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Full Summary: My friends and I were playing our favorite video game FFXII, until my TV sucked me in and my friends followed me in! And now we have to team up with the FFXII Characters and find a way home! And then, it turns out we have these powers that woke up when we entered this place. And there's these guys out to destory us, too! Man...what happened to the normal life we once had? Will we ever go home? Join us on Our Adventure With The Final Fantasy Gang!

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His icy blue eyes stared blankly at the young boy who kneeled before him, head down. "XII, are you ready?" he asked in his deep, smooth voice.


"Do you swear to protect the Fantasy Gamers as they help the hero's of Dalmasca, until the end?" he asked, crossing his right leg over his left.


"With your life?"


His stare hardened. "Do you know the situation you will be put through, along with the Gamers?"


He nodded and spun his chair around to face a large computer screen that was planted on the wall. "All right," he mumbled softly, "I'm putting all my trust into you to change the future and stop Ryan and Trevor. Kaleb… Turn on the machine."

"Yes sir!"

"I wish you the best of luck…XII."

The boy lifted up his head and stared at the back of his masters head. He knew he couldn't fail him. "I'll do my best." He stood up, heading towards the fairly large iridescent glowing portal, but not before taking one last glance at his Master. Then, he disappeared. Kaleb rushed out of the room, leaving the icy blue eyed man alone to stare at words and numbers on the screen.

The corner of his mouth twitched up.

"I believe in you and the Gamers…XII."

(-Days Later. Nicole-)

It was just an ordinary day. My dad was working. One of my older brothers was at their friend's house and my two older sisters were the mall. I would have gone with them, but I really didn't feel like leaving the house today. I just felt like sitting around in my pajamas, watching TV, playing video games, and eating junk food. Who wouldn't?

"Hey, Nicole, pass the popcorn, please?"

"Sure, Stephanie," I replied as I handed my blonde friend the bowl of popcorn. Stephanie smiled at me, her light brown eyes shining. Smiling was her way of saying thanks.

"Hand me the popcorn next." Anna mumbled as she snuggled up in her newly bought Snuggie.

"Ok!" Steph smiled.

"Anna, you lazy bum, at least say please." I laughed as Anna punched Conway in the face. Conway backed away and sat back down on my chair, mumbling some cuss words. That was my weak older brother, for you.

"Conway, you weakling! Get pumped!" Daniel exclaimed as he grabbed Conway by the shoulders and shook him.

"Haha! Conway just got owned!" A ravened haired girl who went by the name of Erika, laughed at she pointed at Conway.

"Oh, stop it!" I scolded her as I smacked her with my shoe.

"Ow! Bitch!"

I rolled my eyes. She could be such a child sometimes.

"Daniel! Get back to playing the game, damn it! I was watching and it just got to the interesting part!" Anna exclaimed as she grabbed her brother and dragged him back over to his spot in front of the TV where he sat as he played my Final Fantasy XII game.

"All right, all right," Daniel muttered. He grabbed the controller off the ground and un-paused the game, playing where he had left off.

Anna, satisfied, walked back over to my bed where she once had sat. Stephanie sat next to her and Erika sat on my window still. Conway was sitting in my chair, next to my desk, so I just plopped myself down next to Daniel and watched as he played my game.

"Damn, Balthier is cute." I drooled. Who doesn't drool at the site of Balthier? I mean, seriously, c'mon! He's damn cute!

"Why don't you marry him?" Erika rolled her eyes playfully and laughed.

"If I could I definitely would!" I joked back. Hah, like that'll ever happen anyways. This is the real world. Balthier and everyone else in Final Fantasy XII were only game characters. I looked back at the TV, as a thought came to my head. "But…wouldn't it be interesting…" I murmured.

"What would be interesting?" Anna piped up, arching a brow.

"If we could like…be in the game itself and have the adventure with them." I replied, hugging my knees to my chest and laying my head on top of my knees.

"Nah, too much trouble. Having to go through all of that, ya know." Anna said.

Stephanie brought a hand to her mouth and giggled as she said, "Too much trouble, but so much fun!"

I nodded and smiled. "Yeah!" But…my friends and I weren't anything special. It's not like that could ever happen, could it? If only…

Everyone sighed. Anna looked around the room a bit pissed. Daniel was pushing random buttons on the game controller, Erika was almost asleep, and Conway looked bored out of his mind and Steph was still eating popcorn with a weird look on her face. How long have I been day dreaming?

"What's wrong?" I questioned them.

"Your TV suddenly turned off." Daniel replied, still pushing random buttons. Yeah, like that's gonna work. But I wouldn't tell him that. He could be very scary when he was mad. He's rarely ever mad though. Irritated? A lot of the time, yes. Mad? Rare. Very rare.

