Bite Me



This early daybreak is vivid for once. When all the memories vanish, who'll be waiting?

Sasuke: 18

Sakura: 17

Sai: 16


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Chapter Thirteen: You, I, and Heartache

The handgun was held tightly in Rose's grasp, her knees shook, promising that they would give out at any minute. Shuu held himself standing up with the help of a nearby wall, azure eyes going from Rose to David. He was in no position to fight, he'd die for sure. Rose on the other hand, was one of the elite slayers since Sai. She was held at a high position, everyone at headquarters praised her skills but for some odd reason, Shuu found himself anxious, was it?

He was suddenly doubting Rose's skills. Sure she was strong but now she was up against David and Shuu wasn't too sure that Rose had it in her to kill the leader of the vampire hunters organization. If she wounded him enough that he couldn't proceed with the battle, they could slip past him and escape without having to end his immortal life.

Rose cringed when David taunted her by lapping up the remaining blood on his hands; he licked his red lips and readied himself to attack.

"..David." she started, hoping that reasoning with his vampire side was somehow a possible thing to accomplish. He didn't seem to even hear her voice calling out his name. She wasn't surprised when he suddenly shot forward and swiped at her exposed throat; Rose did everything she could to dodge but he insisted, trying to grab her, kill her.

Shuu stood back, he was useless, he couldn't even help Rose fight off David. His palms were becoming sweaty from all the anxiety that coursed throughout his body over and over again. He held the gun out at arms length and aimed at a fast moving David. He shot; the sound of the bullet embedding itself into the stone wall made him grunt and curse. The sound of the gunshot caught David's attention; he was fully turned, facing Shuu.

Rose drew in a slow breath and watched David race for Shuu. Her muscles tightened and her heart began to beat faster. She picked herself up from the cold ground and fired a shot.

"..what?!" she cursed when the bullet hadn't left the gun. She threw the jammed firearm to the floor, it was useless to her now, and went to high-kick the vampire, however, her leg was caught in midair and she was flung against the wall. Shuu stumbled to the ground and watched with his wide, blue eyes. David traced the side of Rose's neck with his index finger, loving the way he could feel her pulse beneath the pad of his finger; it was driving him insane.

She looked sideways as best as she could. Shuu was petrified, she could only smile sadly and know that she had saved the young hunter. A bullet pierced through the air, the loud bang not able to alert David of the situation until the bullet burrowed within his thigh. He shrieked and released his hold on Rose; her body shook upon impact with the ground.

Shuu looked behind him to see two figures standing in the darkness, the only prominent thing he could make out in the surrounding darkness was a pair of blood-red eyes; he knew exactly who it was.

"Rose! Shuu!" the girl screamed, running for her comrades. Sai slowly made his way out from the shadows, a gun in hand, his face passive. When he aimed the weapon in David's direction, Rose held her hands up, "Please! D-don't shoot him, he's-"

"-a vampire." Sai stated. Rose glared and listened to Sai go on, "It's his fault that this place is crawling with vampires. The new breeds to be more exact. Most of your fellow teammates are probably vampires now too." Rose sucked in a breath and turned her head away.

She knew all too well that Sai was absolutely right; she knew that David had been the start of the outbreak. "He has to die." Sai said, stepping closer to her, his gun never wavering. "They might escape into the city and-"

"You're one to talk." Rose growled, standing up and glaring at the vampire. "You're dangerous too! So..." she quickly took possession of Alexia's handgun and aimed for Sai. "..why should I let you live on? You're no different from any other vampire." Alexia shook her head, "Rose.. don't be-"

"-stop protecting him. He's the enemy, what you've done is called treason." she chuckled to herself, "It's disgusting, really. Siding with a creature such as him. Alexia, you're disgracing the organization's name." said girl stood up from her kneeling position on the ground. "Listen to yourself! You sound exactly like David!" As soon as Rose heard Alexia's heel 'click' against the ground, she took out the dagger from the holster around her thigh and held it close to her throat.

