For Cuba's "I love you" challenge at the HP fanfiction Challenges Forum.

The OC can be whoever you'd like her to be, but those of you who've read my other stories will have no trouble in identifying her...

Being Lost

The music is loud enough to lose yourself in, which is just fine.

Losing himself, losing his hold on reality is what Charlie needs right now. Reality is a war that is over, but a brother who is dead.

Reality is that they fought and won.

But that they lost far too much in doing so.

But he can lose that truth in the here and now. The music. The girl in his arms, soft and real and alive.

And she understands. As she twirls in his arms, seemingly as lost in the music as he is, Charlie knows that she understands.

She will not ask him to remember unless he wants to, until he is ready to. And when he is, she will be there for him, and will hold him as he cries.

But not now.

Here and now, she smiles up at him as the music swirls them round in its hold.

Being lost is what he needs right now.