Amiee: Hello!! Here Is Chapter 15, if anyone wants to present me any idea's go ahead!

Amiee: Hello!! Here Is Chapter 15, if anyone wants to present me any idea's go ahead! Oh, the chapter title is a little misleading- ao please, don't be worried!

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Chapter 15: New Year's Sayonara.

It was finally the first of January, I knew as much that it was a celebration of the new year, so much had happened in these past few months; and although my memories were still hidden in a misty shroud of darkness, I'm almost positive that these few months have been the best of my life!

"Sachi-Chan, we're having a meeting and it concerns you, so hurry up." I looked at Hidan, impatient as ever and followed him out, the halls of the lair that we were hidden behind seemed smaller, and I relised, that I had only left these walls a few times since I was brought here, no more then six times, I sighed to myself.

"Sachi-chan, this meeting concerns you and a wish you have told us about." I looked at Pein, his eyes levelling towards mine, I was confused, to say the least, what were my wishes? Besides getting my memories back, I wished to become a ninja... wait, a ninja?

"Sachi-chan, I have told Uchiha-San that he is to take you away from here, you two shall be living in solitude for the following two years. You leave today, this evening if possible." My eyes widened, Itachi would be leaving with me, but my green eyes were quickly shrouded with confusion.

"Where are we going?"

"To Snow Country." I looked at him exasperated, my glance to Itachi was noticable, his facial features remained impassive, I sighed, not knowing wether or not I should be excited. I looked to Deidara and Sasori, my closest friends. They nodded, telling me I should.

"I'll pack!" I said, getting off of my seat and leaving the room, a silent tear rolled down my cheek. For two years, I would be gone, for two years, I would train; my heart lept at this thought, for two years I would be alone with Itachi. I was excited, but sad at the same time. I would miss everyone else- even Tobi, I would miss the arguments, the groaning, but most of all the friendliness of everyone towards me. I knew what they could be like to me, cold, uncaring, cruel; but they weren't, they were kind and caring, which was out of character. How would I return? Would I be able to put on a mask as well as they could? Would I become what they feigned?

"Sachi-chan! I'm going to miss you!" Tobi said, hugging me, his strange mask hitting my cheek with more force then the boy intended, I'm sure. For the first time, I noticed the eye that was like Itachi's eye. Sharinghan...

"I'll miss you too, Tobi-Kun." I said, hugging him loosly, trying not to allow the emotion to come through. I had to become strong.

"Sachi, I'll miss you." Deidara said, holding me tightly, his tied up blond hair falling over me, I hugged him back, my heart speeding up.

"I'll miss you too, Deidei-Kun..." I called him by the nickname I had given him, my eyes glazing over, holding him tightly, I didn't want to let go, although, eventually, I did.

"Sachi, like Deidara, I shall miss you." Sasori said to me, hugging me, and twirling me around, I laughed lightly, although my voice was beginning to become strained.

We were all standing outside the lair, it was dangerous for them all,but I continued with my good byes, I wanted to leave quickly, I was waving to them by Itachi's side, we were walking quickly. They were all fading into the distance, Itachi was quiet and cool, remaining calm as I called to them. The tree's wavered in the breeze, my brown hair waved around my face.

"Sachi, I hope you remember everything about that place, it is the last time we shall ever go there." I looked at Itachi, my green eyes widened in alarm. He gave me a rare chuckle, I pouted.

"It is quite alright Sachi, nothing to be worrying about, we are moving lair, to Sunakagure, so when we return, we will be near the next Junnchirriki." Itachi explained, I nodded, my eyes travelling over the tree's.

"What's snow country like?" I asked, Itachi's eyes glanced to me.


"Haha, very funny; I'm on the ground with laughter. No, seriously." I said, my eyes looking at him.. He nodded, we continued to walk, I was told that we had a five day travel ahead of us to where the port was.

"Snow country, is very snowy, but recently, because of some shinobi from Konoha, it has discovered it's old heir, and a heating generator, warming the entire land. The reason Pein chose for us to train there, is because I am a lesser known villain, and we should be able to rest there fine. It's only for two years."

I nodded, walking past Itachi, my eyes were focused on the small mountain we would have to walk up to carry on. In a way my training had already begun. My eyes looked back at Itachi who was taking his time, I smiled; genuinly excited. It finally dawned on me, that this chapter had ended; finishing this book. But another, even more exciting book was about to begin.

"Itachi-Kun, catch me if you can! That's without using any ninja trickery!" I called out, running through the passage way of the mountain, Itachi would have to run, so I didn't lose my self, I laughed, unable to wait for my next adventure.

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