Bite Me



..Such fragility has begun to enter my empty mind...

Sasuke: 18

Sakura: 17

Sai: 16


Author's Note: Hey! Well.. yeah. My writing is in the hole right now. I needed something fresh to help me. I don't know if it'll work but it's worth a try. I don't know how long I have left on . I'm getting old and- well, you know the story! Don't worry! My other fic (Sasuke's Property: DO NOT TOUCH) is still active. Probably sometime next week I'll update.

Chapter One: Vampire

Okay. So maybe this wasn't what she had agreed to. Fine! This wasn't even remotely close to what she had agreed to! It was all Ino's fault.

'She'll be the end of us all...' Sakura thought, staring at her reflection in the full-length mirror in her bedroom. Sighing, (and knowing she couldn't get out of this now) Sakura grabbed for the white bunny-ears and settled them on her head. She checked to make sure they were secured with the headband; she didn't want her costume falling apart now.

"..This is going to suck!" She moaned, glaring at her reflection now. Ino had decided that Sakura would be dressed up like a bunny. -Well... a sexy bunny was how she had put it last week.

There was no backing down this late, Sakura would just have to suck it up and go to the damned Halloween party that Ino was throwing.

Sucking in a breath (suddenly glad her aunt was out of town for the week) and leaving her room, Sakura headed for the stairs. A faint knock sounded from the door, she answered it with irritation upon knowing who it was. There, Ino stood, in all her glory. She was supposed to be an angel. Sakura could almost scoff at that statement, 'More like the devil.'

" know I hate you, right?" Sakura scowled. Ino ignored her remark and grabbed her wrists, "C'mon, I can't leave Hinata alone in my house while there's a huge party!" Sakura laughed, "It never stopped you before." And they were gone.

It was just her luck to be best friends with Ino Yamanaka. Sure she was pretty popular among the student body but.. she was an utter moron at times. She now had Shikamaru to boss around on a daily basis. It was still a mystery to Sakura (and most of the students) how Shikamaru, a lazy-smart-ass, ended up falling for Ino, an absorbed-airhead. Those two just didn't mix.

"Did I tell you that I invited all the hot-guys tonight?" She said smartly. Sakura had to roll her eyes.

"Ino! I told you that I'm not interested in any of the guys at our school! They're all perverts!" She complained loudly, crossing her arms over her chest. "Oh! And thanks so much for picking the tightest costume ever!"

Ino glared at her as soon as she was stopped at a red-light. "I'll seriously smack you upside the head if you don't quit complaining." Sakura shrugged, "I'm just saying... this isn't really classified as a costume. More like lingerie."

Ino sighed, "Sakura, you look awesome, no one is going to say anything. It's fuckin' Halloween, if you want to look like a slut, no one can stop you." Sakura had to giggle, "Ino.. the way you think is amazing." She laughed too, "Thank you, thank you." And hit the gas pedal when the light turned green.

"Slow the hell down! We're not going to be late!!"

The house was packed with tons of people. Some Sakura could recognize but most were people she had never even seen before! How the hell did Ino know so many people? ..right. She was Ino. That's how.

Ino went in search of Shikamaru while Sakura plopped herself on one of Ino's couches located in the living room. She had never really liked parties, let alone being cramped in one area with dozens of people inside. She could hardly breathe because it was so damn clustered!

She wouldn't dance, sat in the same spot for what seemed like hours. She was awfully thirsty all of a sudden, removing herself from the cozy couch, Sakura looked for something to drink.

There wasn't much to choose from since everything was in disarray. She settled for what seemed like coke. As soon as the beverage touched her tongue and glided down her throat, Sakura gasped in distaste.

"Rum?! Coke-and-Rum?" She coughed and set the drink down. Was Ino trying to get herself in a shit-load of trouble or what? Deciding that she wasn't thirsty anymore, Sakura went to go back to the couch but found that it was currently being occupied by someone.

A guy.

...great.. Just her luck.

Ignoring the fact that she was barely wearing anything, Sakura stalked forwards until she stood in front of the male. He seemed to have little-interest in her presence which only further infuriated her.

