt me." I fell aback slightly, looking at the man whose eyes were an amber colour; I couldn't see much else of him, he was wrapped in bandages.

"I'm sorry; I didn't realize someone was in the bush." I spoke honestly to him; then I noticed the holster on his right leg; I froze, I didn't know what was in it. The word gun popped into my head; I was unsure what that was, but it must be some sort of weapon, I turned around and started to run only to get caught at the front by the same guy... but wait... he had been behind me a second ago...

"Itachi; why did I have to go with you; Sasori is probably doing some sort of puppet show and will make my stuff blow up, un!" Deidara complained as he followed Itachi through the forest; meeting with Kisame after a rough mission on both their behalf's.

Itachi didn't reply as they walked through the forest, until he heard a scream deeper within, he cocked his head in the direction it had come from, it was a girls. He felt his partner's chakra; Kisame was heading that direction.

"He heard it as well..." Itachi said changing direction, which Deidara raised an eyebrow; but of course he didn't complain.

"Well; this is interesting..." The shark man said at a low level; none of the bandits heard him speak; they were to busy on the brown haired girl that had been wondering around alone.

"What is?" Itachi said appearing by Kisame's side, Deidara quickly followed.

"See the girl; she doesn't have a clue who she is, no village symbol, and look at the unusual clothes, all she's wearing is shorts and a tank top; no kimono, and her sandals or boots are replaced by..." Kisame looked at the sneakers she was wearing unsure seeing as he hadn't seen them before.

"Why did you change direction Kisame?" Itachi said being blunt about it; staring at the bandits who were grinning at the beaten girl.

"Because: I want a bite." Itachi looked at Kisame, not liking what he had heard.

"She's a bit young for you; don't you think un?" Deidara said speaking for the first time in a while.

"What do you mean?!" Kisame glared at Deidara as said guy shrugged.

"She only looks like she is eighteen, un; you're too old, you're what forty now?" Kisame's blood boiled at this, Itachi knew very well Deidara was winding him up but didn't say much as the two had started to bicker.

"I'm thirty you little brat! take that back!"

"No, you sure; at the age you look, you might be able to get Jiraiya's XXXX rated books, un!" Deidara said childishly as he and Kisame started arguing; this arguing of course got loud and the bandits noticed, Kisame and Deidara got into a shoving match and landed flat on their faces as they fell out from behind a bush; Itachi sighed he stepped out from the bush and immediately the bandits stiffened.

"Wh-who are you?" The girl crawled from underneath, badly bruised and a black eye to prove it; one of the bandits grabbed her and held her up, a kunai to her neck.

"You're ours." Deidara grinned deciding this may actually be fun.

"How about this; last one alive gets the girl, un?" Itachi and Kisame exchanged glances before Kisame grinned happily.

"Who knew you had a brain?"

"Who knew you could write?" The two retorted to each other, earning looks from the bandits.

"Uhm... Are they always like this?" The brunette addressed Itachi seeing as the other two were bickering and fighting with each other and the bandits.


"Oh, ahh... you are going to let me go right? Actually do you know where we are...? I'm kind of lost..." Itachi looked at her, the confusion was settled into her eyes like it was used to not knowing anything.

"How old are you, un?" Deidara asked as he made a bandits hand explode with a small piece of clay.

"Me...?" The girl seemed to think for a moment; then she happily perked up.

"Oh I remember!! I'm... eighteen! Is that old?" She asked pondering on the question.

"How much do you remember of your self?" Kisame asked beheading a bandit as he asked the question.

"I know I can read, because I seen a sign that said... Konoha... I think that was it!" The girl chirped not really answering Kisame's question.

"You will not go there." Itachi said as a bandit threw a kunai at him, he caught it and with one quick movement it was in between the bandit's eyes, blood was gushing everywhere and the brunette girl looked away at five dead bandits.

"Well, that was easy; un." Deidara said cheerfully pulling the girl up to her feet.

" guys aren't going to kill me right...?" The girl asked as she looked around at the fallen bandits.

"Maybe" Kisame said leaning down to face her, the girl never having seen or remembered seeing a shark man before buried herself in to Deidara's chest.
"Don't scare her; un. She's in shock." Deidara said a smug grin on his face at Kisame who looked away.