I blinked at what he said. That's odd…

"Did someone sit on the remote again?" Conway asked as he looked at each of us.

"Nicole, your TV really sucks." Anna said.

I pouted. "Oi, don't make Jimmy feel bad."

"Jimmy?" Anna cocked up an eyebrow.

"That's my TV's name."

"What? Hey…" Erika mumbled. "Where'd the picture thingy go?" she asked and pointed to my TV.

We all sighed.

"Erika, the TV got turned off." Stephanie explained.

Erika twitched. "Nooooo! DAMN YOU TV!" she shouted.

I slowly walked over to Erika and grabbed my hammer out of her hands as she was about to hit my TV.

"No hitting my TV!" I screamed at her.

"Don't yell at me!" Erika screamed back at me and then we started to scream at each other and somehow it ended up us wrestling on my floor.

"I didn't even get to save my game." Daniel sighed.

"Bite her Erika!" Conway cheered.


That traitor!

"Yes, but Erika isn't as annoying as you." Conway shrugged.

"That's it your dead!" I then tackled him to the ground.

Daniel face-palmed, "You all have failed me…"

"I'm bored." Stephanie whined.

"And what are we supposed to do about it when those two are trying to kill each other?" Erika asked as she pointed to Conway and me. I wonder if they know I can hear their conversation… OW. SHIT. CONWAY, YOU BASTARD! HOW DARE YOU BITE MY HAND!

"We'll do this." Anna said getting up from her seat and coming over to Conway and I. As I bit Conway's shoulder, making him scream in pain and curse at me, my eyes widened once I saw Anna walking towards us. That could not be good. Oh crap. Anna, stay away! At least…I wished to shout that, but I was currently in a choke hold. Damn you to hell, Conway!

"If you two don't stop then I will take Bear-bear and Miss Bunny away!" Anna angrily shouted. If you listened closely enough you could hear Erika, Steph and Daniel laughing their asses off in the background.

I'll kill them all later.

"You touch them and you die!" My brother and I threatened Anna.

"Well then…STOP FIGHTING!" she shouted before angrily stomping back over to the others.

Conway and I looked at each other for a moment before getting off each other. The truth is…I forgot what we were fighting about. But it was fun, even if I was bit in the hand…punched and kneed in the stomach… Yup. Fun.

"God, you two are like little kids, I swear!" Anna huffed as she sat on the floor.

"At least I don't act like that!" Erika said proudly.

We gave her the 'what-the-fuck-are-you-talking-about?' look.

"What?" Erika questioned.

"Nothing," We all chorused as we turned our heads away. The ravened hair teen just shrugged.



"What's with your TV?" Daniel asked, pointing at my TV that had a swirling vortex on the screen.

"What the heck?" I mumbled.

"Maybe it's broken." Stephanie said with a shrug of her shoulders.

"We should have your dad look at it when he gets home." Anna suggested.

I took a step back from my TV. No, this was not normal. No TV should have a swirling vortex on their screen, unless it's a really trippy channel. My dad would not be able to fix this, from what I believe at least. "You guys…this isn't normal." I stated. What the hell is going on with that TV?

"Oooh, we should touch it!" Erika suggested as she bounced up and down on my bed.

"Not it." Everyone except for me said. My face dropped.

"That's not fair!" I whined at them, but all they did was laugh.


"Coley just go touch it." Anna said with a roll of her eyes.

"B-But wh-what if something happens and I get pulled in?" I stuttered and fumbled with the hem of my black skirt.

"Just go and touch it already." Conway said as he pushed me towards the TV.

I growled. "Fine! Just stop touching me," I muttered, pushing my brother away from me.

I sighed and looked back at my TV. I really don't have to worry too much about this, right? Oh…I hope not. "All right… Here goes nothing…" I said to myself, slowly putting my hand towards the TV. I touched it and my hand went right through it. I heard multiple gasps from behind me. As I was about to pull back, I felt something brush against my fingers…like fingers? I shook my head. I needed to pull back my hand! But as I tried to do so once again, I felt something grasp it and tug. And the next thing I knew, I was being pulled in. The last thing I heard was my screaming.

(-Normal P.O.V-)

"O.M.G!" Anna shouted in horror. "N-N-NICOLE GOT SUCKED INTO THE TV!"

"WHAT DO WE DO!" Stephanie also shouted, frantically looking at each of her friends.

"LET'S GO IN AFTER HER, YOU IDIOTS!" Erika shouted next.

"No way in hell am I going in that thing!" Stephanie exclaimed pointing to the TV like it was from hell itself. It probably was.

"But we need to save her!" Conway protested. "If dad comes home and finds her missing, we all won't have to worry about our lives anymore! You should know that!"

"Well, we can't save her if we die!" Anna argued back.

