Maximum Twilight

Maximum Twilight

Chapter one

Max's pov

We were flying over a small rainy town, I know that because of all the rain that was falling. We can fly in the rain, but we don't like it. "Max, Can we stop for the night here, please?" Nudge asked me, looking at me, bambi eyes full force. I groaned. "No, honey." "Please," nudge begged and Angel chimed in. I made the mistake of looking at them. Both of them had Bambi eyes. I gave in. "fine." I said glumly. Fang glared at me, I just shrugged. Max, you're going to have to say no to them someday. Long time no annoy voice.I sighed. We swooped closer to the small woods. A small clearing lay dead ahead. My powerful wings guided me to the ground where I landed gracefully. "Okay guys, we'll stay here for the night. I'll go get some food." Everyone nodded, they must be tiered, for no one offered to go with me. I ran and took off, gliding back to the small town. The town is small enough; there couldn't be more than a few people here. I walked into the first store I saw and grabbed the things we'd need for supper and breakfast and headed for the checkout.

Edward's pov

Bella bent down and grabbed something on the bottom shelf. I didn't notice what it was because I was too focused on my angel. We had stopped on the way to Charlie's house to get some groceries. Bella had to fix Charlie a meal so we stopped here to get some groceries. I loved saying we. Bella was mine she would always be mine. I took a breath, to smell her flowery fragrance, and smelled something weird. A human scent, but there was a hint of an animal scent also. I scoped the room and saw a blonde girl about Bella's age lean over and grab something from a shelf. I sniffed again. It was defiantly coming from her. She was gorgeous, as pretty as Rosalie, but prettier. She was tan, very tan in fact, with long blonde hair. There was something about her that just screamed don't mess with me. I probed at her mind, Gazzy eats a ton, better get this, hope there's no erasers about. Her mind was different, alien, and I pulled quickly out of her mind. Who's Gazzy, why is she afraid of erasers? "Edward," Bella's sweet voice called to me. She looked worried. Oh, I must haved seemed to have drifted off. "Sorry, that girl over there is quite interesting. Her mind is weird." I gestured at the girl. Bella's beautiful eyes followed my hand. We studied her for a while. The girl finished gathering her supplies and walked for the check out. I walked over to her and caught her arm.