Hi everybody, I am back! I am so sorry that I have been gone for a long time. I got very busy this summer with school and work. Honestly, getting up on the computer and write a chapter was a lot harder to do than said because I lost my writing muse so I decided to take my time away from writing and just focus on school and work. Well, I just recently saw an episode on CSI NY this season so I knew I had to do a lot of catching up. So this time, it's going to be six months later so the baby will be about 6 1/2 months old and the question is that are they back together? Well, to answer this question, you have to read the chapter. Thank you so much for reading my story and the reviews... I am happy that this story is successful. :)


I put Natalie down in her high chair and grabbed her bib. I put it around her neck and she grabbed it and stuffed it into her mouth.

I chuckled at her and went into the kitchen where I can see Natalie and started working on our lunch.

I grabbed Mac's sandwich and set it on his plate, then I put mine on my plate and set them down on the table.

I walked back to Natalie and smiled at her. "My precious baby girl," I coo to her and Natalie smiles at me with her new two bottom teeth.

I gave her some cereal on the high chair table and she grabbed them one by one at the time and puts them in her mouth.

I ate my lunch while watching Natalie amusing herself.

"Hey, I'm home!" I heard Mac says, shutting the door behind him. Natalie recognized his voice and starts screaming excitedly.

Mac walks in and gave me a quick kiss then went to Natalie and picked her up from her high chair.

"Hey, baby girl." Mac says quietly and gave her a kiss on her cheek. Mac sets her back down and Natalie started to whine.

"Mac, here's your lunch and I'll go get her bottle."

Mac nodded, took his blazer off and sat down next to Natalie, shushing her fussing.

"Mama is going to bring your bottle in a minute," Mac says to her and Natalie started to cry.

"Alright, I'm here," I said to Natalie and picked her up into my arms and gave her a bottle. She took it immediately and held her bottle by herself.

"So how was work so far, Mac?" I asked while caressing baby girl's hair.

"It's not good. We are trying to find out who are the robbers that have been hitting the bank lately."

"Can't you extract the DNA left behind from the robbers or something like that?" I asked and Mac shook his head.

"They wore gloves so nope. If they didn't, we would have caught them by then. Hold on," Mac says as his cell phone started to ring.

He stood up and walked away to talk to someone in private.

I looked down at Natalie and she was asleep. I took the bottle from her mouth and took her into her bedroom and put her down in the crib. I put the quilt on her and gave a gentle kiss on her forehead.

I closed the door gently and as I walked out, Mac puts on his blazer quickly.

"I'm sorry to cut our lunch earlier but they found one of the robbers and I need to be there."

"It's fine, Mac. Go get them." I said and smiled at him. Mac walked over to me and gave me a kiss.

"I love you, Isabella." He whispered to me, caressing my cheek.

I smiled back at him. "I love you too. Now go, Mac"

Mac smiled and walked out of the apartment.

I checked my e-mail and there was one from Stella. I smiled and opened it quickly and read it.

Stella decided to move to New Orleans about five months ago and I miss her so much. I would send her pictures of Natalie once in a while.

The person who replaced Stella, her name is Jo Danville and when I first met her, I liked her immediately and became fast friends with her. I would often have her over to my apartment to have a glass of wine and just talked about everything that went on in our lives.

Jo was and still rooting for Mac and I get married someday and I'm still not sure if I want to marry Mac because of what happened in the past. I could move on but it's still the back of my head.

I quickly e-mailed her back and let her know how everything was.

Few hours later.

I was making supper when I heard the doorbell rang and I quickly checked on Natalie as she was playing with her toys on the floor.

I answered the door, revealing Lindsay who looked upset.

"Lindsay, what's wrong?" I asked, letting her in and closed the door.

"Isabella, Mac has been shot."

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