Conway pushed the hazel eyed girl away and turned towards Daniel.

"Dan, are you in or not?" Conway asked, his brown eyes staring up into Daniel's hazel ones.

"All right, but only if I get to kick demon ass," Daniel replied with a slight smirk. He cracked his knuckles and everyone shuddered.

"How do you know if there is any demons in their?" Erika raised a brow.

"Something had to pull her in." Daniel shrugged back.

"All right…who is in?" Conway asked, turning to the group.

"I'm in!" Erika said. "If Nicole is in danger, I'm going to protect her."

"If it's an adventure, I am definitely in." Anna smiled. "Also, I want to get my friend back. Just saying,"

"Fine I give in." Stephanie sighed not looking to sure about this. "I do want to get Nicole back…but I have a very bad feeling about this…"

"All right, let's go!" Conway shouted before jumping into the TV, as the others followed.


The last thing I heard was my screaming and then I blacked out. I don't know how long I was out but I'm sure it wasn't long; because I could hear explosives go off and people screaming. I opened my eyes and got off the ground. I looked around my surroundings and they looked so familiar,

"Where am I?" I softly mumbled as I moved around.

That's when I suddenly fell to the ground, with someone falling on top of me.

"Ow." I whined as rubbed my poor ass. Man this person was heavy.

I blinked and looked up. The dude had dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. He looked to be about seventeen years old. He looked just like Vaan, from my Final Fantasy XII game…

Holy crap! It was Vaan! I looked at him shocked, but he just got up and started to run again. I blinked before I also got up and started to run after him. Was this real or a dream? I had to catch up with him. I had to know if this was real or a dream.

"Hey wait up!" I shouted.

Vaan skidded to a halt and looked at me like I was the craziest person he has ever seen. What the hell did I do?

"I'm in a hurry what do you want?" Vaan asked me.

"I need to know if this is a dream or not so...let me poke you," I said and I poked him. He felt so real, maybe this wasn't a dream.

"I have to go," Vaan muttered before he started to run again and I ran after him,

If this isn't a dream…..I GOT SUCKED INTO MY VIDEO GAME? How…how is that even possible? One minute I was talking to them about how it would be awesome to be here and meet everyone…and now I'm actually here? THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE!

"What do I do? Anna, Stephanie, Daniel, Conway and Erika aren't here to help me…so maybe I could team up with Vaan or something," I muttered to myself.

Maybe Conway's right. I really do need to stop talking to myself.

"Yo, uh…boy that tripped over me!" I called out. Yeah, like I was really going to blow my cover from being from another world by calling out his name.

Vaan ignored me and kept running. That bastard! If Erika was in my position right now, he would be getting his ass kicked. But, I'm a bit too nice to kick his ass…for now. "Blondie! Wait up!" I called out again as I speeded up. Soon I was next to him.

"Huh?" He blinked and looked over at me.

"Wow, didn't know I could run this fast!" I exclaimed.

"You're with them, aren't you?" Vaan asked.

"With who? I ain't with anybody! I'm actually lost." I explained.

"…What's your name?" he questioned.

"Nicole. And yours?"


"Nice to meet ya," I smiled.

"I really don't think this is the time to be smiling…" Vaan muttered.

I opened my mouth to reply to that, but before I could another voice interrupted me.

"Stop running!" I heard. I turned my head a little to see a figure running towards us and Vaan sprinted and I did the same. But, I don't think Vaan liked me following him all that much. Well he's going to have to live with it!

Suddenly I tripped. Vaan gasped as he turned around and saw me on the ground. Crap!

"Don't worry! Go on without me! You're trying to escape, right?" I grinned.

Vaan seemed to hesitate for a moment, but as he was just about to run, bastard, a familiar looking girl came circling around and stopped in front of Vaan.

He was actually going to leave me.


Foots steps were heard coming from behind me and then stopped right next to me. I looked up only to see the handsome face of…Balthier? Then that must be Fran on the hover thingy.

"You have something that belongs to me…." Balthier said to Vaan as he held out his hand. Vaan glared at Balthier as I felt some drool slid down my chin.

"THIS WAY!" I heard some guards yell running towards us.

"Crap!" I exclaimed as I quickly stood up and ran towards Vaan. Vaan looked very confused at me as I ran behind him and clutched onto his right arm, slightly tugging on it.

"Damn! Fran let's go!" I heard Balthier say as he grabbed me and Vaan.

"Ok, I may admire you and all, but…DO NOT PICK ME UP!" I yelled as I kicked around in his arms.

Before I was able to get away, Balthier threw Vaan and me off the bridge. I screamed bloody murder, thinking that I wasn't going to make it. But, then we both landed hard on the hover car Fran was driving and Balthier jumped down and landed on it as well….but sadly when Balthier landed on the flying bike thing Vaan lost his balance and fell back onto me and we both started to hold on for lives and I was about to cry.

