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AN: Where did this come from? Well, my friends and I were on crack today (not really), and we realized – we talk to my truck all the time. What would happen if it talked back? My mind went immediately to Knight Rider, and this is what we have. So sit back and enjoy this bit of insanity.

One – The New Car

It was hard to find a reason to live.

His driver had been dead for almost ten years, and Foundation had discarded him, just like he knew they would. He had told Michael as much, but the man had insisted that he live, that he find a reason to continue to exist. He had promised, and he never broke a promise. No matter how hard it was to live up to it.

So he sat there in the junkyard, struggling to find a reason. Because if he didn't have a reason, he might as well not live at all.


It was a small enough house, with only a small kitchen, a living room, a small bedroom, and a half-bathroom – shower, toilet, and sink. Enough to live in, not enough to make a home in. It was all the three girls could afford, and even then, it was barely. They had enough money to live comfortably, but that was only by sheer luck. Lucky that 20-year-olds Heather and Raven worked at the local grocery store. Lucky that 23-year-old Jess worked as a wielder at the nearest plant. Unlucky that Jess had to hitch a ride in the back of Heather's truck to work every day.

So, as Heather sat on her bed on one side of the living room, Jess on hers on the other side, and Raven was on the computer at the foot of Jess's bed, it came as no surprise as Jess spoke up. She ran her fingers through her blonde-brown hair as she spoke. "I really need a car. Who wants to come with me?"

Raven sighed, never looking away from the computer. "Translation – who wants to drive Dante so she can get her car?" she muttered. Her own dark brown hair – almost black – hung in a messy ponytail down her back. Heather, who was now laying on her bed with a chemistry textbook as her pillow, laughed.

"If she asked politely, Dante would drive her there himself." she teased. Dante was the truck Heather had had since she was seventeen. It was a good truck – if a bit beat up from years of driving down bumpy dirt roads. Jess rolled her eyes.

"The day Dante drives me anywhere is the day I scream." she muttered. "So who wants to go with me?"

"I will." Heather sighed. "I'm tired of this thing."

"I thought you were supposed to be studying, not sleeping." Raven pointed out dryly.

"It's called studying by osmosis." Heather quipped. "So, where are we going? I know we can't afford a new car, and I haven't seen anything in the classifieds."

Jess grinned. "There's a really nice one in the junk yard by High Ridge. Don't ask, I saw it there, and thought I might go look at it."

Heather gave Jess a look. "Did you hear banjoes?" she asked sarcastically. "High Ridge isn't exactly the safest place to be."

"She was visiting Mike." Raven said helpfully.

"Snitch." Jess shot back with a huge grin. "I can't help it, he's cute. Seriously, though, I think it's a nice car – not a scratch on it."

"You serious?" Heather sat up, interest sparking in her eyes. "They usually put them through the compactor after a while. Right?"

Jess giggled. "There was a car-sized dent in the compactor." she grinned.

Now she had Raven's interest. She pushed away from the computer. "What kind of car is it?" she demanded. "A semi truck?"

Jess smirked, clearly loving the attention. "Try a Trans-Am."

Heather grinned. "Hey, I'm in." she said enthusiastically. "I'm all for the classics."


There was activity, and he watched as the worn-down pickup made it's way through the junk yard. A young woman with black hair rode in the bed. There were two other girls in the front cabin. He wondered briefly what they were doing here, then decided it didn't matter. He watched them for lack of anything else better to do.

Heather and Raven hung back as Jess flounced over to the owner of the junk yard, a small, scrawny old man with too few teeth. Raven caught Heather's eye and mouthed 'banjoes'. Heather had to bite her lip to keep from laughing.

"Can I help you girls?" the old man aksed.

Jess nodded. "I was wondering how much you wanted for that car there?" She pointed at the Trans-Am.

As Jess and the old man haggled over the price, Heather and Raven took the opportunity to examine the car. "I wonder if it even runs." Raven muttered.

"Well, I'm not a mechanic, but there's no rust on the outside." Heather pointed out. "I'm assuming that means there's no rust on the inside."

Raven nodded. "Makes sense." She looked from the car to the compactor and grinned. "Looks like Jess wasn't exaggerating." She pointed at the large dent that looked like it fit the model of the black sports car in front of them. "Tough thing, isn't it?"

"Considering the way we drive, it'll have to be." Heather pointed out with a grin. Raven laughed as Jess bounced up to them.

"Got a real good deal on it." She was practically bubbling over in excitement. "Guys, this is my first ever car!" Her voice turned into a squeal at the very end. Heather laughed.

"All I got was an old Ford Ranger." she teased.

"Don't talk too loud." Raven said in a stage-whisper. "You'll make Dante jealous."

"Dante wasn't my first car."

"As I well remember."

They fell silent as the old man approached Jess. "Here's the keys." he mumbled. "Have a nice day, girls."

"Thank you!" Jess looked ready to hug him. Raven rolled her eyes.

"Let's get out of here." she said. "I told a couple of my friends they could show up for that video thing we're doing today."

As Jess climbed into the driver's seat, she hesitated. Something felt off with the car. Not wrong, just different. As if . . .

She shook the feeling free. Not now.