"You're a fool, Alexia. You sided with the enemy when he could have easily turned on you whenever he wanted to." Alexia stopped her advance and looked out towards Sai. He shook his head, telling her that he wouldn't hurt her. The girl smiled to herself and nodded, "No. You're the fool. Sai isn't going to hurt anyone, he wouldn't." Rose growled again, "It's in his nature! He requires blood to go on living. You're just another meal for him."

She saw the way Sai cocked his gun and then a bullet was released. She shot too, as soon as she saw Sai do the same. He ducked and wasn't fazed, Alexia gasped when David fell lifeless to the ground beside her. Blood pouring out from the gaping hole in his chest.

"Rose, it's over, so-" she cut in, "Step down Alexia. I'm your superior." Sai chuckled, "If you all want to live, come with me. The only way for us to get out of here alive is to manually shut off the alarm system."

"..that's in the basement!" Shuu said, "There will be more vampires down there." Sai shrugged, "Do as you please." Alexia watched him take his leave and followed close behind him. He had saved her life, she owed him so much more for that.

"Alexia!" the elder captain yelled, Shuu stood up and limped his way towards the other two, he wasn't going to die. Rose shuddered, "..Shuu!" she screamed after him, "Put aside your pride and come with us." the male said, smiling warmly. Rose took one step forward and then another. She kept moving until she was directly behind the group.

...maybe for once.. she'd let go of her pride and just listen.

"Has the pain subsided?" Sasuke asked, stroking the back of her knuckles with the pad of his thumb. She bit into her bottom lip and shook her head. "" he held her, kissed her lovingly. "We'll get through this, Sakura." he promised, "Do you need blood?" she stared at him with her wide emerald eyes; watched the way he removed his shirt and threw it to the floor without another care. He pulled her on top of him, held her waist, "Go on, it's okay." he said with a smile. She nodded, didn't even resist. Her fingers were tangled in his mass of ebony locks of hair, her fangs pierced the side of his neck, the sweet essence seeping into her mouth.

She felt the grip on her tighten, he was in pain too now. She pulled away when a grunt left his throat. Sakura held his face between her hands and kissed him, drowned out the groans of pain with her tongue. And he continued to hold her, he wouldn't let go.


Sasuke took note of the black lines that stayed glued to the skin just beneath Sakura's eyes. They were noticeable too, as if she didn't get any sleep for a multitude of days. That wasn't the case because Sasuke had been with her the entire time. She slept heavily, not even waking up in the middle of the night. He stroked her pink hair, wrapped the blanket more securely around the two of them. Her body temperature was dropping rapidly, she'd freeze to death.

Even so, he wouldn't let her go; that was a promise.

" you smell that?" she asked a few minutes later, looking out at the open window and sniffing the air more intensely. She stood from the bed, pushed away all the blankets and neared the window. In the horizon, the sun was nearly set behind the lush trees.

"What is it?" Sasuke asked, not being able to pick up whatever Sakura had smelled moments ago.

She gasped inwardly, placed her foot on the window sill, and looked back at Sasuke with a grim look on her face, "It's Naruto."

"Shoot any vampires you see, even if they are your comrades." Shuu nodded, not wanting to even think about his teammates as vampires and trying to kill him. So far they had encountered no enemies but that would all soon change once they reached the basement floor.

Sai had already confirmed that he could sense many of them. This had Shuu on edge, one of them could easily die down there. Especially if they were overpowered by the vampires; even with Sai on their side, it would be hard to kill all of them.

Now they were wandering around in the dark. They had already reached the basement but nothing had happened yet. "Okay, the lab's this way, right?" Sai asked Alexia who nodded her head. "We all stick together." he said lastly before they walked towards the half-destroyed laboratory door. Once they had entered the door, they were ambushed by tons of vampires. Many of which were squad members.

"First we kill them, then we disable the lock. Go!" he ordered and everyone started battling. Alexia had a backup gun which she used to her hearts' content. One by one, the vampires dropped like flies. Alexia started to get weary and her combat moves become sloppy, that's what did her in. The female vampire tackled her to the ground, Alexia lost her breath from the impact but just as quickly knocked the creature off of her. She aimed the gun and fired. The bullet hit its mark and the female fell to the floor, lifeless.

