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"Uh…heh…he….um…Maybe we could talk this out?" Naruto gulped, fear making him squeal loudly as Sasuke made his way over to the shuddering blonde.

"There will be no talking only actions, for I find the speak far better than words. But I will give you this, you will not let that boy touch you again. He may be your friend that is it! I will not have him thinking you are his." Sasuke punctuated each word with a harsh kiss on the tan flesh of the blonde.

"What….do you…mean? Shikamaru and I are only friends!" Naruto tried to struggle, he really did, but the raven had quickly overpowered him and pressed his body flush against the other to still any movement.

"Ha…I will not be fooled, but hush, the time for discussion is over." Sasuke silenced whatever protest Naruto had by kissing him flush on the lips. Sidetracking Naruto, Sasuke caressed ever inch of skin within his reach and began to seduce the now only semi-reluctant blonde.

Naruto awoke to the overbearingly loud beeping of his alarm clock, before smacking it harshly to shut it off. Flashbacks of the night's dream caused a heavy blush to grace his features.

He had to admit, he must have some sort of genius to come up with a dream like that and for it to keep recurring as well. Maybe he should turn into a story or novel one day.

"Naruto are you awake?" The sweet voice of Iruka wafted in the air. "I have breakfast made."

Naruto perked up and promptly forgot about any of the dreams he had had in lieu of the presence of food. Quickly going through the motions of daily hygiene and toiletries he hassled himself downstairs.

"Naruto.." Began Iruka as the both settled down for the meal, "I have a meeting with a DHS worker concerning another foster care teenager later this afternoon, so I won't be home till seven tonight. Will you be fine?" The brunette fixed kind and gentle eyes on the young blonde.

Naruto shook his head in affirmation before digging into his plate of food. He was use to Iruka taking in foster children. Truly he saw no reason to be churlish with sharing the adored foster father. Iruka could nurse the worst back into a healthy state, and Naruto would know that. He had only to look at himself to know that, with that he just continued on eating.

Iruka graced a smile at the understanding blonde. But slowly that smile began to fade as he thought of Naruto's past. Shaking himself out of it he looked at his watch and cursed. Grabbing the worn coat hanging from his chair he leapt out, yanked his suitcase off the counter and proceeded to run out the house all the while yelling at Naruto to make sure he got to school on time and to not get into to much trouble, before heading to his meeting.

Naruto giggled silently while he cleaned up his and Iruka's breakfast mess. Making sure everything was done, he grabbed his things and left for school.

School amazingly passed uneventful for Naruto which was a blessing to the small teen. He enjoyed classes that he was amazed to realize he had with Shikamaru, and he especially enjoyed lunch where the two had conversations over every insignificant details.

The last bell of the day rang out and Naruto had felt like this was what normal kids experienced while waiting for Shikamaru by his locker. The two made it out of the school where the passed Kiba and his groupies, who in astonishment for Naruto, were extremely quite.

Kiba watched the blonde, one day vowing to have that kid under him and believe it when he said they wouldn't be wrestling.

Shikamaru looked over at the smiling blonde and yet again experienced the affliction of butterflies that had been prevalent through the whole day with the blonde. It had started when Naruto had looked at him in first period and had exclaimed "I didn't realize you were in this class…" and had continued for the better part of the day.

"Hey Naruto…." The brunetter stopped abruptly on the sidewalk.

"Yes Shikamaru?" The blonde turned around and faced the still brunette.

"Do you want to hand out ?" Shikamaru asked the other as his hands folded behind his head, watching the sky.

"Yeah….that would be great!" The blonde exclaimed and hugged his friend. Who quickly tried to disentangle himself from the now energetic blonde.

"Great….well see you tomorrow." The brunette shaking his head while the blonde skipped along to his house in an extremely good mood. Too bad for him that was going to change.

Running up to his house he ran through the doorway only to be stopped by the sight of raven hair spiked in the back of someone's head, and a tall muscular body that stood in the hallway near the kitchen.

The said raven turned and saw Naruto who had become as still as death standing under the arch of the door. Smirking he quietly waited for the blonde to begin speaking.

Before Naruto could even utter a word, Iruka came bustling out of the kitchen and saw the boys standing there staring at each other.

"Oi, Naruto…shut the door. By the way this is your new foster brother Sasuke Hayate, please show him to your room, as we just got in." Iruka told the other as he began to make his way back to the kitchen, "Oh Kakashi-sensei will be over for supper tonight to, so could you set the table up?"

Naruto stood a few more minutes before numbly walking his way up the stairs with the raven following behind him. He was scared speechless. For this kid…this teenager was the spitting image of the Sasuke of his dreams.

"You know dobe….it's polite to introduce yourself to your new family." The raven's too smooth voice pointed out. Eyes watching the blonde's every move as they made it to the room.

"Why are you here….I thought you were a dream!" Naruto snapped out suddenly aware that he was more confused right now than he had been in his entire life.

"What do you mean? I've never met you in my life!" The raven smirked at the other. "So you fantasize about me huh? You must have seen my file or something, not that I am complaining we should have a nice start then….dobe. I think we are going to be real close……real close."

They made it through supper without a hitch. Naruto could not get over the fact that this teen….was the exact man he had been dreaming about. He decided to himself that he must have seen his picture somewhere to have started to fantasize about him like that. Its not like the raven knew him either.

He hoped he would dream of some other person, because he didn't think he could continuing dreaming of the Sasuke in his dreams and face the foster brother Sasuke for shame and embarrassment, and…lust.

The boys cleaned up in what Iruka thought and hoped was a moment of bonding. They hadn't argued all though Naruto had averted his eyes while Sasuke smirked. He hoped nothing had happened in the room while they had been alone.

The boys made their way upstairs and into the room when something hit Naruto like a ton of bricks….there was only one bed…a very small bed….a bed that would barely fit to people on it.


"What's the matter dobe…scared to share a bed?" Sasuke smirked at Naruto. He really enjoyed playing games with him. Wait till he finds out about who he really is shortly. That's when the real fun would begin.

"Quit calling me dobe! Teme! And no I am not scared of sharing a bed, I just…uh….uh…didn't want to shock your sensibilities prissy boy! Naruto quickly lied hoping the other wouldn't see through it. Naruto really didn't like his new foster brother. He was smug, arrogant, and he just rubbed the other wrong in so many ways.

"Oh believe me, I won't be shocked. Now enough talking I want to get some sleep for tomorrow's sake." The impervious raven haughtily told the other.

Naruto fumingly did as he was told and made his way to bed, to tired and bothered and confused for a shower that night.

"I'm getting the outside so move over dobe." Sasuke poked and prodded at Naruto until he moved over, all the while muttering under his breath about bossy "temes"

Shutting his eyes the blonde ignored the wriggling raven and promptly fell asleep.

Sometime later in the night he was woke by tickling sensations on his exposed stomach. Looking down he saw pale hands caressing his flesh. Jerking wide awake and realizing this wasn't a dream he looked over and saw the crimson eyes of the raven.

"Glad to see you awake Naruto…or should I call you brother?"