Chapter One

The bitter breeze caressed chapped cheeks, as the autumn sun dappled dimly on the faded and dying leaves of the surrounding trees. Breaths puffed out in harsh clouds of transparent fog as the teenaged boy walked down the cracked cement of the sidewalk. His golden hair shone with a bright candence, putting the suns dim rays to shame. His pale cheeks sweetly adorned by three whiskers, were made even more pronounced by a pertly upturned nose and voluptuous red lips. But what really caught the onlooker or odd passerby, were the haunting blue eyes, both of which sparkled with an iridescent inner glow. He was small in frame and had a quiet and depressing aura about his person. His ragged faded orange coat barely served to cover him as well as his tattered blue jeans and worn sneakers, all adding to the picture of utter dejection.

Naruto shivered as he trudged his way to his home on the empty sidewalk. He hated this neighborhood. It was practically abandoned, due to the fact that it was a low income area and not many people enjoyed the weather in the small town in the first place. What he hated the most though, was the eeire quiteness and the way everything in this area seemed to be dead or dying. Even in the summertime. The trees would stand upright, their dying limbs stretched towards the skies as if they were praying to some pagan god, the grass would be browned, and the birds never sang, unless you count the shrieking of the crows, but even they didn't dare disturb the silence. He hated the lack of life that was the constant atmosphere. Often times he would hurry and rush to get home to escape the stifling soundlessness that prevaded the area.

If he and his foster father could afford to move out of this disreputable neighborhood, then they would have, a long time ago, but since they couldn't, then it was pointless to waste limited resources that they didn't have to try and leave the desolate area. Almost reaching his destination, not more than a hundred yards from his door, he looked up. Like he always did, and caught sight of the manor that was placed kitty corner from his home. It was abandoned, and had been for at least a hundred years. Not many would venture there, not looking the way it did. It was huge in the first place. Enormously so. The family that once lived there had been prideful and had been arrogant and it showed in the way they built their house. It was made to withstand even time itself.

It was made of stone and brick, and it had many fixtures about its premises. Gruesome statues and iron gates aligned the walls and windows. The roof slanted and curved, its ceiling panes crooked with age. There were enormous amounts of windows, some that were stained, and others that appeared as if they belonged in a gothic cathedral. Even being as old as it was, there was nothing apparently wrong with it. No windows were broken or cracked with age, vines dared not grow on its stony walls, statues were only slightly weather beaten and the iron gates did not appear to have any rust upon their surfaces, infact, the only problem that could be found was the chilling way the house stood, or where it stood. Ontop of a small hill was a family cementary behind it, and it was surrounded by dying trees and plants. There was also the history of the mansion and its creators to be considered as well.

There once lived a proud clan. The Uchiha Clan. One of the most powerful clans ever to exsist. But with power comes great arrogance and greed. And they had much greed and corruption within there clan, not to mention insanity. It was said that the Uchiha's would burn their own kind if they found them lacking in any way, burn them and let their ashes drift afloat, for they would not bury them on sacred Uchiha ground, where so many of the prestigious lay dead. Not only that, but at that point in time, they were also the ones that enforced the witch hunts. Many people were killed during the reign of the Uchiha's, many people, many innocent people as well. But what comes around goes around. In this case, the Uchiha's got what they so richly deserved. The prodigal son, who had been eighteen at the time, went insane with arrogance and with greed and hatred, so delusioned that he commenced in a heinous crime. Being mad beyond all recognition he proceeded to slaughter the entire main branch. None survived. Not the head of the clans, nor even the most insignificant died, including the younger son, who at the time, was not but six years old. Painted the walls with blood, the eldest son did. Bodies filledl the hallways, permeating the air with the stench of rotting flesh. Unable to cope with his insanity he hung himself inside a small mausoleum in the cementary behind his home.

Naruto shook himself out of his trance. It always felt as if there was someone staring out at him from beyond the brick walls, but even he knew that what he felt was an impossiblity. He walked quietly up to his door and twisted the worn doorknob and pushed against the cheap and chipped paint of the door and stepped inside, but not before getting one last glimpse of the Uchiha Mansion. Turning back to his home and shutting the front door he made srue his father wasn't home, and rushed to his room, but not before he stopped into the bathroom to see if his earlier encounter with some kids in his class, had not left their tell-tell marks on his face. Gazing at the mirror he touched his lips, sure that there would be a bruise or a cut. Looking closely, he gave a shuddering relieving sigh, that there were no traces of the fight, but couldn't help but think back on what had occured so early in the day.


"Either you're going to give us what we want, or we're going to beat you into a bloody pulp again. What's going to be bitch?" Snickered the leader of the gang. He had wild unruly hair, brown eyes, red tattoos on his cheeks and pointy canines when he smiled.

"Lets just go. This is a drag, Kiba." Muttered another one, slightly behind Kiba.

"No, Shikamaru. I want it, and I want it now." Wickedly proclaimed the wild haired leader. Something gleaming unnaturally in his eyes.

"And what would that be, to prove your a better man by beating up a kid smaller than you?" Shikamaru scathingly told the other.

"Either he's going to give me all of his homework or I'm going to take it from him." Kiba snarled out. "And no one's gonna stop me!"

"Can't I just go home. I'll give you the homework on Monday, I don't have it with me today." Naruto pleaded. He didn't relish being beat up today.

"Why don't you go home Naruto, I'll deal with this." Shikamaru lazily replied to the blonde.