"She can come with us, but she won't be able to keep up." Itachi said speaking for the first time in awhile, both Kisame and Deidara looked shocked at the emotionless man.

"If she makes it to Konoha, she'll be brought to the Hokage and I preferably, do not want the Hokage knowing we are this close to Konoha- as in our main base." Deidara and Kisame shared looks with each other before nodding; Itachi already had a plan in his head, being the genius that he is after all.

"Deidara, go get some clothes that would suit her better for here, Kisame and I were in Konoha a while ago and were spotted, it is too risky for us. Kisame go ahead and prepare a room, somehow I doubt you will be able to keep up with us." Itachi said addressing the last line to the unnamed girl.

"I doubt it as well..."

"What is your name; un?"

"Oh... I can't remember..." The brunette looked away from the three, searching for something to call herself.

"How about we call you..." Deidara started to think, he was an artist after all, he should think of a good name for her; Kisame appeared to be thinking as well, he was trying to outdo Deidara for the artist's comments from earlier.

"What about Sachi!" Deidara exclaimed thinking it a good name for her.

"It means blessed or lucky." Itachi said explaining to the girl who promptly nodded at him and grinned at Deidara.

"I love it!! Thank you..." The newly named Sachi tilted her head at the Akatsuki Artist, who promptly bowed towards her.

"Just call me Deidara, un."

"I'm Kisame, I'll see you soon." At that Kisame left dashing through the forest with incredible speed.

"Uchiha Itachi. Let's go." Itachi said allowing his gaze to settle on Sachi for a moment.

"Okay! See you soon Deidara!" Sachi said as she followed Itachi in the opposite direction to Deidara.

"How long will it take us?" Sachi asked after walking for two hours.

"It will take two days." Sachi's green eyes stared at the back of Itachi as she walked after him, neither had spoken much, Sachi was taking in everything that she could as they walked, amazed by the peaceful view in the forest.

"I wonder would she like this..." Deidara asked as he picked up a few kimonos and sandals, it wasn't going well, seeing as he had no idea what Sachi would like

"Maybe, I could help?" An assistant said as she eyed Deidara with her blue eyes, Deidara was only too happy to accept her offer.
"So what does this girl like?" The assistant asked him.

"Uhh... I don't really know... I only met her today..." Deidara said as he looked at a black kimono with splashes of red on it.

"Ahh, that kind of meeting..."

"What kind of meeting? I saved her life if that's what you mean, un." Deidara was getting pissed off at the assistant's questions even though she was only being polite.

"It's dark now." Sachi said stating out the obvious to Itachi, so far she had tripped three times, she could definitely not see that well in the dark, as Itachi changed directions Sachi tripped for a fourth time, this time she was caught by Itachi.

"Thanks..." Sachi said it as an undertone, because her thanks were muffled into Itachi's chest from the force he had caught her at.

"There is a cave near here. We'll stay there the night." Itachi said his impassive face staying the same. He held Sachi bridal style and stated to dash as quickly as he could, it only took him five minutes to reach the cave that was hidden by trees.

"Cool." Even that was an understatement, Sachi had no idea why Itachi wouldn't allow her to go to Konoha or what a Hokage was so she turned around to ask him, and he was gone?

"Wait! Where did you go? Hello?" Sachi asked as she spun around quickly exiting the cave hoping he was standing in front.

"I hope this is okay... Man if it isn't right Itachi will kill me." Kisame said a loud thinking no one would hear, he was wrong, Sasori appeared from behind a door, questioning what Kisame had meant.

"Ack... you'll see when she gets here." This was enough to make Sasori raise an eyebrow; he was finding it interesting that Kisame had spent the past hour making a spare room; especially not one full of devices used for torture.

It was fifteen minutes before Itachi had returned and Sachi was back in the cave hiding when she heard the noise of footsteps approaching. Itachi looked around and was startled when he didn't see anyone, then he seen the brunette's foot as she attempted to hide. He started a fire with the wood he had gathered using a jutsu, not saying anything to her, when she noticed it was him she crawled out from the rock she had been hiding behind.

"Uchiha-Senpai... I... uhm..." Her green eyes met his onyx one's seeing as he let the sharingan go so he could have a break.

