Foreign Language

Foreign Language

by mew-tsubaki

Note: Okaaay… So I really love Hugo/Dante, but who doesn't? Erika Kari-sensei's charries shine a light on the subject of them together, this time.

-- -3

I treat you as best I can

without crossing the line

It's so very hard to do

I'm as obedient as can be

without scaring you away

It's so very hard to do

Once, I was like you

You coddled me

Now I'm your guardian

I want to protect you

Let me do just that

I'll be your guardian

Things changed for you

You were looking for a clean


…Was that me?

I needed another chance

You are my light

Don't fade from me

I'm afraid

Not of you

But when you catch up…

What then, you mean?

I get to "coddle" you again

And things won't feel as


When it's just us, I'm not


I have you and that's what


Maybe when you catch up…

When things are normal,

I'll be the one embracing you

I'll pat your head again

And do and say everything else I

couldn't convey before

Even as you are now, I know

Don't be afraid to touch me

I'll gladly welcome it

Maybe there is more to master/puppet

More that we both have wanted

Even since long ago

-- -3

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BTW: Italics is Hugo, and Dante's non.