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"No! Stay away!" A beautiful voice rang out from the shadows. It stopped me in my tracks. I had never heard it before, but there was something underneath… some underlying familiarity I couldn't quite put my finger on.

"Forget about me and never come back! I'm no good for you anymore." I only then began to catch the details, as the original beauty of the voice fading ever-so-slightly in my ears. It was still there; I was just too preoccupied to tell.

The beautiful, ringing voice was torn apart by sobs, layered with a thick veil of pain and desperation. My nose was stinging, but I paid little attention. This was no trap, and even if it was, I could handle one of them. The stench wasn't strong enough to be more than one, and even they hadn't been there for long. The only other vampire stenches were long gone, from those who lived here a hundred years ago. Even my highly attuned senses could barely sense it, and if I hadn't known to look for it, I never would've been able to tell.

Then I saw something; onyx black eyes peering from inside the long-abandoned house. The faint moonlight drifting in through the trees illuminated his face enough for me to see, and I gasped.

"No! How could they do this to you?" I screamed, falling to my knees within the second. Tears instantly flowed down my cheeks, and I couldn't force my mind to work as fast as my body had. It took me about five minutes to get past anything but absolute shock from the vague familiarity only my eyes seemed to recognize hidden deep in his face.

Once it did, I gasped again, my eyes widening larger than I thought was possible. "…No." The faint whisper was all that escaped my lips, and tears were flowing openly down my face now.

"I'm sorry… I… I can't believe it either."