Drabble, challenge fic for the word:


Oh yes, I had some right idea's for this...sadly my feeble mind can't come up with fancy words and indignant expressions or descriptions to emphasise my original idea...

Summary: Pure and simple...Limp Sammy, challenge word Cramp...Protective Dean, 100 words- I even had to count myself, so ya know it may be over a tiny bit, I don't have word hha...so sadly! thats why there's sooo many spelling mistakes my blind-ness miss!

Warnings: No spoilers, although around season 3 setting would be a good estimate, and ofcourse language could pose as a threat...poor innoccent ears we all are


Sam felt the bullet zing past his head, could visably see and feel tiny particles of hair break and flutter all within a moment.

The next zing he heard he wasn't so lucky, sudden dread filled his stomach as he squeezed his eyes shut, mid-run blinking out a frantic Dean in front.

The heavy metal ripped through flesh and muscle, fortunatley not bone and Sam saw his jacket explode in a small spray of red from his sleeve.


Knees impacted in the dirt as Sam cradled his left arm to his side, sucking in breaths, clenching teeth. "Sonofabitch...ahhh."

Dean jolted to a stop and span, hefted Sam sluggishly to his feet and pulled, more like dragged his bleeding brother away under the tree's cover.


"I'm hit..." Sam gasped and glanced down at his bicep. "Clean through..." His breath shuddered.

"Sam?...shit man, let me look at it."

"Not now, we get out first."

Fiery pain crippled him, shivers of burning tension racheted up his arm.

"Gahh...nuuhhh...Dean!" Sam's neck arched back.

Pulling his arm out, Dean checked the cause, felt tense hardening muscles contract beneath his touch then gently rubbed the area.

"Easy Sammy...muscle's cramping, try n' relax..."

Pressing his back firmly against rough bark, Sam breathed through the worst of it, sagging into Dean when the spasm finally ended.

"Only you could get cramp after being shot...you're impossible."