"Itachi, call me by my given name." Sachi nodded at him before sitting down on the opposite side of the fire, watching the flame flicker.

"What's a Hokage?" Itachi sighed, he would rather not explain to the girl, but he pitied her. Not having a clue about who you maybe; not knowing anything about the world around you would be hard for anyone.

"I'm back! Miss me Sasori un? Deidara said as he stepped into the main hideout of the Akatsuki, with some bags as well, Sasori looked at Deidara, then the bags.

"For our guest! Wait until you see her, un!" Deidara said as he walked down the hall, knowing it would be another half day or day before Itachi and Sachi arrived.

"Hey... Itachi... Thank you for explaining this to me...Do you think I may be able to become a ninja?" Sachi asked over enthusiastically, grinning at said man.

"Your welcome, I suppose you could, but you would have to train hard."

"Well, I'll do it! I'm going to try anyway." Sachi rubbed her eyes as she laid down falling asleep, it was cold in the cave and she was starting to shiver, but as she fell asleep she felt the cloak of a certain Akatsuki member fall on her. Itachi lied against a wall and thought about what had happened, during his mission it had been easy enough; but meeting this girl, that was something different.

"We're here?" Sachi asked as they came up to a break in the path, Itachi looked around and sensed for any chakra… none.

"Yes, stay behind me for a moment." Itachi found what he had been looking for and pulled. Extremely quickly the door opened up and Itachi knocked Sachi to the ground.

"'Bout time you got here, un." Deidara said coming up from the underground.

"We're early."

"So, you actually got here sooner then Kisame said. He owes me money!" Sachi raised an eyebrow.

"You... were... betting on us?" Sachi asked as said shark man came from underneath.

"Yeah... damn, I thought you would be slower then this..." Kisame said as he handed the money over to Deidara who grinned at the two arrivals.

"Come on, Kisame can show you to you're room." Itachi said as he walked down the stairs to the super secret hideout of the Akatsuki.

"You heard him; come on." Kisame said as he dragged Sachi down the stairs and along a hall.

"Thank you for the clothes Deidara-Senpai!" Deidara got up off his seat and grinned, he got a few others to stand as well.

"Sachi, this is my usual partner and master puppeteer, Sasori." Deidara said as he introduced the red head; Sachi bowed to him as he grinned.

"This is Hidan; he swears a lot so don't get offended by him... He is... immortal." Hidan muttered a "fuck" and grinned towards Sachi and then to Itachi.

"This is Kukuzo, he has five hearts." Sachi's eyes were as big as possible now; an immortal man and a guy with five hearts?

"This is Zetsu. He's a cannibal." Sachi nodded at the plant man, who was split into two colours, black and white.

"Okay... this is Tobi..." The masked boy came over to Sachi and hugged her.

"Let's be friends Sachi-Chan!" Sachi nodded at Tobi who quickly ran to Zetsu.

"That's everyone who is here at the moment; Pein and Konan are on a mission somewhere..." Deidara said as he looked around.

"Sooooooo, what do you guys do here?" Sachi asked as she walked around her new home for a while.

"We... sit down, relax and do what we feel like." Sasori said as he walked by her, pulling on a puppet string getting one of them to go to the kitchen and get some drinks."

"Sometimes we appear cold and shit like that; but when we're here... well we run fucking wild!!" Hidan said explaining to Sachi if she were to ever see them behave differently.

"Really? It must be fun then!" Sachi said hopping in her spot, smiling widely to the members of the Akatsuki.

"Damn right it is, the only one who doesn't really take part is Itachi, he's cold no matter when you fucking see him!" Hidan said looking at said murderer.

"Aww... Don't you want fun Itachi-Senpai?" Sachi asked slightly pouting at Itachi, who didn't respond; instead he headed to his room.

"Did I say something wrong?" Sachi asked, tilting her head to Hidan and Deidara.

"Nah; he's like that, un." Deidara said before steering Sachi to a ping pong table, to have a game, Sasori's puppet came in with the drinks and Sasori handed Sachi a coke, and the three of them had a game of ping pong.

"If I win, Sasori; you have to admit you like my art, un."

"Deal, if I win; you have to wash all of my puppets." Sasori said as Sachi listened, watching the two play competitively.