Sai made his way to the computer, which was in pretty rough shape, and accessed the online alarm. In order to disable the alarm, it required a code. Sai thought back to when he was a slayer and punched in the keys, together they spelled: Annihilation

He heard a click and various other clicks, the computer showed a map of headquarters and where the exits were. They had all been successfully unlocked by himself. He turned to the others, "Okay, all locks are now disabled. I say were search for survivors and then leave 'cause if we don't.. they'll be burned down with this damn place."

Alexia looked at him in confusion, "Wait, what?" he sighed, "We have to burn it down, if anything escapes into the city we'll have a serious problem." she nodded, understanding the male.

They had been sprinting, following Naruto's scent. Sakura could pick up the smell of blood as well, so she'd have to be extra careful to control herself. When they finally found the male, he was pinned against an alley wall, two vampires ruthlessly attacking him. Sakura bit back tears and charged head on to where the vampires were, she tackled one to the ground and successfully ripped out her throat.

With a satisfied grin, Sasuke ran at the other vampire still holding Naruto and tore the two apart. While Sasuke was taking care of the rogue vampire, Sakura went to check up on Naruto, he was bloodied up but they were inflicted from being clawed at and not bitten. That was a huge relief.

"..Naruto." she spoke quietly, nudging him. He looked up at the girl's face with his drowsy, blue eyes and smiled weakly. "I.. -think I've f-finally lost my damn mind." he chuckled to himself, thinking that what he was seeing was merely an illusion. Sakura couldn't help but laugh along with the male, she signaled to Sasuke who had killed the vampire. He walked over to her, "We need to tend to these wounds." she explained, already trying to lift Naruto up by herself. Sasuke took hold of the male and they sprinted off back to the hotel.

"I guess this is it." Sai said, speaking of the survivors. Alexia looked down sadly and then glanced over at all the tired faces of her comrades. Shuu was tired as hell, he looked as if he'd pass out at any minute. Rose had her arm slung around him to steady the boy, prevent him from collapsing.

"Sai.. thank you. -for everything." Alexia said with a smile, she turned to watch the blazing inferno that engulfed headquarters in smoldering hot flames. The building was ready to cave in and be reduced to nothing but dust once the flames had subsided. Sai nodded and tossed the girl the handgun he had, she caught it with ease and gazed at him one last time before they all started on their own way. The vampire merely perched himself in a tree and continued to watch the ruthless fire eat away at headquarters.

A sigh left his lips, what had he gained? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. He was alone now and forever; Sasuke and Sakura hated him. -damn! He even hated himself for what he put Sakura through. And yet.. the irony of it was that he'd have to live with the guilt for eternity.


"Naruto." Sakura whispered as soon as she and Sasuke had finished bandaging him up. His lids lifted, piercing blue was revealed. He shook his head a little, placed a bruised hand on his forehead and let out a quick grunt of pain. The two took a single back step when Naruto sat up and clutched at his stomach in agony.

"..what the..." he looked up at the two teenagers, blinked twice and rubbed at his eyes before glancing back at them. "I must be drunk.. or high." he said with a rough sigh. "This is real." Sakura finally said, a smile on her face. Naruto laughed, "Right." he stressed and got up, stretched and stepped closer to the pair. "So I'm supposed to believe that the teme is standing in front of me." he flicked the vampire's nose and scoffed, "Oh sure."

"Naruto." Sakura started, a little annoyed. "This is not a joke. We're real dammit!" Sakura placed both hands on her hips and let out a long sigh, she looked over at Sasuke for some type of backup. "How can we prove to him that this is real?" Sasuke choked back a laugh, "Should we... bite him?" and then he snickered just a little. Naruto almost toppled over the bed when he heard what Sasuke had said.

"B-bite me?" he stammered, closing a hand over his throat and gulping. Sakura rolled her eyes and strode over to him and punched one of his wounds, causing the idiot to howl in utter pain. "There! The pain proves you're not dreaming!" she exclaimed with triumph. Sasuke looked at him with dark eyes and a sinister smile before saying, "We're vampires, Naruto."