"God really hates me doesn't he? Oh Anna, Stephanie, Erika, Conway and Daniel I will miss you all." I cried.

"What are you going on about?" Balthier asked giving me a slight glare. Yay, he already hates me. Hear the sarcasm?

"Let go!" Vaan shouted as he tried to get free from Balthier's grip.

"Keep that up and I will." Balthier threatened.

That's when the Hover Bike thingy started to go back and forth and I was getting very sick. I didn't do well in these kinds of rides. Damn you Balthier and Fran!

"What's going on Fran?" Balthier asked.

"I don't know…its not heeding me..." Fran said trying to gain control of the hover bike thing.

"I don't have time for this!" Balthier said angrily. I looked around and I saw a cannon and it was being fired at us! Finally the flying bike thing lost control and we all fell into a sewer. Once again I was screaming bloody murder before blacking out.


After jumping into the TV to find Nicole, the five of us got separated somehow. Conway and I ended up in some sewers and well, I don't know where the others ended up.

"Gross!" I exclaimed. It smelt really bad in here and there was a lot of grimy stuff all over the place.

Conway rolled his eyes. "Oh quit whining."

"So, I'm like…never trusting another TV that belongs to Nicole ever again." I stated and crossed my arms.

Just when about Conway was going to say something, various voices, more like two were heard screaming at the top of their lungs. And they were getting closer.

"That sounds like Nicole screaming!" Conway exclaimed getting up from his spot. I looked up in the air. I didn't notice that we could see the sky from this part!

"One of them is Nicole!" Conway said as he pointed to the figure in the skirt. Thank God she is wearing tights under it.

"CONWAY, CATCH HER!" I yelled at him.

Conway nodded and put his arms up as Nicole fell into them and the others well they did something before hitting the ground. That's what I believe though. "Nicole, are you okay?" I heard Conway ask his sister.

"C-Conway…?" she mumbled. She looked like she was too scared to open her eyes.

"I'm here too." I spoke up.



"Am I dead?"

"No, open your eyes." I told her.

Nicole slowly opened her brown eyes and looked around. She gasped as she saw her brother and I. Conway help his sister down and hugged her, she hugged back. Once they were done hugging she ran over to me and we hugged. I was so happy to have her back!

"Are you alright?" A voice asked.

"Yeah," Nicole nodded as she looked at…Vaan?

"OH MY GOD! WE WENT INTO YOUR GAME NICOLE!" Conway and I yelled utterly shocked.

"Game?" Another voice asked.

"Balthier!" Conway and I exclaimed.

"Huh? Oh nothing they are talking none sense." Nicole replied quickly. Conway and I glanced at each other before we covered each others mouths.

"Anyway, I'm Nicole, and this is my best friend, Anna and my older brother, Conway." Nicole said introducing us.

"I'm Vaan." Vaan said introducing him self.

"Balthier and this is my partner Fran," Balthier said introducing him and Fran.

"Anna? Where are Daniel, Stephanie and Erika?" Nicole questioned.

"Um….we kind of got separated." I replied nervously.

"YOU MEAN THEY COULD BE ANYWHERE AROUND HERE!" Nicole yelled unhappily. She hated when we got separated in unfamiliar places. But it wasn't like the others couldn't handle themselves. They had Daniel, they would be fine. He'd kick anyone's asses if they tried to hurt Stephanie or Erika.

"Nicole, you're going to attract something if you don't lower your voice down!" Conway scolded his sister.

"Sorry." She mumbled.

"You have missing friends?" Balthier asked and we all nodded our heads.

Balthier smirked and turned his head towards Vaan who was staring at Fran.

"Not many viera where you come from, thief?" Balthier asked.

"It's Vaan..." Vaan said back to him.

"Fran is special…"

"Oh, yes - she certainly is." Conway pervertedly grinned.

"…In that she'd deign to partner with a Hume." Balthier finished.

"Oh? Like a sky pirate that steals through the sewers?" Fran said raising an eyebrow.

"You guys are sky pirates! Do you have an airship?" Vaan asked them.

"Listen you four…if you four want to see your homes again, you do exactly as I say, got it? Myself, Fran, and you four…Vaan and…whatever your names are again…we're working together now, understood?" Vaan nodded, and so did we and now we were traveling through the sewers…and I didn't like it one bit.

And then I gasped as I realized something. How dare Balthier forget our names!

Nicole: Well, it looks like our adventure has just started up! Anna, Conway and I have already met Balthier, Vaan and Fran in one day. Alright! Next time on, Our Adventure with the Final Fantasy Gang!: Reuniting with Friends! Stay tuned!