She growled to get his attention, "Excuse me. I was sitting there." The male looked up at the sound of her voice. He was.. fragile looking. Ebony locks of hair framed the sides of his face, his lips pulled into a straight line, deep-orbs so bored. Sasuke Uchiha.

..she should have known.

"I believe this couch was empty when I got here." He countered with little interest. Sakura sighed, "I was sitting here, so move." She wasn't planning on leaving any time soon. Not until she got her way.

"No, I think I'll stay. This party is boring the crap out of me." Sakura made a fist, "Why do you insist on annoying me?" The boy shrugged, "Nothing better to do, I guess." She wasn't happy with his answer.

"Oh, bite me, Uchiha!" She shouted over the deafening music. She saw him smirk at that and then stand but never stepping away, instead leaning closer to her face.

"Is that a request?" He asked, now seeming intrigued by her. She scoffed and shoved him aside. As soon as he was gone, Sakura sat back down on the couch and rested. She really hated Ino for doing this.

"..great, just great." Sakura complained again when she saw how drunk her best friend was. The party had ended almost a half-hour ago and almost everyone was gone. Sakura helped Ino to her bedroom with the help of Shikamaru who hadn't had anything to drink.

"How the hell am I supposed to get home now?" She wondered out loud, "I'll drive you home, if you'd like?" Shikamaru offered, something he rarely did. She shook her head, "No, no. I guess I can walk, you live in the opposite direction anyways. Gas prices aren't going down anymore, you know." She stated matter-of-factly.

"I'll check up on the air-head in the morning, bye!" She called before leaving the destroyed house. It was an awfully frigid night in the city of Toronto. Sakura rubbed both sides of her upper arms to stay warm. She sniffled a little and looked up at the full moon that rose high in the darkened skies.

It was well past twelve-midnight. Sakura knew it would only be a little while until she got home. Her aunt wouldn't be back until tomorrow evening. She wore her house key on a chain around her neck whenever she went out. Especially when she hadn't brought her purse and when the outfit (costume) she had on didn't provide any pockets whatsoever!

Not only was it freezing but.. it was late, she was a girl, and walking alone in the middle of the night. This type of situation screamed abduction! Starting to get paranoid, Sakura increased her pace, now her house seemed to be farther away then she remembered.

Another set of feet caught her attention instantaneously. She stopped, the feet stopped as well. Sakura quickly turned on her heel only to stare at blackness. She was going completely crazy!

Drawing in a deep breath, Sakura almost began running for her home. Still, the taunting footsteps could be heard in the background next to her franticly, beating heart. In an array of distress and shock, Sakura was swept off her feet and slammed against a building of some sort.

The overall impact had her gasping to regain her breathing. Her eyes had closed upon being snatched up and she was quivering. No movement from the body in front of her. This was bad.

..very, very bad.

When she opened her large, jade eyes, all she saw was a shadowed person. She couldn't make out who it was in the darkness that enveloped the entire city. She struggled to free herself from the iron-like grip around her wrists. This person had other plans for her.

"..get a-away!" She nearly screamed if not for her fear that welled up inside of her. A hand clamped over her mouth to muffle any noises she was trying to make. A velvety-smooth voice that she couldn't place, reached her ears. She listened intently but couldn't make sense of what was happening.

"This won't hurt much."

Okay. So from the voice, Sakura now knew that her captivator was a male. His features were still unknown to her though. She shut her eyes and willed her body to keep fighting against the man.

What was he talking about?!

..what wouldn't hurt much? Sakura couldn't fit the pieces together, let alone get her head straight.

"Sh. I won't drain you, I'm just thirsty." He coaxed, as if to make her feel less threatened. Sakura still wasn't understanding, although, when the man's head was suddenly at the side of her neck, she panicked and kicked at him.

He held her hard and pressed her back roughly against the wall. He was growing so frantic, he wet his lips and trailed his tongue in circles on her neck. She tensed and her muscles cried in protest to the sudden intrusion.

She couldn't believe it at first, when he had sunk his teeth into her neck. Her knees gave out and she would have tumbled to the pavement if not for the hard body pressed against hers. Trapping her against him and the wall of a building.