"-v-ampires.. Real vampires..?" he questioned, a little scared. "We're not going to hurt you, dumbass." Sakura cut in impatiently. She pointed to him for a second, "Don't you remember being attacked at all?" Naruto scratched his head and turned his gaze up to the ceiling.

"You were attacked by rogue vampires, we saved your sorry butt." the girl finished. "Remember now?" Naruto nodded his head, "I was closing up the shop for the night and I was suddenly... snatched out of nowhere and thrown against a wall. It knocked the wind right out of me, I thought I was going to pass out."

"Sasuke and I brought you back to our room and patched you all up." Naruto looked at all the bandages adorning his body. "So.. you and the teme really are vampires then." Sakura clapped her hands, "What gave it away? Was it when Sasuke told you what we are?" Naruto sighed, "You're still as cold as always, Sakura." she laughed, "I'm not cold, am I?" she looked back at Sasuke, "Eh.. sometimes you can be a little cold."

"What's it like... being a vampire?" Naruto asked innocently. "I'd rather not get into the details but basically we're stronger and faster than a human." Sasuke smirked, "And we drink blood!" he piped in.

"Rose!" Sai called, chasing after the small group of survivors. "I need your help. Do you know anyone with the ability to make this?" he asked the woman and at the same time presented her the professor's suppressant instructions. She took it from Sai and examined it with a frown, "What is it?" she asked, "Blood suppressants." Rose knew exactly what he meant and finally after another quick look over the paper, she nodded.

"Give me a few days, I should have them done." he smiled, "You're not going to poison me, are you?" Alexia laughed, "Don't worry, I'll watch her like a hawk." They said a curt goodbye before Sai took his leave, knowing exactly where he had to go and what he had to do.

"I can smell him." Sasuke stated. The vampire glared at the window and before he knew it, Sai had appeared in the hotel room, hands in his pockets. Sakura gazed at him, suddenly not able to speak, only stare in shock. "What're you doing here, bastard?" Sasuke snarled, baring his fangs.

"I've found someone to make the suppressants, she'll have them ready in a couple days." Sasuke scoffed, "And you had to show your unwelcome face just to tell us that?" he made a fist, ready to punch the fucker in the face and rip him to pieces. Naruto sat back, sipping at his still hot tea and looking from Sasuke to Sai. He was afraid that they'd actually fight and kill each other. He cleared his throat to get their attention but only saw Sai look over at him in confusion.

"..Naruto?" he asked, squinting his eyes as if to get a better look at his face. He nodded and smiled, "The one and only." Sakura stood, "Sai.. why-" he cut in, "I'm so sorry, Sakura I.. I never intended to hurt you. It wasn't my choice and he- he said that my sister would die if I didn't comply. What was I supposed to do? Run away?!" he was shaking with anger, his eyes closed.

Sakura looked at him with sad eyes, "It's over now.. it's all going to be okay." she hushed him, wrapping her arms around him and pulling the male to her. "Sh, I forgive you." Sasuke watched everything with his mouth hanging open, "So... does this mean I can't beat the shit out of him?" Naruto patted Sasuke's shoulder, "Poor little teme."

Naruto put down the cup of tea and stretched before heading for the door, "I'm going back to Hinata. She's going to flip out when I tell her that Shuu is still not back. Dammit, where is that kid?" Sakura's heart stopped beating for a second, she glanced at Sasuke, both with the same expression but it was Sai that spoke next. "Shuu's heading home as we speak although.."

"He's alive?" Sakura nearly screamed, Naruto gawked at what she said, "What do you mean he's alive? What the hell happened?" Sakura laughed nervously and then pointed to Sasuke, looking down in shame, "Sasuke will tell you." he rolled his eyes at the female, "I'll remember this the next time I've got your back."

Naruto held up his hands, "Someone give me answers now." Sasuke looked at him and casually told him everything, "Well.. don't freak out or anything! I sorta almost killed your son but.. he started it!" he countered, "So what you're telling me is that you basically killed my only son." Sasuke nodded, "I never knew it was your son and he was trying to take a peak at her boobs!" the vampire said, pointing a finger at Sakura who flushed a deep red.

