by mew-tsubaki

Note: Lil' poem by Dante on Hugo Mariya. GOD! Doncha just love Erika Kari-sensei's charries?! squeal

-- -3

This blood red

I've seen it before

Oh, yes

I remember now

The red streaks everything in

my sight

Blood red

I wear raiment of this hue

Hue… Hugo

Red is his opposite

Hugo is emerald, grass green

The green fields in spring

Those eyes see all

Those viridian eyes–

see all

I recall the look that day

The one streaked in red

I'm afraid to let it repeat itself

But is being scared the same as

not having faith in him?

No, I have faith in him

And my feelings for him

are stronger than any love

He is my master

and my beloved

And I, his