She could feel the warm blood. Her warm blood, trickling down her neck and to her collar-bone. Sakura's body stiffened, her mind spiraled dizzily. She made an attempt at a scream but only managed a muffled squeal.

..what the hell was this? Some guy was biting her neck. A... blood sucker..? It couldn't possibly be a vampire. Could it?

Focusing solely on escaping, Sakura brought her fists to the man's chest and pounded against the hard surface. He didn't budge an inch, didn't even feel her hitting him in fear. She heard a gurgling sound come from the male's throat but thought nothing of it.

Her lips formed a frown, parting and then speaking as best she could.

", l-let go..!" She stammered, too afraid to do much of anything else. Her breath came out unevenly, she was nearly panting now. Her limbs all shook with the same intensity that she feared her body would give out on her for a second time.

When the male pulled away she nearly sighed with relief. He was still holding her however, and the faint metallic smell of blood reached her nose. She cringed in disgust.

"What did you say?" He said in that smooth-tone, like it was another casual day. As if he had forgotten all about biting her a few moments ago!

She shoved at him roughly, "M..-monster!" and went to make a dash for it. Sakura didn't make it far, she had collapsed as soon as she was released. Suddenly finding it hard to walk when her legs wouldn't move.

She saw past her blurry eyes, the man nearing her, arms outstretched as if to help her off the ground. She slapped his hands away and crawled frivolously on the ground like some helpless animal.

"Stay away!" She yelled, still not very loud however. The male took a step backwards and cursed under his breath huskily, "Damn."

Confused, Sakura used the wall for support and half-lifted herself up on her paralyzed legs. Her body was still so weak that she swore out loud, she was caught by the man, this time his hold gentle.

"-no!" She screeched but found herself spiraling deeper into the black pit of her mind until everything was a blur. Unconsciousness had claimed her that night and she did nothing to fight against it.

She awoke with a startled scream.

Her vision blurred momentarily but soon she regained it and looked around with a terrified expression.

-..what? Where was she?

Her bedroom..?

Looking down at the blankets wrapped around her body, Sakura let out a shaky breath. She was in her room. Sitting upwards, Sakura looked around the familiar setting and allowed for her legs to hang off the edge of her bed.

She stretched her arms like she did any other morning and yawned away the sleep in her eyes and body. As soon as she took off the ridiculous costume and threw it in the depths of her closet, Sakura pulled on her regular clothes and sprinted to the kitchen for breakfast.

Since she had to go to the library for some study time, Sakura cut breakfast short and simply fixed herself a bowl of cereal and milk.

Grabbing for her autumn jacket and white scarf, Sakura pulled on her boots (which had cost her over one-hundred dollars) and grabbed her book bag. She left the house in a hurry and basically jogged to the library. It was almost noon, Sakura was bewildered that she even slept in for the long! The latest she ever slept in was ten in the morning.

Forgetting all about that, Sakura entered the large doors and seated herself at an unoccupied table. She took out her binder, pen, and went in search of a book on Shakespeare.

She had an English essay due next Thursday and she had hardly started on it! That was a big mistake.. mostly because she was always busy doing something and cause she sucked at writing essays!

Her grade eleven year started off pretty well, seeing as Ino helped her through all the rough patches but mostly because she was getting her shit together. No more parties (Halloween had been an exception) and more studying was her way of high school life now.

That was all behind her now, she just wanted to focus on the task at hand. Finishing her essay and then studying for the math test on Tuesday. She wouldn't flunk, she was naturally good at math, a fast-learner. Her teacher adored her as well. Mostly because Sakura actually completed assignments and handed them in on time. She was a straight A student.

She had turned seventeen last March. Yeah, yeah.. she was slightly older then the rest of the other eleventh graders since she turned seventeen in grade ten! Her parents had sent her to school one year later then the rest. Their reason behind it was because she was still too young, so they kept her at home for an extra year.

Oh yeah! She also attended a private school in Toronto. There was no campus which was strange for a boarding school. Mainly because the budget wouldn't allow for the school to build a campus but also because it was fairly new.