Sai whistled, "Damn, pervert runs in the family I guess." Sakura was basically as red as a beet, she trembled and wanted to smash in Sasuke's face. "He's fine Naruto, there's nothing to worry about, minimal damage done." Naruto nodded, half listening, "Okay I'm just going to leave now." and he dashed out the door, "He's pissed." Sasuke said lastly before turning on his heel to look at the other two.

One Week Later

Rose, in her final year of university, had finally finished the suppressants and told the three vampires that it was powerful and should only be taken in small doses. She said that it should allow them to eat human food for up to a week before they had to take another pill.

So far the suppressants had been a success. Sasuke had used some of the money he inherited to buy their own penthouse in Toronto. In her spare time, Sakura would shop mostly and even hook up with a few of the ex-hunters to catch a movie and do normal teenage things.

Now they were somehow the protectors of the city. They visited Naruto on a regular basis and made jokes about his age and the fact that they never grew old. He let them tease him because then... it would feel as if time had never passed and he were still in high school. A young, rebellious, dumbass who was prepared for anything.


"You bit me there of all places!" Sakura moaned, watching Sasuke's eyes from her lower regions. He smirked and said a curt sorry. He had pierced the flesh right above her.. you know! Now she had two small fang marks there.

He held her hips, his hands stroking, his mouth and tongue hot and demanding. She gave in, whimpering and about to come. He wouldn't let her release so soon into their sex. Instead, he ignored his own needs and desires and stopped moving to speak in that low, husky tone.

"You know I love you, right?" Sakura flushed, "You had to stop just to tell me that? Of course I knew!" he claimed her mouth again. His tongue running over every inch of her crevice; damn. He would never ever tire of her. How the hell could he when she was so fuckin' addicting.

It didn't matter to him what they had to endure just to be together. Immortal and so deeply in love that it drove him crazy. He didn't give shit what bridges they had to cross, how much crap they had to deal with because he wouldn't let her go to anyone. She was his just as he was hers.

They belonged to together.

She moved beneath him, "S-Sasuke.." she whimpered, grinding against him just so he would plow into her again and again until she found the purest release. He smirked, kissed her and pushed inside of her. She cried out and wrapped her arms around him, clawed at his back, sucked in tight breaths.

She came hard, Sasuke right with her. He rolled off of her and simply lay beside the young girl. Her face was slightly blushed, her lips bruised. Sasuke wrapped the thin sheets around the two and they cuddled into the warmth of their bodies. He traced circles along her upper arm, "You don't mind being stuck with me forever, do you?" he pressed his cheek to the crook of her neck and listened to her glorious laugh.

"Of course not! I love you, silly!"

It was at that moment that Sai burst through their bedroom door, a smirk on his face. Sakura screamed at the top of her lungs and tried covering as much of her naked body as possible.

"Horny bastards." he mumbled under his breath and grabbed for his Ipod that he had left in the penthouse yesterday evening when he and a few others had been over for a gathering.

"What the hell's your Ipod doing in our fuckin' bedroom you sick perv!" Sakura yelled, hurling a few pillows at Sai's retreating form. She fell back against the bed and let out a long sigh, Sasuke chuckled beside her and pulled the small woman on top of him, "Well, as long as you're still feisty..."

And Sakura just had to laugh at Sasuke. They had all eternity to get Sai back for his little interruption and she'd make damn sure he'd pay one way or another.

Author's Note: Okay, okay! So that was the LAST chapter. I know, it was very short but I lost interest in the story. I have thought of another story but it will also be a short one. The title will most likely be: Blush Sakura and will sort of be like I Dare You except without the huge time skip. It'll be a high school fic, because I just LOVE writing high school fics! Hm, thank you to everyone who read and reviewed this story. My very first vampire story and I'll probably write one in the future. My writing is on hold for a bit, I haven't been able, I've tired and it's so hard now. I lose too much interest too quickly.

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