Not hesistating once, Naruto went to run by the group, but somoene managed to push him down and punch him in the face. Pretty soon the whole group joined in, stomping and kicking Naruto's body, repetitively. Never once letting up on him. Naruto was sure he was going to die right here on school grounds, no one would mourn him, except for his foster father Iruka.

"I would advice you all to stop...NOW!" Raising his voice Shikamaru continued. "Are you all really that idiotic and impotent?..Do you feel better when you all gang up on one kid, who by the way can't be over 5'2"? I would hate for anyone with authority to catch wind of this little scuffle, because I've got a good idea it wont look good for any of you. Especially you Kiba, seeing as how you instigated this mess. If I were any of you, I would walk away right now, before I could get incriminated with anything else tonight." All stood in awe of the lazy genius. Not once had they ever heard him raise his voice, to say they were shocked would be an understatement.

Not wanting to invoke the teenaged boy anymore, some started to walk away, all the while looking over their shoulders, staring from Kiba, to Shikamaru, and finally to Naruto. All was quiet as one by one they began to leave, till only Kiba, Shikamaru, and Naruto were left.

"What the hell Shikamaru, it never bothered you before." Kiba spat out at the other.

"Obviously you don't know me very well. I never joined in when you beat Naruto or anyone else up for that matter, and to be honest I never really liked bullying others in the first place. It's troublesome and a waste of my time." Shikamaru told the other all the while gazing up at the sky with his hands behind his head.

"What? How can you say that? We've been friends for years!" Kiba shouted at the other.

"No, I just thought we were. Why don't you run along home and leave before something else happens that you're going to regret. Because quiet frankly nothing's looking good for you right now. Oh and by the way, don't let me catch you messing with Naruto again, Got it?" Shikamaru lightly warned Kiba. "I would hate for your parents to find out." This time he added a arrogant smirk to the spoken words.

Kiba spluttered angrily, before turning his back and storming off, but not of course before he yelled over his shoulder,"You'll pay, both of you will. You're dead, you just don't know it yet!"

"Yeah, yeah, aren't you ever the originalist." He replied back to Kiba's threat. Looking down at Naruto he offered his hand. "Here let me help you up."

Naruto could do nothing more than to stare up at him gaping like a fish. Out of all the things, he didn't expect this. Especially not from Kiba's best friend. Taking the hand that was offered him, Naruto could only hope this wasn't another sick joke.

"Alright, I'm pretty sure they're not going to do anything else tonght, so you should be save. Goodnight, and I'll see you at school on Monday." Shikamaru waved and walked away, his hands in his pockets and his head leaned back gazing at the sky. Naruto was pretty sure he heard him say something about helping others was "Such a drag."

End of Flashback

He was glad somebody actually stood up for him. But it brought more complications to the situation. Oh well. Making his way to his room, he slipped out of his school clothes and into soft sweat pants that were three sizes to big and a shirt with Coheed and Cambria on the front of it, that was also to big for him and fell to his knees, then proceeded to lay down for bed.

The haunting music struck deeply in Naruto's heart. It was desperate, it was lonely, it was everything his life knew. Suddenly the violin stopped. The heartrendering melody ceased. Silence washed over Naruto, creeping its way from out of nowhere to wrap him a cocoon of desolation.

Suddenly he found himself on a silky red surface. The material seemed to be made of satin, and was so soft against his back. Before his mind could adjust to the swift change pale hands emerged, from where he knew not, and began to caress his skin, leaving not an inch of the creamy tan skin left alone. Naruto let out gasping breaths as the sensations evoked fire among his veins.

Red eyes bared themselves before the blonde, taking in and gauging the reactions of Naruto as he writhed on the bed. Raven hair fell forward as lips pressed against Naruto, soothing the aching fire, and yet stoking the flames.

"Burn for me. Take me within your pure and innoncent soul." Was whispered in husky, melodious, and dulcent tones. Naruto could only whimper in his agreement. The face leaned in closer, and before Naruto could gain a better view of his lover's features, he felt pinpricks on his neck. Sharp pain shot up, and Naruto cried out in agony.

Naruto woke with a start. His hands shook as he reached up to his tan and sweating neck. Searching for the place he was sure where he was bitten. Finding none, he laid back down against his pillows. His breathing rushing out of him in jerky gasps. Never had he ever had such vivid dreams. Especially one that could be termed for a wet dream. To be honest, he really couldn't tell if his lover had even been female. Glancing over at the flashing red of his alarm clock, he realized he must have missed Iruka coming home because the time on the clock read midnight. Shaking the dream off, he laid his head back down to the pillow, but not before he heard the sound of a violin's strings, mourning out their last breaths. Fading away into silence.

Raven hair fell in front of a pale face as it stood staring out the window at the small house across the road. Smirking he placed the violin on a diner table, enjoying the way the moon gleamed on the outer surface of the worn instrument. He thought back to what happened. Licking his lips he thought of the blonde who had willingly responded to his gentle caresses. If he had not known better, he would have sweared he was the one dreaming. Nothing that innoncent nor perfect could ever exsist, and yet it did. He remebered seeing the boy pass by this house everyday, and everyday he would stop and gaze at the large mansion, sometimes stopping for at least half an hour. He was magnificent and yet, the raven sensed a certain dejectedness flowing off the blonde. No matter, his next meal was sure to be an interesting one.