Not like those other boarding schools that were basically falling apart! They were planning on adding a campus in the near future, however, Sakura would be long gone before they ever got around to doing that.

The teachers were all friendly and smart too. She felt right at home at private school, even the red uniform didn't bother her in the least. Just one more thing to worry about in the morning.

Finally finishing the outline of her essay, Sakura got to work on her thesis statement (always the worst) and then did some more research on Shakespeare.

A chill ran up her spine, she dropped the book slightly and glanced across from her. Her eyes widened and her lips formed a frown, she snarled under her breath at the person she saw sitting at least four tables away from her.

Sasuke Uchiha. Straight A student like herself, captain of the tennis team and the most gorgeous person alive (although she wouldn't admit to it). Sakura narrowed her eyes at him, his nose was stuck in a book, it looked as if he was finishing his homework as well.

Just her luck to have him in the same area as her on the same day and hour. She let out a deep sigh and tried ignoring him. Finding it almost impossible not to look, Sakura hadn't realized that she was staring at the male. He looked over the top of his book and allowed his eyes to roam around her face. His lips were set in their usual grim line, his eyes seemed darker today, he even seemed sinister in an odd sort of way...

Blinking, Sakura turned away from him and started putting away her things. She had had enough of schoolwork for one afternoon and decided that retiring for a few hours seemed best.

She gathered her things and headed out the door. The mere presence of that man drove her insane! He was just so cocky for his own good. Sakura was almost sure that he knew it as well but just didn't give a damn what others thought.

All of a sudden... a nice hot bath seemed like an excellent idea. It would surely relax her muscles and take her mind away from all of her worries. That included Sasuke Uchiha.

Nearly throwing all her clothes on her bedroom floor, Sakura grabbed a towel and a matching pair of undergarments from her drawer. She headed for the bathroom and turned on the water until the steam fogged the mirror.

She settled herself in the hot water and lay there without a care in the World. She wriggled her toes under water and inhaled with a content smile. This was the life.

She had a lot to think about during her bath. And suddenly when her mind wandered back to schoolwork, she groaned and stood from the bath. Making sure to drain the bathtub, Sakura wrapped a towel around her naked body and used her hand to wipe away the steamed mirror.

She looked slightly rejuvenated then before, but her face grew dark when redness caught her attention. She turned her head almost to the side and looked in the mirror to the right side of her neck.

..blood? Dried up blood marks on her neck?

"What the hell..?" She murmured, her fingers running along the bloodied area. She winced in slight pain and used a cloth to clean away the caked on blood. It looked more like rust to her but that was besides the point!

The real question was: Why there was blood on her neck.

As soon as she had removed the blood stains, Sakura saw the wound. Two tiny holes had punctured through her flesh and drawn blood. But.. how did they end up there?

She didn't remember.. Wait! Last night! With the man!

She racked her brain for any valuable information but only remembered (hardly) the sound of a velvet-smooth voice and a mysterious man. She gripped the sink-counter and stared at her white reflection, not caring that the towel had fallen in a pool at her ankles.

She had put the pieces together finally! The near-death experience last night, the strange man, the way he bit her neck, his voice, and how she awoke in her room after having no recollection of ever getting home.

The voice.. she knew that voice!

It would haunt Sakura to the end of her existence...

"Sh. I won't drain you, I'm just thirsty."

She stood in horror, her heart beating faster then she could ever comprehend. That voice fit awfully well with the image of Sasuke Uchiha. Yes! She was almost sure that that voice from last night belonged to Sasuke!

-but... that meant-

"Sasuke's a vampire..?"

Author's Note: Hey! Okay, that was hella fun! I think my writing is actually getting better! I felt super happy about writing this, even during the process of writing it! Maybe cause it's something new. Vampires! Don't worry, I'll update next week (as always) and we'll see what happens from there. LOOL. Ino's such a moron... Oh! And this is set in Toronto, Ontario. Google map it if you don't know where it is (Canada) that's where I liveXXD haha. Anwyays, supper's ready, ja ne!

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