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I sat figeting in my desk trying to tellipathically get the teacher to start class, but she was to busy making googoo eyes at Mr. Thompson. UGH!!

"Bella? Are you listening?" That EVIL boy asked.

"Oh sorry Mike!" I said apologetically.

"Oh, no, it's fine but then as I was saying, do you like dora the explorer? I just watched the halloween specail last night and I LOVED it!" He gushed.

"Hmmm...isn't that a girls show?" I asked trying not to look too disgusted.

"Yeah but I thought that if I watched more girls shows then we could watch them together...in the dark" Oops! too late!

"Mike I think class is about to start, you should go sit down" I said cooly.

"Okay I'll sit with you!" He said eagerly.

"Oh I'm sorry mike!" I said with fake regret.

"I got in trouble and I'm supposed to sit by myself today" I lied quickly.

"Oh maaaaaaannnnnnn!!" He groaned.

"Is this seat taken?" A velvet voice asked behind me.

I turned around to see a beautiful boy with shiny bronze hair and breath taking emerald eyes. He smiled at me shyly. I loved it, it was crooked and full of perfect white


"Well, actually-" Mike said glaring at him until I quickly interupted.

"Nope, actually I was starting to get a bit lonely!"

I grabbed his arm and yanked him down into the chair beside me. He looked confused but pleased.Mike's eyes narrowed angrilly as he realized that he'd been tricked.

"Heeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...wait a minute!" He said in a whiney voice.

"Mr. Newton! Would you do us all a favor and go to your seat!" The teacher says sternly. I smiled at him sweetly, and he glared back.

"Now class I want you to turn to the person next to you and ask them twenty questions about themselves, becuase they will be your buddy in everything from feild trips, to

projects up until your junior year of high school!" I stared at her in amazment. Wow and to think that could have been mike!

I turned around to see my new partner staring at me happily, a blushed.

"I guess we should start," I mumbled.

He chuckled quietly.

"Alright, what is your name?" He asked curiosly.

"Isabella Marie Swan, but you can call me Bella, yours?" I tried very hard to sound offhand.

"Edward Anthony Cullen, but you can call me Edward. Do you have any siblings?"

"Yeah I have an older brother Emmett, he's in the fourth grade but he could pass for a sixth grader. And I have an older brother named Ryan, he's in the fith grade, you?" I

said nonchalantly. (Yes he's not in twilight but you'll find out his purpose later!)

"I have a twin sister named Alice, she's over there."

He pointed to a short pixie like girl with spicky black hair and really right blue eyes. She saw him pointing, smiled, and waved at us before turning back to the tall honey

blond boy she was sitting next to.

"She doesn't look like you." I stated curiously.

"Fraturnal" He said simply.

"Oh" I mumbled blushing at my stupidity.

"Your parents?" He asked quietly.

"My dad is the police cheif, I live with him, and my mom died a year ago." I said sadly, forcing back the memories.

"I'm sorry, I shouldnt've asked" I stared at him in shock, he wasn't asking how it happened, just staring at me in concern.

"It's okay you didn't know"

"What are your hobbies?"

"I play the piano"

"So do I!" I gasped.

"Really?" He said eagerly.

We spent the rest of our time discussing things like this, he was the only kid I have ever met who knows Chopin. Mike says he does but I highly doubt it. Until we got to

the last question.

"Bella?" He asked looking at me curiosly.

"Yeah?" I asked confused.

"Are we friends?" He said sounding slightly unsure.

"If you want us to be" I said nervously.

He smiled his soft warm smile at me and wove his hand through mine. My heart beat sped up erratically.

"I think I do"

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